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Channel View @Channel_View – 2019-01-19
Japan imposes new tourist tax on visitors departing the country https://t.co/W9EOcaCXL7 #tourism
Japan Guide @Japan_Guide1 – 2019-01-19
Heed travel warnings, Freeland says, as Canadians face detention and death abroad | CBC News https://t.co/VSZuAAhZ3U
JapanSauce @JapanSauceNet – 2019-01-19
Former Bandai Employees Arrested For Fraud Relating To Cost Of Odaiba RX-0 Gundam! They may have stolen 200 Million… https://t.co/PbWuOgg40E
POST Online Media @poandpo – 2019-01-19
Japan satellite blasts into space to deliver artificial meteors https://t.co/ctzwogTra2 #Meantime #News #Business… https://t.co/BBrwndFYDp
The Daily Updater @daily_updater – 2019-01-19
Take a bite out of inner Tokyo with these bizarre experiences https://t.co/ujjn4RshMf #News #nationalgeographic @NatGeo
Wheels Up @wheelsup_ – 2019-01-19
Tourism To #Japan has broken travel records!!!! 😲🎉 https://t.co/WBo7BlfuuW #WorldRecord #TravelNews #Travel https://t.co/WL3FNOs7Ps
2018 Tourism To Japan Breaks All-Time Record Japan National Tourism Organization #japan #tourism #travel #booming… https://t.co/N4cdwk80At
Alekh Kumar Parida @alekh_parida – 2019-01-18
Japan introduces ‘goodbye tax’ for tourists, BUT CHILL, it’s not that much https://t.co/suoNmenZaT #japan… https://t.co/cnEfIZlUwJ
Charlotte L Coolidge @C_Coolidge – 2019-01-18
This is not the same as in 2015:
@SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP
@POTUS @VP @TheDemocrats @GOP
1… https://t.co/DWiuhIj7MS
Digital Journal @digitaljournal – 2019-01-18
#Brazil may drop #visas for US, Australia, Japan visitors https://t.co/seqvn7BxJg
#Travel #Tourism
Digital Journal @digitaljournal – 2019-01-18
Trending now #travel
Food-o-Graphics [いちごいちえ] @Food_o_Graphics – 2019-01-18
Cherry blossoms in #Japan are predicted to arrive earlier than usual again in 2019
https://t.co/tqigGtU9ym #travel #桜花
#桜 #sakura
GTP @GTP_Global – 2019-01-18
The Japan cherry blossom forecast 2019: Dates to note | Video https://t.co/3tLhwFdHR2 #Japan #Japanese #travel #hr
Japan Guide @Japan_Guide1 – 2019-01-18
Low chance but high risk — Zika virus still a threat to travellers | CBC News https://t.co/i9RFkX6Pe9
JapanSauce @JapanSauceNet – 2019-01-18
New ‘Godzilla King Of Monsters’ Images Revealed! The King Awakens! #Japan #Tokyo #anime #manga #otaku #Godzilla… https://t.co/l7h3rmslyP
POST Online Media @poandpo – 2019-01-18
Japan’s labor ministry launches probe into faulty labor data scandal https://t.co/BSyNcOOEwn #Politics #News… https://t.co/mp5S12LOWP
Panya @PrincessPanya – 2019-01-18
Japan hotel devoted entirely to udon noodles via KVIA News https://t.co/SEfejQnbtB
Silke Bude @Suey_geo – 2019-01-18
When to see Japan’s cherry blossoms this spring https://t.co/KYYdxJjvTn #travel #Japan https://t.co/Tdmrr0YQQd
Tourism TravelMag @TourismMagUsa – 2019-01-18
Travels > France – More than a million Britons visited New York l…https://t.co/TKEHxwSWur #travel https://t.co/xlgpfM71k7
Travel eServicis @TravelEservicis – 2019-01-18
Travel>Cultural > Dubai Frame has attracted a large number of vi… https://t.co/4bGsv8RoJw #Travel https://t.co/A4pO6PrCVS
Travel eServicis @TravelEservicis – 2019-01-18
Travel>Spain receives 82.6 million foreign tourists last year – As..https://t.co/4bGsv8RoJw #Travel https://t.co/aE8DEsT5tu
Travel eServicis @TravelEservicis – 2019-01-18
Travel:Airport > Japan experienced record high visitor number la… https://t.co/4bGsv8RoJw #Travel https://t.co/lynHLJo4AM
WysisWyg @WysisW – 2019-01-18
#Japan space agency aims for a meteor shower over Hiroshima, next year, that will harbor no harm by the time it rea… https://t.co/6WsUhQ0LAJ
tsunagu Japan @tsunagu_Japan – 2019-01-18
A #volcano in #Kagoshima erupted just a few days ago. Please take care when you visit the area! You never know when… https://t.co/Jh7L7QZRGX
Blogosum @blogosum – 2019-01-17
Travel #news: Japan Tourism breaks visitor record https://t.co/fS0PyILjt9 #travel #vacation #trips #cruise #cruises… https://t.co/4eaS3hZkoA
Blogosum @blogosum – 2019-01-17
Travel #news: Japan Tourism breaks visitor record https://t.co/fS0PyJ2URJ #travel #vacation #trips #cruise #cruises… https://t.co/lmjGOSNRpv
Blogosum @blogosum – 2019-01-17
Travel #news: News: Japan welcomes record 30 international travellers for first time https://t.co/lwWI3RMFOHhttps://t.co/QTRzZZcFLX
Bwmaloney @LilBwmaloney – 2019-01-17
Japan’s Cherry Blossoms Are Predicted to Arrive Early This Year — Here’s When You Can Expect to See Them – Travel +… https://t.co/bJyIfHOMEU
City-Cost | Japan. @citycostjapan – 2019-01-17
Famed Dogo Onsen Honkan bathhouse in Matsuyama now undergoing seven-year renovation https://t.co/KlCw5hhttG #travel #Japan
For Travel Deals @ForTravelDeals – 2019-01-17
Travel News 999 — Japan China 13-Night Guided Tour incl Flights https://t.co/IAnM3t8uSW
Japan Guide @Japan_Guide1 – 2019-01-17
Chinese New Year travel advice https://t.co/9itVZoDATc
Kanal Satu News @Kanalsatuinfo – 2019-01-17
Is Japan the Most Overrated Travel Destination in the World? https://t.co/EE07NWIQPF
Kanal Satu News @Kanalsatuinfo – 2019-01-17
Is Japan the Most Overrated Travel Destination in the World? https://t.co/ddcty6flVF
POST Online Media @poandpo – 2019-01-17
Australia-Japan Cable completes major upgrade to submarine cable system https://t.co/Sl4Nn0Roth #Companies #News… https://t.co/E1VIFJb8xA
POST Online Media @poandpo – 2019-01-17
Australia-Japan Cable completes major upgrade to submarine cable system https://t.co/Sl4Nn18ZRR #Companies #News… https://t.co/D7P2IKizXT
POST Online Media @poandpo – 2019-01-17
BOJ warns Japan faces new risks as population shrinks https://t.co/atYVlkIytI #Business #News #Business #Careers… https://t.co/JJVH8KhQMJ
Peachy Deegan #WhomYouKnow @Manhattanpeachy – 2019-01-17
Unagi Travel: Japan’s premier travel agent for stuffed toys, via @nzherald https://t.co/0BmRtlC0hU
Sabah Tourism Board @sabahtourism – 2019-01-17
NEWS: Sabah, Japan travel agents engage in B2B meeting

Sheryl Jean @SJeanWrites – 2019-01-17
Japan’s last home-grown #sumo champion retires. A sumo tournament in #Japan (me in photo) some years ago was a trip… https://t.co/clqsnnwYNY
Shogun Designs @Shogundesigns – 2019-01-17
Tagore’s #dream Japanese #house taking shape in Santiniketan – https://t.co/RloGdfEK7K #India #NobelPrize #art… https://t.co/vxuzTRfGJK
Travel Experts Inc @travelexpertsnc – 2019-01-17
As of Jan 7th, Japan has introduced a new ‘sayonara tax’ https://t.co/V1ozBcP2OD
American Express acquires Japan-based restaurant booking service Pocket Concierge American Express Pocket Concierge… https://t.co/BI2iHg4T7a
Chiba Convention Bureau @Chiba_CBIC – 2019-01-16
Have you tried eel before! Its one of many popular delicacies of Chiba.
#chiba #food #gourmet #delicacies… https://t.co/Q1jptSNnXA
Christopher Campbell @ccpi – 2019-01-16
Here’s How Much Japan’s New Tourist Tax Will Cost You https://t.co/gSvCDukLaK
Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu @CGJapanHNL – 2019-01-16
If you are planning to travel in Japan for cherry blossoms…here is helpful information: https://t.co/ovQWQfbxPf
Emi Grace @graceemi – 2019-01-16
I proud of my country.

Holidays 2019: World’s most powerful passport is Japan – but where does UK rank? | Travel N… https://t.co/e6zDTfptHv
GMA News @gmanews – 2019-01-16
Japan sees record 31 million tourists in 2018 https://t.co/VPRnOACgKy
Garrysa Caffey @gwcaffey – 2019-01-16
Travelers who visit Japan must be aware of a new regulation that requires people to pay 1,000 yen (around $9) when… https://t.co/1CGYATIqWu
GengHui (Jinghui) 景晖 @tangenghui – 2019-01-16
For #Japan #travel lovers, the cherry blossom season in Japan is coming soon! Check out this article for the foreca… https://t.co/2CLK40cFRp
Hikosaemon @hikosaemon – 2019-01-16
Check out the latest Tokyo Tonight news short – Japan Travel Pro-Tip: Do Not Bring A Loaded Gun On The Plane… https://t.co/elNHUUUPZG
ISPO International @ISPO_int – 2019-01-16
Don’t forget to submit your application for a travel stipend to attend the ISPO World Congress 2019 in Japan by 28… https://t.co/z0EimzqcKI
J Megueni @JMegueni – 2019-01-16
Japan imposes new tourist tax on visitors departing the country https://t.co/LszGWC3Eoo
Japan Guide @Japan_Guide1 – 2019-01-16
U.S. Says Air Travel Safe After Workers Warn of Risks of Shutdown https://t.co/K09VR1kz6C
Rafael Leal @LealrafaLeal – 2019-01-16
Hokkaido, Japan, Promises Untapped Pockets of Wilderness Adventure During AdventureWeek Japan | Adventure Travel Ne… https://t.co/wHIQEbxHpp
Tara Copp @TaraCopp – 2019-01-16
.@AaronMehta and I wrote about #China’s rise today — below is a sidebar based on my travel to #Japan last month: J… https://t.co/w1AHfOeMeU
diego @diegowg20 – 2019-01-16
@ariyasu0315 Very good news! That incredible voice can not be forgotten! 👏👏💪
I travel to Japan in April, it would h… https://t.co/vQVkaAKhQO
voyage central @VoyageCentral – 2019-01-16
According to the latest Henley Passport Index released by advisory firm Henley & Partners, Japan is the world’s mos… https://t.co/FAopncPvAq


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