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Phil in Bangkok  @philinbangkok – 2014-10-25
Visiting Japan soon? Join us on a tour of the country’s most historically rich region. Osaka and Beyond:… http://t.co/JlNKZ5mh97
Breaking Tokyo News  @FollowTokyoNews – 2014-10-25
Should Ebola workers be quarantined? http://t.co/J5gRssGeo2 #Tokyo #Japan #News
Javad Maher  @javmaher9 – 2014-10-25
Japan approves construction of maglev bullet #train that will travel 178 miles in 40 minutes http://t.co/6Oo2xUVu9d
Alessandro Libri  @alessandrolibri – 2014-10-25
News – …and some sake to go with it! – Official Tourism Guide for Japan Travel http://t.co/JvHBDt2YZ0
thirtyliterbackpack  @30literbackpack – 2014-10-24
@the_japan_news Top 9 Best Countries by the liquor they make http://t.co/OisLdZc5fL #travel #vacation #destination #holiday #afterwork
Breaking Tokyo News  @FollowTokyoNews – 2014-10-24
Tour guide’s rant goes viral http://t.co/KUnAFH9xk1 #Tokyo #Japan #News
Kensington Tours  @KensingtonTours – 2014-10-24
Tourism in #Japan has soared in the past few years Here are our top tips for visiting its capital city Tokyo http://t.co/LJtUkKulH5 #travel
Lawrifel Perges  @fel_wordcraft – 2014-10-24
Japan set to launch a new commercial passenger jet http://t.co/AA8SzRlyvi #news #follow #technology
Asia Transpacific   @Asia_Travel – 2014-10-24
22 of the Most Unbelievably “Colorful Places On Earth.” #Japan #India #China #Australia #Turkey http://t.co/ZgwcXAxwM7
Ketan Patel, CFA  @Kethical – 2014-10-24
Japan approves construction of maglev bullet train that will travel 178 miles in 40 minutes http://t.co/ajTuhdyYaY
Breaking Tokyo News  @FollowTokyoNews – 2014-10-24
The world’s most luxurious museum? http://t.co/Q36Bx1bh9P #Tokyo #Japan #News
JennyTheTourist  @JennyTheTourist – 2014-10-24
Fastfood Vending Machines in Tokyo http://t.co/em4wuikUeB #travel #Japan #food
Lonely Planet  @lonelyplanet – 2014-10-24
Today’s #lp #travel news http://t.co/w89IJgeADc Story of the day: Bat signal in the sky not far off for Japan
Davis Heideman  @ToAsiaWithLuv – 2014-10-24
#Travel #Japan Japan Airlines acquires Hokkaido Air System as subsidiary – Breaking Tra… http://t.co/lPCItuJJq5 http://t.co/PM1Buq4wrd
Cool Japan News  @CoolJapanNews – 2014-10-24
Japan Airlines acquires Hokkaido Air System as subsidiary – Breaking Travel News http://t.co/HofG4a9n9S
Newslocker Travel  @WorldNewsTravel – 2014-10-24
Japan Airlines acquires Hokkaido Air System as subsidiary #Travel http://t.co/VPXpBEnpnf
Mind Lab Hotel  @mindlabhotel – 2014-10-24
News: Japan Airlines acquires Hokkaido Air System as subsidiary http://t.co/kEudPcROZh #hotelmanagement #travel
LifestyleNews  @HeadlinesDaily – 2014-10-24
News: Japan Airlines acquires Hokkai… http://t.co/GM55kw8wDi #travel #hotels #holiday | https://t.co/exhUU0xBL0 http://t.co/NS1UNcx52Z
Trusted Villas  @trustedvillas – 2014-10-24
News: Japan Airlines acquires Hokkaido Air System as subsidiary http://t.co/jI5xfiaZO5 #travel
Travel  @Travel_Linx – 2014-10-24
News: Japan Airlines acquires Hokkaido Air System as subsidiary: Hokkaido Air System has become a… http://t.co/xf859CkXHn #Travel, #LP
明潭☾★☀時報  @SMLNewsPaperli – 2014-10-24
[Singapore Asiaone] Japan to see average to warmer weather in Nov-Jan: TOKYO – Japan will see mostly average o… http://t.co/5TbkrCD4dy
Rubby Lim  @allinonesgnews – 2014-10-24
Japan to see average to warmer weather in Nov-Jan http://t.co/5iiBzNK2e0
Cool Japan News  @CoolJapanNews – 2014-10-24
Japan to see average to warmer weather in Nov-Jan – AsiaOne http://t.co/MoHfugoODC
Trusted Villas  @trustedvillas – 2014-10-24
American Airlines and Jetstar Japan announce codeshare agreement http://t.co/RUTsKflhJh #travel
TweetVacationHQ  @TweetVacationHQ – 2014-10-24
Japan’s Yaeyama isles: Pearls of the Pacific (The Independent) http://t.co/G7A1BPUFCo
Victor Mafu  @Vic_Mafu – 2014-10-24
“@SARugbymag: NEWS: Sanzar has confirmed that the 18th #SuperRugby franchise will be based in Japan.” Travel woes continue for SA teams.
IC Moscow Tverskaya  @icmoscow – 2014-10-24
Russia – nice place for expats to live and work-HSBC research reveals http://t.co/Y43swwLVDG #Russia #Travel
Breaking Tokyo News  @FollowTokyoNews – 2014-10-24
5 can’t-miss Tanzania experiences http://t.co/f34xXFbkbr #Tokyo #Japan #News
Breaking Tokyo News  @FollowTokyoNews – 2014-10-24
The airport they couldn’t shut down http://t.co/7r5k1HKubW #Tokyo #Japan #News
feigeiyauwai  @feigeiyauwai – 2014-10-24
GK (Jetstar Japan) signs codeshare agreement with AA: American Airlines and Jetstar Japan Announce Codeshare A… http://t.co/MRqNVltgaq


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With the notable exception of Mount Fuji, few visitors to Japan have many preconceptions of any highlight they definitely do not want to miss – there is no Japanese equivalent of the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liverty, Sydney Opera House or Eiffel Tower. Nevertheless, Japan is crammed with attractions. “Hello Japan – Japan Travel Guide” introduces travel guide to Japan including various tourist spots and attractions, from traditional to modern, major to minor. This website also offers other tourist information that help you to know all about Japan!


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