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Consulate-Gen Japan @JpnCons_Chicago – 2019-02-20
Coming events give Japan chance to shine as travel destination — if it can rise to the occasion, says tourism chief… https://t.co/mx0wx5j0GU
Jepang.net @jepangnet – 2019-02-20
Coming events give Japan chance to shine as travel destination — if it can rise to the occasion, says tourism chief https://t.co/yFvlhBHZFF
Kiyoshi Hara 🥓 @discardedbacon – 2019-02-20
Coming events give Japan chance to shine as travel destination — if it can rise to the occasion, says tourism chief… https://t.co/sFiZO9PAFf
Providence Day @ProvidenceDay – 2019-02-20
Congratulations to our Art Department Chair @RichardLDewey, who will travel to Kyoto, Japan this summer to study. H… https://t.co/vQknwYDkLS
Swan June Gatchaman G3. @rosecyborgOOX – 2019-02-20
Fantastic my dear Jer,I hope and waited your news draws Jet 002’s of your travel in Japan,enjoyed very much♥♡♥♡… https://t.co/qR8LH0wAPK
The Japan Times @japantimes – 2019-02-20
Coming events give Japan chance to shine as travel destination — if it can rise to the occasion, says tourism chief https://t.co/iOQG6JtMUJ
Yokoso Japan @yokosoofficial – 2019-02-20
Want to travel to #Japan but just can’t afford it? Of maybe you don’t have the time? Send your #stuffedtoy in you… https://t.co/LQo6R8EO7m
103.1 The Vulcan @1031The_Vulcan – 2019-02-19
Rock News on 103.1 The Vulcan: Sharon Osbourne says Ozzy developed pneumonia and has been ordered to stay home for… https://t.co/u69f7u0ntm
ArtofBusinessTravel @ArtBusTravel – 2019-02-19
#MarriottInternational will open the #Courtyard by #Marriott #Osaka Honmachi in Osaka’s central business district i… https://t.co/AN1MtGft1A
Iain Payten @iainpayten – 2019-02-19
Waratahs news: Beale and Hunt will be the midfield v Sunwolves. AAC to travel to Japan but probably not play.
International Finance @IntlFinanceMag – 2019-02-19
#ANA Research Institute to create all-inclusive #Japan travel plans
#IFnews #Inthenews #Internationalfinance… https://t.co/ebaQWpibhs
Japanese Beer Info @jbeer_en – 2019-02-19

#beer #JapaneseBeer [Warwick Daily News]“It is particularly important too, that the visit… https://t.co/DBgLaHezKb
Never Bad News @NeverBadNews – 2019-02-19
Quirky world: Shinjuku Gracery’s Godzilla bust

Never Bad News looks at the enormous and imposing bust of Godzilla… https://t.co/o4C0Sh42bf
competing currencies @TokenRepublics – 2019-02-19
@OblivionVoid @malaikahhh @Hadhrameme Your say your located on planet earth but you must have lived a very sheltere… https://t.co/mgpRDdD4HY
柴犬ニュース @shibakennews – 2019-02-19
People are visiting this Japanese wall to meet three curious shiba inu dogs – Lonely Planet Travel News… https://t.co/wAN9ZWslWn
ANCX @ancxph – 2019-02-18
From sake to fugu, oranges to Toyota, the manufacturing and agricultural hub is rich with heritage, culture, fantas… https://t.co/rs3s4nn4lm
Air-Collect @AirCollect_FR – 2019-02-18
Japan by bullet train, Around the World in 80 Trains – Scotland on Sunday travel https://t.co/br7Dhl6JC3
GMA News @gmanews – 2019-02-18
Tom Rodriguez joins Carla Abellana and family in Japan https://t.co/l8k4tKokaq
IFEX @IFEX – 2019-02-18
Japan: @RSF_AsiaPacific calls on the Japanese authorities to immediately return freelance reporter Kosuke Tsuneoka’… https://t.co/FZPFWyAByD
Nanako7 ✩ @_Nana7ko – 2019-02-18
My name is interesting

I was born in my news feed
My age is a little expensive
I like to travel to Japan

LOL https://t.co/eT3XLX8E9W
POST Online Media @poandpo – 2019-02-18
Japan willing to assist in modernizing Afghanistan’s agriculture https://t.co/oRQNQOzHqP #Agrifish #News #Business… https://t.co/442E1H6GN5
RUGBYcomau @rugbycomau – 2019-02-18
The @NSWWaratahs can put the prop crisis klaxon 🚨 away, with veteran bookend Sekope Kepu declared fit to travel to… https://t.co/k6Dn3MmD3R
Rainer Ebbers @pdbrebbe – 2019-02-18
The ultimate all-you-can-eat noodle binge news https://t.co/SUzC4KkCma
Samurai@JWWM @JapanWireless – 2019-02-18
NINJA on duty!

Kouga, Shiga #Japan

Celebrating #ninja day, city office staff working in ninja uni
Female staff in… https://t.co/Y3HjUfPW4Y
yudith ho @yudithho – 2019-02-18
this is a cool story about how employees were left to turn around the company, and is set to do just that – but i’m… https://t.co/wPJWUvXDQt
ケーラマーケル @LolitaJikiningy – 2019-02-18
Japan 🇯🇵 News:

Beautiful Japanese sightseeing train will be unforgettable way to travel country’s north island… https://t.co/rDNTYWEl1P
泰知(Taizhi) @taizhi_st – 2019-02-18
Now it’s the good news about vegans who is planning to make travels to Japan.

Sharing service for vegan traveler… https://t.co/KnMQR3HiS5
Angela Bare @AngelaBare – 2019-02-17
@BBCBreaking We are in Japan and due to fly via Brussels on Monday we have just found out the news from Twitter try… https://t.co/LTZvwOpUu7
Angie Powers @AngSuperPowers – 2019-02-17
After getting some not-so-great news in the form of a financial aid award letter, Rowan is looking into Temple Uni… https://t.co/WbWDPIzyiR
Edie Angelo @edieangelo – 2019-02-17
#Japan: #Holiday in a #nuclear #wasteland – NZ Herald I can’t believe people actually take tours to see #fukushima https://t.co/vbcYivDdJe
Samurai@JWWM @JapanWireless – 2019-02-17
#PokemonGO fans

#Eevee evolutions new #maintenancehatch installed
22 Feb noon at 8 different
locations in… https://t.co/Xezk60vu04
World Passport @WorldPassport – 2019-02-17
Japan Airlines’ First Ever Airbus Takes Shape https://t.co/lhgH9iQQ7w #travel #explore
💕YixINGrid 🐑💪🏻💕 @YixInGrid__ – 2019-02-17
@_4bbh_0506 @EXO_NEWS_JP OMG I was reading how to get tickets outside Japan and its almost imposible… we need a J… https://t.co/5hvJUctdTF
Gazoz News @IndoGazoz – 2019-02-16
Amazing how Lion Air is still operating 😮 Shame on Aviation!
#lionair #bali #aviation #Boeing
#japan #tourist… https://t.co/mN2uq4rOXJ
Gazoz News @IndoGazoz – 2019-02-16
We left Bali and we were very disappointed 😔 Locals can see ONLY green in their eyes🤑
#Australia #bali #tourist… https://t.co/W8i4LrB7Mm
Jessica Beinecke 白洁 @JessBeinecke – 2019-02-16
According to the latest Airbnb data, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia were the top five global dest… https://t.co/y4gDjj0lPi
John空節 @john_raff – 2019-02-16
Japan urged to stop restricting its journalists’ foreign travel | RSF https://t.co/F6ta36vdwF
NEWCASTLE JETS FC ✈️ @NewcastleJetsFC – 2019-02-16
Injury has forced Ernie Merrick to make a single change to the 18-man squad set to travel to Japan to take on Kashi… https://t.co/8gQPVPC3om
Nigel Thompson @MirrorTravelEd – 2019-02-16
This weekend in Star/Express/Mirror #travel sections: Japan, TUI’s new Mexico Pacific Coast hotspot, Aldeburgh, Lu… https://t.co/uL1nH3dfsj
‘GOT7 Real Thai’ Japan’s 1st broadcast decision! Broadcast from Mnet on April 10th.
Japan’s 1st Korean ent… https://t.co/sPhACmQRQV
POST Online Media @poandpo – 2019-02-16
Japan: Economy returns to growth in Q4 https://t.co/zpOJRSsJcy #Economy #News #Business #Careers #Politics… https://t.co/Yuv0QzzoLq
Cool Japan News @CoolJapanNews – 2019-02-15
Western Japan has it all, Latest Travel News – The New Paper – The New Paper https://t.co/lodiCgDc5A
Japankyo News @JapankyoNews – 2019-02-15
Frozen, Nintendo & Totoro: What the Next Few Years Has in Store for Japanese Theme Parks
John Lee @johnleewriter – 2019-02-15
New service offers an easy way for vegans to travel around #Japan https://t.co/cirTDulCRU
Plan It On A Post-It @PlanItOnAPostIt – 2019-02-15
Marriott opens first international luxury hotel on Japan’s remote Miyako Islands, go before everybody else does – S… https://t.co/aheQ9ZMFnZ
Shogun Designs @Shogundesigns – 2019-02-15
How #Japan’s #Bullet Trains Changed #Travel by @Bloomberg – https://t.co/LYm0eNnFYS #train #tech #speed #plane #car… https://t.co/n91WfAbePr
tsunagu Japan @tsunagu_Japan – 2019-02-15
Breaking News: The #ticket machines for the Tokaido & Sanyo #shinkansen are not working as of today (Feb 15th). Pur… https://t.co/origpDwzo5
長野ニュース @naganonews – 2019-02-15
Japan’s latest boutique hotel is nestled in a tranquil woodland – Lonely Planet Travel News
Fastech360Z @ZFastech360 – 2019-02-14
Japan unveils new bullet test train that is set to travel at 360 kph https://t.co/moT9xqhHau
For Travel Deals @ForTravelDeals – 2019-02-14
Travel News 3269 — Indonesia Japan 16-Night Adventure incl Bali Flights https://t.co/aSBGq4RgjI
Whisper Eye @whispereyenews – 2019-02-14
Japan protests call for emperor to apologize to Korean ‘comfort women’ https://t.co/hi5epEtVTzhttps://t.co/CAesz7GQXp
Air-Collect @AirCollect_FR – 2019-02-13
Japan by bullet train, Around the World in 80 Trains – Scotland on Sunday travel https://t.co/PYMymBe7oF
ChinaTravelBlog.com @chinatravelblog – 2019-02-13
Global Online Travel Booking Market | USD 1,955 Billion By 2026 | US, UK, France, Germany, … – https://t.co/jNhI9q9OTr #China #travel
Department of Finance @DOF_PH – 2019-02-13
GOOD NEWS FOR COMMUTERS: Travel time from Clark, Pampanga to Calamba, Laguna will be reduced from 5 hours by bus to… https://t.co/DegaWB9FEC
JS Business & Policy @JS_BizPol – 2019-02-13
Uptick in #travel bookings as more #Japanese plan to enjoy the 10-day #GoldenWeek holiday later this spring.… https://t.co/tOAq2UWdAq
Kaimono Japan @japan_kaimono – 2019-02-13
Israel warns Iran that its missiles can travel ‘very far’ https://t.co/BZbRl9mb32 #japanese #japan #news https://t.co/3VI7TuwxMQ
Lillys News @lillys_news – 2019-02-13
Trade ramen for delicious Japanese soba noodles https://t.co/6MGQQDtP9U
POST Online Media @poandpo – 2019-02-13
Japan’s vegetable imports hitting 13-year high https://t.co/i1ptYTdrVZ #Agrifish #News #Business #Careers #Politics… https://t.co/51hJzf5L7f
Russell’sPal @RussellsPal – 2019-02-13
@LalaSRSLY i don’t do cable news and the channel i watch the most is @NHK Japanese news here in the states but it j… https://t.co/tYK5XIgerP


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