Baelz Memorial Hall

Baelz Memorial Hall


A German physician named Dr. Erwin von Baelz was the first to describe Kusatsu Onsen Hot Spring as "the world's finest spa and health resort" more than a century ago. Possessing the latest medical skills of Western Europe, Dr. Baelz was invited to Japan by the government in 1876 and later became known as "the father of modern Japanese medicine". The unique qualities and mysterious efficacies of Kusatsu Onsen, which are quite unknown in Europe, drew Dr. Baelz to Kusatsu many times to conduct research that he later presented to a medical convention in Europe.
Baelz Memorial Hall was built to exhibit his countless findings, achievements and the marks that he made in his life.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 - 16:30


  • Irregular

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 22 minutes from JR Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi by the bus bound for Kusatsu Onsen. Get off at Undojaya Bus stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 3-9, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi Agatsuma-gun, Gumma, 377-1711



Fumihiko Ozaki  @0327Fozaki - 2014-10-31
The First day of November, from today 3days holiday,next Monday & Tuesday, have plan to go the Kusatsu hot SP. stay in Jp. inn
ゆうか  @Yuukitty325 - 2014-10-31
@Nyantonius Minami kusatsu🌸 Karai but Oishii yo😊Please come back Japan to eat tantan men!👻I'm very fine💓
Shonan Bellmare  @ShonanBellmare3 - 2014-10-30
The next day November 1,Shonan playng 20:00 against the team Thespa Kusatsu
SASHA   @Sasha111002 - 2014-10-29
@coconut_punch Hi 🌠I did not stay at hot spring. Just took a bath . Then went home. My favorite hot spring is Kusatsu onsen.
M. OKA  @okappiki3 - 2014-10-29
Kusatsu Factory Improves Productivity Based on Objective Data | Omron, Canada -
上田 楓香  @hrofk_23 - 2014-10-29
Kusatsu Higashi Soccer Club Fight٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶
Madori design  @Madoridesign - 2014-10-28
Kusatsu House by Alts Design Office
Jomo karuta Eng ver  @jomo_karuta_en - 2014-10-26
[Ku] The hot springs of Kusatsu, curative for your ills.
ギンペー  @Kai_Ginpe - 2014-10-26
@chibanews Don't forget who scores goal for Kusatsu today. Magical ocelot will bite at JEF again. (Kusatsu hot spa will fix you up)
Footballresults  @Footballresult3 - 2014-10-26
Sunday, 26102014 05:00CET #Kusatsu 1-2 #Chiba #footballresults
Sportymob  @sportymob - 2014-10-26
Final score: Thespa Kusatsu - Jef United Chiba (1 : 2) #Football #Japan #JLeagueDivision2
ギンペー  @Kai_Ginpe - 2014-10-26
@chibanews @J2KantoBites Kusatsu hot spa bless you and good luck!
イオンモール草津スタジオ@トマトクッキン  @t_kusatsu - 2014-10-26
happy halloween!! #jugem_blog
J2 Kanto Bites  @J2KantoBites - 2014-10-26
Also at 13:00 JST, #JEFUnited (5th) make the relatively short trip to Shoda Stadium to face #Thespa Kusatsu Gunma (18th). #JLeague
Fuori dal Salone  @OutsideDesignEv - 2014-10-25
Kusatsu House in Shiga #japan by ALTS Design Office #architecture #interiordesign #architetto
葛城 奏助  @K_Sohsuke - 2014-10-25
I'm going to go to Kusatsu for research conference. I'll go to bed early.
Jomo karuta Eng ver  @jomo_karuta_en - 2014-10-25
[Ku] The hot springs of Kusatsu, curative for your ills.
Tomz Travels  @TomzTempTwit - 2014-10-24
@jlist hey hey.just wondering……do u live near : 'kusatsu' ?
Genuine Journeys  @SueHenly - 2014-10-24
Kusatsu: a classic Japanese hot springs town #hotsprings #japan #kusatsu #onsen #spa2 #travel