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Bunkamura is a large-scale arts and culture complex that houses mini-theaters, concert hall, theater, gallery, and art museum. Cafes and restaurants, and various shops are also built into an annex to this complex.
You can visit and enjoy the works of art at "The Museum". The open-style museum holds exhibitions based on its own approach, such as exhibitions with a focus on the transition of modern arts, exhibitions of artists who have had very little exposure in Japan, and exhibitions of masterpieces from world-renowned museums.
Theater Cocoon is a theater for all kinds of stage performances. The theater stages a variety of plays, concerts, and dance performances. It has a very compact structure where the stage and the last row of seats on the first floor are only 24 meters apart and that creates a sense of intimacy between the performers and the audience. The theater has a total seating capacity of 747 persons.
Orchard Hall is the largest "shoe box" style hall in Japan for western classical music concerts, opera and ballet performances as well as popular music concerts. This hall creates a magnificent sound field where the sound is reflected from the high ceiling and vertical walls. The hall has a total seating capacity of 2,150 persons.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 10:00 - 22:30 (Varies accrding to the shop / facilitiy)
  • The Museum: 10:00 - 19:00
  • The Museum: 10:00 - 21:00 (Fridays and Saturdays)


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Varies accrding to the shop / facilitiy

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 7 minutes walk from Shibuya Station on the JR lines, Tokyo Metro Hanzo-mon Line (Z01), Ginza Line (G01), Fukutoshin Line (F16), Keio Inokashira Line (IN01), Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line (DT01) or Tokyu Toyoko Line (TY01)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 2-24-1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0043


Sightseeing Japan @SightseeingJap1 - 2019-04-19
The Italy of the Antwerp workshop and the Origin of Rubens Glory (Part II) [Bunkamura the museum]… https://t.co/yor7BPMRZx
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@kingscribus Kraftwerk playing 4 sold out nights at Bunkamura
Sightseeing Japan @SightseeingJap1 - 2019-04-18
The Masters of Contemporary Spain realism, Antonio Lopez Exhibition (Part II) [Bunkamura the museum]… https://t.co/FiTjetnmZ9
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Leonard Fujita-the Pola Museum of Art Collection (Part I) [Bunkamura the museum] https://t.co/qfINNBlJ9p https://t.co/YaFbSziH36
Chiaki @doramaworld - 2019-04-16
Ishihara Satomi to star in new stage play 'Asia no Onna' which will be performed at Bunkamura Theater Cocoon from 6… https://t.co/EED07KN6l2
Sightseeing Japan @SightseeingJap1 - 2019-04-16
Chamannes Exhibition (Part I) [Bunkamura the museum] https://t.co/kk61Dp3Olt https://t.co/CVNXmJyeJ4
Bighollywood @Bighollywood3 - 2019-04-14
@SNPdavid @GlasgowMuseums @burrellcollect @Bunkamura_info @JapanScotland you mean putting a new roof on The Burrell.
David McDonald @SNPdavid - 2019-04-13
While its being refurbish items from @GlasgowMuseums @burrellcollect are on tour around the world. The next major t… https://t.co/dMXXc17zTj
Govan SNP @GovanSnp - 2019-04-13
R/T SNPdavid While its being refurbish items from GlasgowMuseums burrellcollect are on tour around the world. The n… https://t.co/94Z8dxzj2e
Sightseeing Japan @SightseeingJap1 - 2019-04-13
Otto Nabel Exhibition Chagall, Kandinsky, Clay age [Bunkamura the museum] https://t.co/k558dbs2lQ https://t.co/aauBw616iR
Sightseeing Japan @SightseeingJap1 - 2019-04-12
The world of the wonders of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II [Bunkamura the museum] https://t.co/3mdCUWbQBa https://t.co/zUgLyPY90M
Jordi Riera @JordiRieraDrums - 2019-04-11
Ready for the last show in #tokyo after two amazing weeks #ontour with @hofeshco #hofeshshechter… https://t.co/oY2I0PvIRn
minoru sasaki @minoruaya - 2019-04-09
I might go to @kraftwerk at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo, Japan - Apr 16 https://t.co/jmWh80MRsM
Tokyo Weekender @Tokyo_Weekender - 2019-04-08
If you adore Disney and classic animation, you'll love this Winnie the Pooh exhibition at the Bunkamura Museum. Onl… https://t.co/cbIV1Kg8QV
Jay Bhatt @jbaquastudio - 2019-04-07
BunkaMura gallery. Show till 4/9. Come visit https://t.co/HHMUbrL5cG
WAttention Tokyo @wattention - 2019-04-07
Did you know that a part of #Shibuya used to be sprawling tea fields, which down-on-their-luck samurai could work?… https://t.co/D2SyTG2sOR
Hofesh Shechter Co. @HofeshCo - 2019-04-06
Tonight Political Mother: The Choreographer's Cut opens at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in #Tokyo with @parcostage.

Wha… https://t.co/fOYaz2NmbH
hair police 💙 @UWUEDAAA - 2019-04-06
i mean i booked the place cos it’s close to shibuya station but i just found out that it’s closer to bunkamura than… https://t.co/xvXvrqIpoL
Chris Heffer @ccheffer - 2019-04-05
Beware heffalump traps! Winnie the Pooh Exhibition | Bunkamura The Museum | Art in Tokyo https://t.co/LujIJEnD1d
RVM [Radio.Video.Music] @radiovideojazz - 2019-04-04
[REWI:ND] TODAY (but 3 years ago), Bob Dylan will perform with Tony Garnier (b), George Recile (d & perc), Stu Kimb… https://t.co/eZbVifcAr6
BIGGER Stronger Ideas @NicolasVanhove - 2019-04-02
how to buy concert tickets online? @Bunkamura_info
Elli @kamelli_ - 2019-04-02
Realized I need to attend this semi-formal event a few hours before Ueda's butai I sure am running to Bunkamura in heels
八木康洋 @f_pignon - 2019-04-01
Memories of Ashdown Forest - The Exhibition of “Winnie the Pooh” is currently performed at the Bunkamura... https://t.co/Y4Z4KaywoO
🌸新社会人わさ🌸 @garana_cub - 2019-03-31
I'm at Bunkamura Box Gallery https://t.co/f14LQLfF9N
Constantine Maroulis @ConstantineM - 2019-03-30
➰😹 ⚠️She DID my hair closing night in Tokyo ⚠️😹➰
#mensgrooming #tokyo #wildhorn #devacurl #giglife #dathairlife… https://t.co/SX6nlVCbbM
Julia Mascetti @JuliaMascetti - 2019-03-30
So @ArthurReiji has been telling me to keep today free for a ‘mystery date.’ Last year I wanted to go to the Ace At… https://t.co/2S2irEiPkX
22194 @ilamahcsenebuz - 2019-03-28
it's too late now and i am a street rat anyway but look at this catch! aimer x slovak radio symphony orchestra. an… https://t.co/gzEM1idGkR
kageyama-senpai @ilamahcsenebuz - 2019-03-28
it's too late now and i am a street rat anyway but look at this catch! aimer x slovak radio symphony orchestra. an… https://t.co/gzEM1idGkR
Anthony Inglis @anthonyinglis - 2019-03-26
The you go, I only found out last night that Bunkamura is the name of the complex and not the hall. We were perform… https://t.co/NeIwLPKhb1
Dorarara @zhongkoushenshi - 2019-03-26
I'm going to @kraftwerk at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo, Japan - Apr 16 https://t.co/MTKLchCVbr
Mulboyne @Mulboyne - 2019-03-26
There's an exhibition in Shibuya of old maps of Japan drawn by foreigners. https://t.co/c2Y0JIFqPM https://t.co/Ll7ZdhDfxR
Anthony Inglis @anthonyinglis - 2019-03-25
Rehearsal finished at Bunkamura Hall and @tpo1911 orchestra all over Russlan, Faust, Traviata and Swan Lake plus th… https://t.co/wL6CnBgLX3
Anthony Inglis @anthonyinglis - 2019-03-25
The beautiful Bunkamura Hall in Tokyo awaiting the arrival of @KathJenkins in an hour's time. https://t.co/anwq86QWr0
Anthony Inglis @anthonyinglis - 2019-03-25
Wonderful concert in Bunkamura Hall Tokyo. Tokyo Phil were sensational playing with such joy. Richly deserved stand… https://t.co/wW0ouOgOm7
ひゅら@ゎたぁめ☁° @Hyura1804_ - 2019-03-25
Winnie the Pooh 【Original of Classic】@ Bunkamura Museum

A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop… https://t.co/3LY1PFfZ5V


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