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Calligraphy Museum was founded by Fusetsu Nakamura, an artist of western painting and oriental calligraphy, in 1936. The museum holds approximately 16,000 pieces of Chinese and Japanese fine arts.
The museum consists of the Main Hall and the Fusetsu Nakamura Memorial Hall. While the former mainly exhibits tortoise-shell inscriptions, bronze-vessels, stone monuments, bronze mirrors and Buddhist statures. The latter exhibits rubbed copies of stone monument, ancient Chinese manuscripts, a number of materials related to "Shodo", or calligrapher born in the 19th century. One of the world's most treasured works in the collection was written with a brush some 1,300 years ago. You may fall under the spell of its beautiful Kanji characters.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:30 - 16:30 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • Mondays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)
  • December 29 - January 3

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 500 yen (General, Adult)
  • 250 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from JR Uguisudani Station
  • 8 minutes walk from Nippori Station on the JR lines, Keisei Main Line (KS02), or Nippori-Toneri Liner

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 2-10-4, Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0003


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