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CHABARA AKI-OKA MARCHE is a food-culture themed facility where you can find food items from various places across Japan in addition to freely enjoying vegetarian dishes. The place located underneath the elevated railway tracks between Akihabara and Okachimachi used to be a part of Kanda Fruit and Vegetable Market, and the name "CHABARA" came from a combination of "Yacchaba", a Japanese jargon which means fruit and vegetable market, and Akihabara.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 11:00 - 20:00


  • January 1
  • 1st Wednesday of June and November

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from JR Akihabara Station
  • Short walk from Akihabara Station on the Tsukuba Express (01)
  • 5 minutes walk from Akihabara Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (H15)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 8-2, Kandaneribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0022


コスプレショップPolka*Polka @Polka_x2 - 2019-05-22
There’s a second-hand cosplay shop in Akihabara, Tokyo called Polka Polka. They have big sizes.
They are open from… https://t.co/YK98EtRmMW
ちゃかも @cyacamo - 2019-05-22
@ProdTally Yes.
But Akihabara was still an electric town at that time and Nakano Broadway wasn't there either.
Treza Agung @trezaagung - 2019-05-22
@Kaizerkunkun @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN I bought one in Akihabara UDX
Ritsukou 律子 |Leafa. リーファ| @k1ngmick3y - 2019-05-22
RT @AitaiKuji: The Sega Cafe in Akihabara will be having a special Shonen Jump themed cafe with food and goods for Studio Pierrot's 40th An…
Maid S. Runner @MaidSRunner - 2019-05-22
Moe Maid Cafes in Akihabara

Become A Master / Princess

@ home ca… https://t.co/VeLQqd7hnE
Matthew Edwards @TheStreetWriter - 2019-05-22
Found some sick Neo Geo merch in Akihabara. The Duck King t-shirt is tempting but I’m saving my funds for that back… https://t.co/wMnu16em2C
Aitai☆Kuji @AitaiKuji - 2019-05-22
The Sega Cafe in Akihabara will be having a special Shonen Jump themed cafe with food and goods for Studio Pierrot'… https://t.co/r1Q4Wbpm4X
JP cute girl @Otetudai1403 - 2019-05-22
【No charge】
The leg of the cute girl of Akihabara.
If you would like to see a photograph, only a mail address is.
Phreakar: FFXIV @Phreakar - 2019-05-22
@Lewoogs BTW, If you check my feed from last week, I posted lots of pics of Dendentown in Osaka. It's their version of Akihabara. :)
Thanko inc. @Thanko_Inc - 2019-05-22
[Recommended Item]'Flexible Bed stand for Smartphone and Tablet'
Let's have lazy life!
#akihabara #Souvenir
James Charlton @famicomplicated - 2019-05-22
Can’t believe I bumped into StarFox in Akihabara!
Oh, and @NintenDaan too! https://t.co/8TUbF8fpyR
Saerilee @imSaerilee - 2019-05-22
RT @NinWire: Japan is bringing VA-11 HALL-A’s bartending to life in two Akihabara bars: https://t.co/buCieopoHe https://t.co/4jR64rYvVY
ユキト @Yukito_00F - 2019-05-22
Sorry, the Russian lady I saw a while ago. I could told you only the way to Akihabara Sta. though you wanted to go… https://t.co/IUq1zp1TAI
ごま☆ @tenma_taishi - 2019-05-22
RT @nakagawataishid: Taishi visited shooting cafe & bar 'AKIBA ★ BASE' in Akihabara, Tokyo.
Nakagawa Taishi's series 'Be Ambitious!' with…
Niels (ニールス) @Rayquaza3010 - 2019-05-22
@NintenDaan I would go bankrupt If I would ever visit Akihabara.
Arnaud Hay @hayarnaud - 2019-05-22
RT @TomConstantines: AAC Stunts, the action team for GARO, Cutie Honey and Tokyo Ghoul, is starting a Ninja Wire Action Experience in Tokyo…


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