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Chikurin-no-Michi (Path of bamboo)

Travel Guide - Chikurin-no-Michi (Path of bamboo)


Chikurin-no-Michi (Path of bamboo) is a 100 meters long path with bamboo trees which leads from Nonomiya-jingu Shrine to Okochi-Sanso mountain villa in Arashiyama. You can feel the scent of bamboo and feeble sunlight throughout the path. This fantastic scenery appears many times on Japanese TV dramas and commercial films. The path is beautifully lit up at night during the annual event "Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro" held in mid-December.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station
  • 15 minutes walk from Arashiyama Station on the Hankyu Arashiyama Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Sagaogurayama Tabuchiyamacho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 616-8394


Aoi @QA ♪ @aoi_kakitsubot - 2020-01-28
Let's see. Kyoto's bamboo path would be nice. It heals you.
Edoardo Venturini @edoventurini - 2020-01-27
5/7 The crater of Mt Ijen is one of the most toxic places on earth due to the sulfurous gas getting out of it.

Min… https://t.co/8fkKtTqPHE
bamboo_grove @bamboo_grove1 - 2020-01-27
I fear for both teachers and students if education continues down this path. https://t.co/S9kBUL7j9j
💭 💋Aunt Cinnamon💋 @AuntCinnamon - 2020-01-27
Just follow the path through the bamboo garden.... https://t.co/2jfhu8yOwn
Adess Singh @AdessSingh - 2020-01-26
@kanikagahlaut Forest Path
Village well
Rythum of Bamboo
Very happy to see them.
Do put them on Twitter too
Kishore Nair @KishoreNair12 - 2020-01-26
@mybmc @CMOMaharashtra Can you please look into complaints put up via your website? Major is encroachments of footp… https://t.co/mbeyVZCdiR
Racheblue Love @racheblue - 2020-01-26
Evening falls
sleepy train
lilting lullaby

Key turn
bag drop
head for haven

Back step
warm slabs
path sways

Bamb… https://t.co/28s1sKjBNu
Ibadah Mimpi @ibadahmimpicom - 2020-01-24
Just walk to Munewarang Village, Magelang, Central Java. Follow the path that divides the cliffs through the bamb… https://t.co/qa5c7mQYEw
Stephen Kelsey @stevekelsey937 - 2020-01-24
@NatGeo That is a path to 100% green new century Bamboo and Hemp !
morning haiku @dabennettpoet - 2020-01-24
protecting each other's
solitude -
path through the bamboo.

- d.a. bennett
Hollie Hughes @holliejehughes - 2020-01-20
Another jam packed day in Kyoto! We started out early with a trip to Arashiyama to visit the Bamboo Forest and Monk… https://t.co/BCWfinsnR6
Laura Horton @_Laurahorton - 2020-01-20
Along the Philosopher's Path.
We came across the cutest man making Bamboo Leave Boats for people to drop in the ri… https://t.co/Hed764oJn2
Ruby Pippen @RubyPippen - 2020-01-20
Tried to squeeze in as much as possible on our last full day in Kyoto! Started with the bamboo forest, then hiked o… https://t.co/KRDiNlGsyp
Al M @buccaneer008 - 2020-01-19
@BoeingAirplanes @bamboo_airways If your corporate culture keeps on the same path, you are destined to go bankrupt https://t.co/Zkh5ZdhQpS
Jose IX @JoseIX2 - 2020-01-18
Dawn in Arashiyama Bamboo Forest 🎋: A spiritual journey along a winding path through a forest of bamboo in Arashiya… https://t.co/3wrDXwdxEp
Lin Yutang @TheImportanceOL - 2020-01-15
'It is this antique manner of the pine tree that gives the pine a special position among the trees, as it is the an… https://t.co/IyDjD6jq9I
Nature is Lit @Nature_Is_Lit - 2020-01-15
🔥 This path of frozen bamboo 🔥 https://t.co/rxBE9WyoTn
Orissa POST Live @OrissaPOSTLive - 2020-01-14
In order to boost the economic condition of bamboo farmers and artisans, the #KalimelaForestDepartment of… https://t.co/pNtkBAGKeX
Yohane's Demon @ Japan 🇯🇵 1/12 - 1/27 @WaifuMaster - 2020-01-14
The path of bamboo is closed off so no pics from there. So this is the next best thing. https://t.co/1pnbE1NvYN
Yohane's Demon @ Love Live Fes - 🇯🇵 1/12 - 1/27 @WaifuMaster - 2020-01-14
The path of bamboo is closed off so no pics from there. So this is the next best thing. https://t.co/1pnbE1NvYN
Yohane's Demon @ Love Live Fest 🇯🇵 @WaifuMaster - 2020-01-14
The path of bamboo is closed off so no pics from there. So this is the next best thing. https://t.co/1pnbE1NvYN
broken free @blackonred - 2020-01-14
This path of frozen bamboo
Credit: Mantaroq https://t.co/SB2MbI9rS1
Fancied Facts @FanciedF - 2020-01-11
A path between frozen bamboo in Kyoto Japan
#kyoto #Japan #bamboo https://t.co/dlJAaOYLKB
Ibadah Mimpi @ibadahmimpicom - 2020-01-11
From Grenjengan Kembar Waterfall with love.

Take time and walk to Citran Hamlet, Munewarang Village, Magelang, C… https://t.co/YQUU6r9hU2
Jeffrey L. Klump @JEFFREYLKLUMP - 2020-01-11
This path between frozen bamboo in Kyoto Japan https://t.co/jPSsgpc7Bk https://t.co/g8ldrLhRh3
N Ä § £ £ R ♛ @iTwiits - 2020-01-11
The path of frozen bamboo, Kyoto, Japan https://t.co/biuFL8JjQ0
bluenile @bluenile - 2020-01-11
This path between frozen bamboo in Kyoto #Japan https://t.co/bEdpvpLBBd https://t.co/qoWPQkglvp
stacEight @stacEight - 2020-01-11
The path of frozen bamboo, Kyoto, Japan 😍 https://t.co/LlFWmWEMnC
Channel Jurakudai (チャンネルじゅらくだい's English tweet) @CJurakudai - 2020-01-10
@Lovely_view_emi this is Chikurin-no-Komichi(path way of bamboo)! beautiful!
Princess Peachie @PeachieAngel - 2020-01-10
@cakeswithfaces There’s a little food & drinks area near the end of the Arashiyama bamboo grove. If you walk throug… https://t.co/bnFFpW7ZCu
Barnabas I. Adeleke @shalomike01 - 2020-01-09
harsh harmattan . . .
my pee a deeper shade
of amber

Christmas Carol —
a faint halo forms
around the moon

fragra… https://t.co/LQe6vujNjN
pariscop21surveillance@tum.ac.ke @kilopapa1938 - 2020-01-08
First Swiss Tourist Group compensating Flight Path CO2 Emissions by planting Bamboo https://t.co/UyRoCzEyXr
pariscop21surveillance@tum.ac.ke @kilopapa1938 - 2020-01-08
New Flight Path CO2 compensation by Swiss Martin Buhler compensating Flight Zurich - India / CHF 200.- to invest i… https://t.co/kDmaYcmKgP


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