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The European spruce tree standing alone at the southern area of Biei Hills is called “Christmas Tree” from its beautiful conical shape. The tree looks beautiful not only in a green field duding the summer but also in white snow durnig the winter. Please keep in mind that you cannot get close to the tree since the field where the tree stands is private.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Take a rental bicycle from JR Biei Station or JR Bibaushi Station (30 - 60 minutes ride)
  • 30 minutes walk from JR Bibaushi Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Bibaushi, Biei-cho Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido, 071-0471


Axzel G. Marín Graü @axzelgmarin - 2019-11-19
My kid believes that if we turn the Christmas tree lights off santa Will not find the signal to bring the presents,… https://t.co/b9SStMVxOD
BJ Blue Productions 🙂 @BlueJayProduct2 - 2019-11-19
Rockefeller Center 2019 Christmas Tree Setting Up In Progress: (11/18/2019) https://t.co/5z3Yy0EoOE via @YouTube
Bath Aqua Glass® @bathaquaglass - 2019-11-19
Fused Glass snowman for the Christmas tree https://t.co/qFSk3wuydy #snowman #treedec #christmas #snow #handmade #visitbath
Bob Clinkingbeard @Clinkingbeard - 2019-11-19
@mslizlord YESS! Ours was GREAT! We had loads of time because we didn’t put up a Christmas tree. 😉
Brian Harpstrite @harpe2010 - 2019-11-19
@StarkistAq I think I'll put her on top my Christmas tree
Christina Ross @christinalyross - 2019-11-19
Third grade Elm Grove 🌳 decorates Christmas tree with ornaments that they personalized with things that they have i… https://t.co/47eVJWAsjb
Cindy Stacey @CindyStacey1 - 2019-11-19
Get ready for a Christmas tree extravaganza with the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Box Giveaway! You can enter to WI… https://t.co/P9Mrakwsvc
DEVY @_stepmom - 2019-11-19
my bff called me a clown cuz we got a 4ft Christmas tree 😂
Eamon Dawes @EamonDawes - 2019-11-19
Went by a house with their Christmas tree already decorated, their halls already decked. What is this? Target!?🎄
Fla RedDirt CtryClub @FlaRedDirtCC - 2019-11-19
@TaffMartin @Abbey_104 2 Step Around the Christmas Tree, Suzy Bogguss
Blue Christmas, Micky & Motorcars
Lone Star C… https://t.co/U9vuDNiKJ0
Gym Leader Nessa 🌊 @LeosPnkElephant - 2019-11-19
That being said if anyone has any recommendations on where I can spend my good money on a Christmas Tree that doesn… https://t.co/JpBMBJ6vXw
Hadassah @hadassah2312 - 2019-11-19
Jacob & I have always put up a fake tree for Christmas but I think this year we’re gonna try a real one😍😍🥰
Hannah Martuscello @hkmartuscello - 2019-11-19
Remembering that time that APUSH went to read Christmas books to the elementary schools and I brought Alfie the Chr… https://t.co/SjUbeYVbK9
Herb Caen 🌁 @HerbCaenDaily - 2019-11-19
Only in S.F. No. 8576, as overheard by Strange de Jim: “Oh wow, you should see the beautiful Christmas tree in the… https://t.co/vet6HYj26w
James A. Kern @jaasak - 2019-11-19
South Coast Plaza’s famous Christmas tree all decked out & lit up!
Them halls is gettin’ all decked up there!
😊 https://t.co/FvIWd8wcvT
Jeremy Judkins @jeremyjudkins - 2019-11-19
Wonder how many people on #teamtrees are gonna buy a perfectly healthy tree for Christmas that was murdered just fo… https://t.co/AzfgHTcduE
Jessica K Alaniz @jkalaniz - 2019-11-19
@JK_Alaniz @MelRey Christmas tree lighting this friday!! Can the girls come??!?!?! 🤗 https://t.co/hciSTy8CQa
Jessica 💜 @realjessamica92 - 2019-11-19
I guess today Elijah started making Christmas tree ornaments at school. He was talking about it in his bath.
I am so excited for these!
Jordy @JordanPollard17 - 2019-11-19
Thinking about putting my tree up because I’m tired of storing Christmas gifts in my closet 🙄
Ju. 🅴 @UncleJu_ - 2019-11-19
I wanted to buy my Christmas tree cakes but I couldn’t find my keys
KSSN 96 @kssn96 - 2019-11-19
You know, if it keeps me from wondering whether I unplugged the tree or not? I'm all for it! https://t.co/cQb6mySVkF
Kreg Tool @KregToolCompany - 2019-11-19
Display your Christmas tree here.🎄✨ When the season’s over, pack it away inside and enjoy this charming #DIY hope c… https://t.co/LlFFZyHLDS
Lauren Cash @laurenlcash - 2019-11-19
Pro-tip: If you’re decorating a Christmas tree with your 3 year old, go ahead and have the hot glue gun ready.
Limited Edition @bpdlimited - 2019-11-19
LEGO Seasonal Christmas Tree 40338 #LimitedEdition New Sealed Building Model Toy #eBay
⏰ Ends in 5h
💲 Last Price AU… https://t.co/mXSWOODAdu
MaGGie @2maggs - 2019-11-19
Who tryna go to the Christmas tree patch
Maritza @maritzaovalle7 - 2019-11-19
Put up the Christmas tree.. in less than an hour it was already on the floor.🙃 CATALINA IS WILD Y'ALL.
MiccJagger @JosephJMiccolis - 2019-11-19
What do you get if you cross an iPad with a Christmas tree?
A pineapple.
Michelle A @SunflowerRei - 2019-11-19
@MsEmilyEdwards It's a tree, generally with lights on it. And people get presents? And then you eat a lot? And then… https://t.co/E3andlBQKM
Milford HamletHub @MilfordHH - 2019-11-19
St. Mary School, Milford, Holds Annual Christmas Tree & Wreath Sale https://t.co/lSUUuoJEhk https://t.co/BEiWocgdFi
Rachelle Peck @rachellepecktv - 2019-11-19
Thinking about adding a @Vikings themed Christmas tree this year. @MRS_T_19 do you think Asher would approve of thi… https://t.co/zkUxiJTKoY
Robert Morella @BobMorella - 2019-11-19
Get ready for a Christmas tree extravaganza with the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Box Giveaway! You can enter to WI… https://t.co/PFVun2BV9T
Sara Sparkles @sparkles_317 - 2019-11-19
I just wanna get more stuff for my peacock themed Christmas tree. I mean I’m so serious the hubby didn’t even give me a budget.
Sassy Feisty @SassyFeisty - 2019-11-19
FYI... I put out THREE poinsettias under my tree. The Christmas Scrooge stole https://t.co/PW3g1Cb6xb now I have to… https://t.co/FOKDeLLlQa
StarSalesUK @StarSalesUK - 2019-11-19
24pcs Glitter Christmas Baubles Xmas Tree Ornament Hanging Ball Decor 3-6cm Diy https://t.co/azaMwPtKMj https://t.co/doA0wEoQcg
The Forster-Smiths @ForsterSmiths1 - 2019-11-19
The Christmas tree is up today @BarberInstitute and isn't it glam?! Love the art deco feel with the contemporary ca… https://t.co/ogOnd15doM
Troop 197 @BSATroop197 - 2019-11-19
We have a mandatory Christmas tree unloading this Saturday at 8:00 p.m. at fellowship United Methodist Church
Vilma Ruiz @vilma_ruiz90 - 2019-11-19
@bawcris But y'all never come over smh let's put the Christmas tree at my house
What Meegan Makes @WhatMeegan - 2019-11-19
How to Make a Unique Broom Christmas Tree https://t.co/I2pbkfjRB2 via @acraftymix
a mf gemini @LexieLou615 - 2019-11-19
I read a study somewhere that said people who put up their Christmas tree early are generally happier, and if y’all… https://t.co/fWMj5f0iRX
a spicy disaster @madmansully - 2019-11-19
my dad forced me to come out of my room bc i’ve been in a seasonal depression hibernation, made me a smoothie, danc… https://t.co/v4zF85cRrS
atw marino @atwmarino - 2019-11-19
@micah_chaim Watching a Christmas movie always turns a frown upside down, and gets me in the mood to bake Christmas… https://t.co/tKs0ttlgDz
becs_kostromin_art @BecsKostromin - 2019-11-19
Go on guys, buy some for your Christmas tree. https://t.co/wcd7n08gH0
#christmas #christmasdecor… https://t.co/OtsJmM5s1y
c. c. mabry @Snozz_Wanger - 2019-11-19
Watching @maddow tonight w/ the nagging feeling there was a Christmas Tree behind her all hour for some reason.
Sud… https://t.co/8XESCtx1Oe
frank @fgif - 2019-11-19
🗣 little debbie holiday spice christmas tree cakes 😌
julie gerew 🖤 @mermaidjxo - 2019-11-19
Ok ok I’ll put my Christmas tree up today 🎄
kristen @kriistennnmarie - 2019-11-19
I want to put up our Christmas tree SO BAD
lesly arana @L3xLi3 - 2019-11-19
Hey come check out @TheFamilia_ new video!! Christmas lights and decorating her tree!
#ChristmasTree #christmas… https://t.co/m7phpyjimD
officialBre21 @officialBrea21 - 2019-11-19
ogoonie @nk_o - 2019-11-19
Gonna be so sad if we have a hot December. Can't be putting up a Christmas tree when I feel like I should be sippin… https://t.co/yoZovUoVmA
pienell 🍁 @_dhouston - 2019-11-19
I decided to deep clean my house so I can put up my Christmas tree since I’m off this week...instant regrets.
simon bayley @simonbayley - 2019-11-19
@nudinits I can't knit so I'll be sticking this naughty Noel on the top of the Christmas tree! https://t.co/ZbU4wlpPD1
v i c k y 🌻 @vickylwalker_ - 2019-11-19
Just ordered personalised Christmas baubles for me, sam & max dog as a surprise for when the tree goes up 🤫🥰♥️
™️ @TacoMonster210 - 2019-11-19
@HD_Orange Christmas is just around the corner, I can deliver and assemble for under the tree.
𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔢 @okumurajk - 2019-11-19
i dont even like christmas but the tree makes the house look all cute n cozy
𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔢 @okumurajk - 2019-11-19
tag yourself im me forcing ky oarents to putcuo the christmas tree bc it looks cute
🎁Holly Jolly🎁 @MyOtterName - 2019-11-19
@OneOldOilDog86 Also, don't forget @johnedwardbake1. Also a Whittier guy. I grew up partially in La Habra Heights… https://t.co/QZZljGBGpk
:💋 @thatBOYkhai_ - 2019-11-18
we ain't putting up no christmas tree this year, ion even feel like.
Aaron Beau @aarondotawesome - 2019-11-18
@sarahdoran @AnnyAwesome I know. Who in their right mind would expect a mall to launch 4th of July style fireworks… https://t.co/MzjaadglLG


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