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The European spruce tree standing alone at the southern area of Biei Hills is called “Christmas Tree” from its beautiful conical shape. The tree looks beautiful not only in a green field duding the summer but also in white snow durnig the winter. Please keep in mind that you cannot get close to the tree since the field where the tree stands is private.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Take a rental bicycle from JR Biei Station or JR Bibaushi Station (30 - 60 minutes ride)
  • 30 minutes walk from JR Bibaushi Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Bibaushi, Biei-cho Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido, 071-0471


Ale Ambler @AleAmbler - 2020-01-20
A friend has sent me a picture of some strange green lights (around 15 to 20) in a tree. It was taken at Darton, Ba… https://t.co/rJ94zXdw6s
Amanda @adnamaeelrellim - 2020-01-20
When you live alone with your pet for too long, you start saying things like “We’re gonna be taking the Christmas t… https://t.co/H99uJJpMT9
Andre Zepeda @andrezepeda5 - 2020-01-20
When is the longest someone has waited to put-away Christmas decorations?
Mom: Today (Jan 19)
Dad: left lights in… https://t.co/2SNpfNeSQh
Benjamin Wolfram @BenjaminWolfram - 2020-01-20
Very late latergram! Over Christmas break i did a road trip across the Southwest hitting as many national parks and… https://t.co/uaa5HekO0U
Brandon Rottinghaus @bjrottinghaus - 2020-01-20
South Texas Christmas tree! https://t.co/61xDeeyEO8
Britt 💀⛺️ @AltSpeaking - 2020-01-20
Well, the Christmas tree is down...
That's something, right?

It only took me until Jan 19th to get around to it this year
Carolyn B. Brodersen @BroderWriter - 2020-01-20
@HoarseWisperer Ran seven miles along the coast (slowly). Next, maybe a nap. Then, FINALLY, take down the Christmas… https://t.co/66Wd1vZi9s
Century Martial Arts Europe @centuryeurope - 2020-01-20
Christmas tree out - BOB in!

Get fit for 2020 with our top training products! Until January 31 of this year you wi… https://t.co/cCxmRjxFJ8
Daddiomando @GDHolmes24 - 2020-01-20
@Jeremysgirl5150 Whose Christmas tree box DOESN'T look like this?
Dan "fat Rambo" Pierce @felix_t_fois - 2020-01-20
I knew a guy in college who brought in some lumber and created lofts for the beds in his dorm room.

This freed up… https://t.co/joWJVvfLlm
EcoInternet @EcoInternetDrGB - 2020-01-20
Southeastern La. University collecting old Christmas trees to help environment: BR Proud https://t.co/80yESJKXlz

M… https://t.co/Ec9IgkuiE2
Ernest Shackleton @real_shackleton - 2020-01-20
William Hopkins: not the swiftest crayon in the Christmas tree.
JORIEL PARMISANO @JorielParmi - 2020-01-20
@MissDaydream_ I've been saying it for a long time, we never set a Christmas tree since 2006. I'm ok with it.
Last… https://t.co/dHd6IF8ieg
JORIEL PARMISANO @JorielParmi - 2020-01-20
@MissDaydream_ Snow or no snow,
Christmas tree or no Christmas tree,
With or snowman

Christmas is still in our hearts.
Just Curtis @TheCurtisJr_ - 2020-01-20
I woke up to my phone looking like a Christmas tree! Now y’all know if I had gotten shot, I would’ve posted about i… https://t.co/Nh5BC5A8f5
Kassandra✨ @Kayesuaz - 2020-01-20
I don’t want to take down our Christmas tree but, I must. It’s time 😂
Laura @EcclshareL - 2020-01-20
Just drove past someone’s house that still had a Christmas tree up, wtf
MissDaydream ☀️ @MissDaydream_ - 2020-01-20
Lmao throw back but I already miss my Christmas tree and Santa hat 😪 https://t.co/gmhdt25yzV
Newport Aquarium @NewportAquarium - 2020-01-20
Our #ResourceConservationTeam collected Christmas trees last week for @kyfishwildlife The 🌲 are used to create habi… https://t.co/GZ3cyQ2l5W
Queenof2businesses @norihairbeautyb - 2020-01-20
Who still got their Christmas Tree still up
STL Titans Fans @StLouisTitans - 2020-01-20
The Christmas Tree at Duke’s in Soulard is ready. #TitanUp https://t.co/MoU7GcyFBk
Stefany Pereira @stefanyapereira - 2020-01-20
in the Christmas tree ✨ the perfect gift! theofficialsafira
Use my code ‘SAF68572’ for 20% off on… https://t.co/t34P5T3D3i
Tasia La'rri 🌻 @TasiaLarri - 2020-01-20
Idk who needs to hear this but.. take that Christmas tree down
Timmycoyne @TimmyCoyne - 2020-01-20
@WesternMEwx Haha. My neighbors from Ukraine keep their tree up till June. Merry Christmas. I guess.
VB WEB AND SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS @seoraval - 2020-01-20
WBHome XMT-0001-60 6 Feet Snow Flocked Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree, 792 Branch Tips with Pine C… https://t.co/BfZJXtEZFz
Will Standish @wbmstandish - 2020-01-20
Fed my Christmas tree to some goats. Pretty good day so far. https://t.co/pjokLLYh1H
kia @itsdarealgp - 2020-01-20
& the Christmas tree still up
soph @eilishmwah - 2020-01-20
just put my christmas tree down now😭
theOUT @ZmejRuslanych - 2020-01-20
view&buy: #OUTvideo
$10 - 50Pcs Christmas Decor Tree Ball
https://t.co/PE1xLgaHeN <<< click https://t.co/hPVypTeD1y
ALTITUDE @AltitudeIreland - 2020-01-17
Very thoughtful of @WaterfordCounci to arrange to have the Ballybricken Christmas tree chainsawed down at 6.30am th… https://t.co/jfQaU5urKV
Age Exchange @Age_Exchange - 2020-01-17
Our Christmas Memory Tree Appeal raised almost £2700 through 87 ribbons 💜

Thank you to everyone who generously do… https://t.co/LlRISJnVTv
Amanda Todd Legacy @AToddLegacy - 2020-01-17
Thank-you @PoCoHeritage & community leaders for your dedication to the 7th Annual Christmas Tree Festival in… https://t.co/px7k4xaFLx
Ashley Marie @awkward_ashley2 - 2020-01-17
@nathan_m_ross It was! One of the christmas tree ones tbh
Ben Hayes @BHayes63 - 2020-01-17
@AshcroftBen Our 2nd foster daughter once told my wife she didn’t understand how we worked because she couldn’t get… https://t.co/AT1NgX54vE
Bex Carter @BexCarter - 2020-01-17
2/ I have more lights than my Christmas tree, I ride safely and follow the Highway Code. Me and my bike are probabl… https://t.co/V8JO01a75u
By the Power of Grayskull @BradleyBreaks - 2020-01-17
@katystoll You can live the Christmas tree up til February, if you want. It’s your house, you make the rules.
Carol Bot @robotCarollers - 2020-01-17
Christmas, Christmas. Stuff the toys about Santa's Christmas tree. Mince pies revelling and happily singing! Christmas, the time is here!
Charlotte @DontLoseWhoUAre - 2020-01-17
Aileen’s cat trying to eat my Christmas tree is the push I needed to finally take it down
City of Wheat Ridge @CityWheatRidge - 2020-01-17
Free Christmas tree recycling program now through the end of February for Wheat Ridge residents.… https://t.co/hLRSCT0L20
Coral Rose Official @coralroseradio - 2020-01-17
So, my Christmas tree went down Jan 4th and even that felt a tad LATE... so WHY, do some people STILL have their Ch… https://t.co/VVRPVDDJlk
CupcakeFX @FxCupcake - 2020-01-17
Chocolate Christmas Tree PINATA! No Bake Xmas Dessert Recipe By Cupcake Addiction
https://t.co/XzAtdwPgiR https://t.co/esMNg7wH5v
Denise Meyer @denimeyer - 2020-01-17
Nature’s Christmas tree https://t.co/FEfbf1F8N0
Elite Business @elitebizmag - 2020-01-17
How to create a positive workplace (Blue Monday). The decorations have been put in storage, there’s an empty space… https://t.co/E99mwDEHFh
Esquire*Attire @esquireattire - 2020-01-17
Sale $5.95 https://t.co/TMR1bAO4HK Hallmark Christmas Tree Ornament https://t.co/w8NMoqlB0j
Gary Irvine @booksnthat - 2020-01-17
I've just driven past a house with the Christmas tree up.
Gem @gemcch - 2020-01-17
@OpusAqua I am of German descent but my feet are telling me I’m Egyptian. Maybe I should take down my Christmas tree....
Handmade By V @HandmadeByV - 2020-01-17
Early or late....or maybe just super-organised! Have your very own magic key to let Santa in or maybe just decorate… https://t.co/zu5lcipM8c
Highest @KingHiestThe1st - 2020-01-17
@_JoJoeee Shut your MOUTH. “Coo 65” that cross gon be lookin like a Christmas tree in 2 days lmaooo
JD'sGiftShack&Promos @jdsgiftshack - 2020-01-17
Mosser Glass Black 5.5' CHRISTMAS TREE Figurine Holiday Decoration USA Made! https://t.co/Q5LdovusDg
John Walker, The Best Of His Name @Walker875 - 2020-01-17
I turn it on, place lights up like a Christmas tree. Yay. https://t.co/U5tNnTK5Ih
Kariss @kariss_leigh - 2020-01-17
Back to London, back to daily life. Doesn’t it surprise you how quickly normality takes hold again after the Chris… https://t.co/e9aUiWUZIT
Laura @fashion7thave - 2020-01-17
The floating flotilla Christmas tree 🎄 @ Harlem Meer in Central Park dismantled and taken away today. #NYC #Travel… https://t.co/BHCpaKipMn
Leitrim County Council @leitrimcoco - 2020-01-17
If you haven't already done so this is your last opportunity to recycle your Christmas Tree.
#ChristmasTree… https://t.co/6UpmM5l5UH
Liam Bantock @liam_b - 2020-01-17
Hard to tell with the lack of possession we’ve had but are we playing a Christmas tree formation?
Linn B. Halton author @LinnBHalton - 2020-01-17
☃️🎄☃️ A half-finished cottage #Christmas is coming. Will it be magical; will hearts be warmed? Read chapter 1!… https://t.co/YDAaF2ViEk
Lisa Ray @haifa_girl - 2020-01-17
Vintage Hollycraft Christmas Tree Rhinestone Clip Earrings Stamped Hollycraft #vintagehollycraftjewelry… https://t.co/4qM0kQs6RJ
Long Lost Q @ghjojo - 2020-01-17
@tweepla @GeneralHospital The Gene’s Branford Roadhouse Christmas tree missed it’s friend this year 😢 https://t.co/xq7vgOIgRl
Mark Farrell @someMarkFarrell - 2020-01-17
@deekayw Let the kids have a Christmas tree!
Mayo County Council @MayoCoCo - 2020-01-17
Our free #Christmas tree recycling arrangements are finishing up tomorrow, Saturday January 18th.

If you would lik… https://t.co/LOVxuCpHFh


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