Denbouin-dori Street

Denbouin-dori Street


Denbouin-dori Street, which runs 200 meters from east to west, is filled with the culture of Edo. Downtown souvenirs such as Japanese accessories and sweet Amanatto beans and skillfully made crafts can be found here. The various sights to see include a statue of a famous thief Nezumi-kozo on the roof of a garment shop, the colorful roof tiles, and the eight faces of Edo drawn on the shutters.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 3 minutes walk from Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba Express (03)
  • 3 minutes walk from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (G19), Tobu Skytree Line (TS01), or Toei Asakusa Line (A18)

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 2-3, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0032



SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-30
They said that it is very exciting in Shibuya and Roppongi on Halloween night.
Nikki  @macaroneer - 2014-10-30
Missing you #Japan! #Tokyo #Disneyland #Sensoji #Asakusa #travel #foodies #Skytree
roberto borsi 彫武道  @BorsiRoberto - 2014-10-30
ASAKUSA temple by night. Today @mariovattani @yumitolesson @Mitsuoqp @StateOfGraceTat
Lucy Murray Willis  @lmurraywillis - 2014-10-30
Busy week! @ Asakusa Station
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-30
What plan do you have tomorrow?? It is Halloween!!
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-30
According weather forecast, It will be rain during next three days holidays.
Kao  @doitsumon - 2014-10-30
@kimmykoosh i was at that one famous temple in asakusa, so i think it's just a thing for tourists
Athalia Xena  @xena_atha - 2014-10-30
i ate Takoyaki at Asakusa.. bloody delicious!! @Speedsjk have you eat Takoyaki at Japan? 😄
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-30
Ayumi is heading home and Joe joined us. Good evening!!
LuraT  @LuRat_Penthouse - 2014-10-30
I'd kill for asakusa sushi right meow
Alyssa Alyanna  @alyssa_alyanna - 2014-10-30
Finding beauty in everything and everyone doesn't mean your definition of beauty is shallow. Asakusa.
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-30
Though I, Ayu, am a big fan of football, I'm so obsessed with Japan baseball championship tonight! Go Hawks!!!
Ithil  @sand_nicky - 2014-10-30
@BABOGURL in a hostel in Asakusa, only £15 per night!!! So freaking cheap! And awesome living arrangements!
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-30
Kazuma has joined Ayu at the reception now :D
Cham Tanteras  @chamtanteras - 2014-10-30
Exactly a month ago #tbt coz #sepanx and miss you already! 🏯🇯🇵 @ Asakusa
SakuraHostelAsakusa  @asakusa_hostel - 2014-10-30
Good evening everyone! We are back after half day... what a busy day!
Japanese guy  @refreesoccerryo - 2014-10-30
This is one of the famous temples in Japan. It's in Asakusa, Tokyo. You can eat a lot of traditional Japanese food.
Denham Sadler  @denhamsadler - 2014-10-30
The new I'lls two-track is absolutely sublime. |
ちづる  @chizu_official - 2014-10-30
I went Asakusa, Tokyo to meet my friend. It was 4 years since I met him!
NomapsNeeded  @NomapsNeeded_20 - 2014-10-30
I like to stroll around Asakusa at night when it's empty #rainyday #tokyo
Marta Torres  @MARTUZZATV - 2014-10-30
#pagoda of the day....and #zeppelin! 😄😄😄 #Asakusa #Tokyo #temple #instagramjapan #igersjapan…
Play Outside Gal  @playoutsidegal - 2014-10-30
@crntlyexploring lucky!! i lived there for a year and loved it. enjoy!! must see: asakusa-jinja, harajuku, shibuya, kamakura (out of town)..
たかはしまさかず  @mtakasurf - 2014-10-30
If you plan go to #Japan #Tokyo, this is the best location.Ueno Asakusa Nezu ST 1min + Wi-Fi @Airbnb_jp #Travel
TEL  @Sab_TERu - 2014-10-30
Thank you, Amelia. I was able to enjoy Asakusa after a long absence!  @ViatorTravel - 2014-10-30
Discover the highlights of #Tokyo on a full-day guided tour, the perfect introduction to #Japan's capital.
SakuraHotelIkebukuro  @ikebukuro_hotel - 2014-10-30
Tori-no-Ichi Festival will be held in Asakusa soon!!To join the enent⇒
Gordon Gao  @ghprince - 2014-10-30
I can stare at it all day... @ Asakusa Shrine
Hostel Blogs  @hostelblogs - 2014-10-30
Sakura Hostel: Trip to Netherland, vol:3 -- Best Backpackers Hostel In Tokyo, Sakura Hostel Asakusa --: Hello,...
KhaosanBeppu  @BeppuKhaosan - 2014-10-30
☆☆New Branch OPEN ☆☆ KHAOSAN TOKYO ORIGAMI (Handi Craft Decoration Hostel ) - Wonderful view of Asakusa. -...
Backstreet Guides  @bsguides - 2014-10-30
Konnichiwa! Getting a great view of the Asahi HQ and Sky Tree from Asakusa today.