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DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is a new hot spot in Odaiba that opened in 2012. In the "theatrical urban space" complex facility, there are over 150 shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities including "Old Navy", which is their first store opened in Japan, the largest food court in Odaiba, and "Gundam Front Tokyo", the world's first Gundam-themed amusement park with a full-scale Gundam figure.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Shops: 10:00 - 21:00
  • Restaurants: 11:00 - 23:00
  • Food court: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Gundam Front Tokyo: 10:00 - 21:00


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Gundam Front Tokyo: 1,000 yen

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line
  • 5 minutes walk from Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line (U07)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-1-10, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064


ㆆלㆆ⌇มุมหน้าประตูบ้าน @iPorch - 2015-09-01
Just posted a photo @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/A90SQi8hqo
Daniel Sakai @sakailife - 2015-08-26
#Gundam it, this is some real #RobotRock @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/KgxlbLheFG
Austin Hair @austinhair - 2015-08-24
Time lapse from the metro during @thewwa #tokyopro @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/pWiYpSwgj7
Revo Marty @revolbert - 2015-08-23
City lights... #aquacity #japan #odaiba @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/NnKXYVlLqB
SHU M. @shuperhuman - 2015-08-23
BBQ party with KK Tokyo peeps. 😎 #odaiba #summer2015 @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/bzZnN0Zfn8
SHU M. @shuperhuman - 2015-08-23
Peach grapefruit soda! The best. My fave yesterday! 😍😋💚 @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/v1z48scHuN
Tokyoing @tokyoing_net - 2015-08-23
Divercity Tokyo Plaza http://t.co/oGGwn8j2e0 #Odaiba http://t.co/wFv0jxtzw5
yuto kojima @yutokojima - 2015-08-23
This guy knows what's good🔥🔥🔥🎉🎉🎉 thanks for the good time!!!! @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/zNlLYripDP
Puteri Wijaya ♕ @puteriwijaya - 2015-08-21
The world's only full-size Gundam statue ✨ @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/cjr7Q8gkyh
Aleceliew @xiiaoxaii - 2015-08-16
Just posted a photo @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/srGO2angs6
Lee@CT @fenghsulee - 2015-08-16
New Blog Post: 'Gundam at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza'
http://t.co/YjAQAajaQ3 http://t.co/Z7TEVghZjw
aleceliew @aliceliew711 - 2015-08-16
Just posted a photo @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/h0rJvMb42I
Iradat Ten @idatten - 2015-08-15
RX-78-2 Gundam Statue (on scale 1:1) at Diver City Tokyo Plaza.
#tokyo #divercity #gundam #rx782… https://t.co/f6RdeM98Bf
Oliver Liu @oli_ver_liu - 2015-08-15
Kiddie eat all you can for lunch! #Japan2015 #DiverCityTokyo @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/96YYXGuTxy
Otherbots @Otherbots - 2015-08-15
RX-78-2 Gundam Statue (on scale 1:1) at Diver City Tokyo Plaza.
#tokyo #divercity #gundam #rx782 #robot #statue #ja… http://t.co/m5FxfZ6tO7
Lee@CT @fenghsulee - 2015-08-13
New Blog Post: 'DiverCity Tokyo Plaza'
http://t.co/ah9TBMATFo http://t.co/idWW7q1l5Y
Hepiskrim_Id @hepiskrim - 2015-08-12
At DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. RX-78 Gundam statue
“I’m not as impatient as you are, I’m willing to wait… https://t.co/OiMvXtHqch
Muhammad.AlSuwaidi @M_AlSowaidii - 2015-08-10
Just a selfie🗿 on the train while heading to Odaiba 🎴 @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/O8WLqyPPv5
Hendy Irawan @hendybippo - 2015-08-03
She almost looks like a cosplayer :) @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/rlmvttWmwX
Hendy Irawan @hendybippo - 2015-08-03
This is Robot Gundam at Odaiba... we've arrived in the future of Japan :) @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza,… https://t.co/uLodcGQlT6
サファリパークさん @mamemonta - 2015-08-02
HYPERJUICE @ Stussy Divercity Tokyo Plaza Chapt https://t.co/qzltz9nTSI
Safwan @L0Lomu - 2015-08-01
#Gundam Front, #DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, #Odaiba, #Tokyo, #Japan.
It was meh. The giant Gundam itself… https://t.co/DQDKpfdwzA
หยั่กดั้ย╰(〒皿〒)╯ @JTP981 - 2015-07-25
Childhood is the most beautiful of life's seasons. @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/qoLOspELsb
rei @r3ir3ir3i - 2015-07-23
#gundam!!! :)
finally got the night shot! #japan #お台場 @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/6PwcweEzGl
Ghanim @GhanimAlSulaiti - 2015-07-22
Meet the Giant 20m high Gundam Robot #japan #tokyo #Gundam #DiverCity @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/7ViCYTPX8l
Johnny Anastacio @JohnnyAnastacio - 2015-07-22
Photo: Robot-Gay Rights Statue in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 👾💜👾 http://t.co/yOwtambPCO
Johnny Anastacio @JohnnyAnastacio - 2015-07-22
Robot-Gay Rights Statue in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 👾💜👾 https://t.co/CNwHW61EBp
Mika @MikaaDelRosario - 2015-07-22
Just because no one's taking pictures of me. 😛 #selca #vscocam @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/YCFhfH6fwo
Mini Mii @11Samand - 2015-07-22
Oh hey look what we ran into at Diver City Plaza - a massive Gundam Statue @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza,… https://t.co/ZWoJ3lQQMv
Joseph Wu @JosephWuOrigami - 2015-07-12
'Life-sized' Gundam at DiverCity, Odaiba. (With M poking his cheek.) @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba https://t.co/8BHlgpAPHk


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