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Dotonbori is the most popular and busiest shopping street in Osaka. In this bustling district filled with flashy signs of shops and companies, you can enjoy Osaka's local food, such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, or shopping Osaka's original goods that are perfect for souvenirs. You can start by exploring the wall-to-wall restaurants along the south bank of the Dotonbori River. A walking path along the river called "Tonbori River Walk" is a good place for taking a break. South of Dotonbori down to Nanba station is a maze of colorful arcades with more shops and restaurants.
The huge sign of "Glico Man", a marathon runner printed on the packages of Glico's caramel candy, Kuidaore Taro, a character of the long-established restaurant Kuidaore (the restaurant was closed in 2008), Big blowfish lantern of a blowfish restaurant Zubora-ya, and Kani Doraku Crab, a moving crab-shaped sign of a crab restaurant Kani Doraku, are the landmarks of Dotonbori.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Nanba Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line (M20), Sennichimae Line (S16), or Yotsubashi Line (Y15)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Dotombori, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0071


Bree Oster @BreeOster - 2019-06-24
Dotonbori daydreaming.
#dotonbori #dotonboriosaka #osaka #osakajapan #japan #lategram #flashback… https://t.co/ScVMNRZTTS
Fruitcup @dragonfruitcup - 2019-06-24
The next stop on our journey was Dōtonbori. We started by visiting an awesome arcade, where my dad destroyed both… https://t.co/aQy79iHaTV
Fruitcup @dragonfruitcup - 2019-06-24
We ate a ton of amazing food in Dōtonbori, all of which I once again neglected to photograph. I had dango, a thick… https://t.co/NAY4QVoEvs
Greenjacket354 @GreenJacket354 - 2019-06-24
So barely had a plan on what to do in Osaka today
Still came up with one on the fly. And killed the whole day
Doton… https://t.co/rFOH574A0m
Kewne 🛫 Japan 🗾⛩️🇯🇵 @BlueKewne - 2019-06-24
Tomorrow, going to Osaka.
Excited to see Osaka, Dotonbori, and stay in my first ever capsule hotel lol
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2019-06-24
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
Vanessa Cheng @nesscheng - 2019-06-24
@alexandermuscat Thanks!! A friend and I are going to check out all the Yakuza locations we can... hahahahaha... (a… https://t.co/bcsDcP9kpb
一柳貴洋 @ichimaroLAND - 2019-06-24
THIS IS DOTONBORI https://t.co/4KwmRvoqcW
Antaine Mac Aoidh @antainemacaoidh - 2019-06-23
Goodbye everyone I don't want to come back home after visiting Osaka 👋 #dotonbori #道頓堀 #大阪 #japan #osaka… https://t.co/hEpuiffoEM
Hiroki Haraguchi @hiroki_2016 - 2019-06-23
Glycosign is very Big billboard
#Glycosign #Dotonbori https://t.co/b0k53zx7xk
Hiroki Haraguchi @hiroki_2016 - 2019-06-23
I went to Osaka.
This place is Dotonbori.
That building's picture is very famous.
The name is Glycosign in Dotonbor… https://t.co/WmhWrK85mY
Indigo@ぶーーーん💨 @miraifantasy - 2019-06-23
Yesterday the first show was “Let’s drown these guys in the Dotonbori river!” and the other 5th years pretended to… https://t.co/1SAHZEVvSR
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2019-06-23
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
NORTH VILLAGE道頓堀店 @north_dotonbori - 2019-06-23
Poifull, in...🍇🍓🍋🥝 https://t.co/rrZ9mKPbnE
TΖΔR™ @iloveTZAR - 2019-06-23
It's always festive here at Dotonbori. 🇯🇵 https://t.co/4YOHC53mWa
{tensai} @exotensai - 2019-06-23
@dollylynnn Eat loads of food for sure! Takoyaki is my fav especially Creo-ru & Kukuru at Dotonbori. Okonomiyaki/Ya… https://t.co/uF39VzEgsz
1THE9 INTERNATIONAL @1the9intl - 2019-06-22
@1the9__official [TRANS]
Osaka is fun~
Visit to Dotonbori and Orange Street!!🙌
(Last is find the hidden Seunghwan😝)
Bella Lanada✨ @LanadaBella - 2019-06-22
Shoot... I’m late but hey Twitter I’m in

June 18, 2019 (Tuesday) Day✌🏽

Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori 💲🛍 https://t.co/m4EE9oDbSP
Jon Solomon @jnSLMN - 2019-06-22
Every once in awhile I think back to the host at the Japanese restaurant we ate at near Dotonbori and how she effor… https://t.co/9WropdhWxr
Kaze 💖🌟🌙 @KissKaze - 2019-06-22
@JVBxDiaries @justVEEyou OMG! That's my #1 to do list everytime I visit my Mom in Tottori. That Okonomiyaki in Doto… https://t.co/Bt1LLZ8dmf
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2019-06-22
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
Mehukasz @mehukasz - 2019-06-22
Dōtonbori and Glico man! Throwback from april. Cute place but i prefer Kyoto and old temples over pachinko and neon… https://t.co/JbfwNBJY4c
Noel Lee Balmadrid @ChiefLee117 - 2019-06-22
How to deal with extreme foot pain after 6 days of non-stop walking. Looks like I'm missing out on Dotonbori tonight 😂
PullTheTRG🔫OnMe@🔜🇯🇵ナナライ 1&2💜🌱 @OSK_spice - 2019-06-22
@milkypans I love Dotonbori!!! Make sure you snap a pic by the running man and eat at Creo-ru so you can see the i7 signatures xD
Rebecca @prominent_mole - 2019-06-22
SOOO GOOD!! #JapanTrip #Dotonbori #Osakaspecialty #HotPot #Namba https://t.co/ki43uu7urZ
iamwanderfull @iamwanderfull - 2019-06-22
The sign says korean cheese hotdog but there's just mozarella cheese inside this corndog-looking streetfood.… https://t.co/pKMRCSHSJ7
今田美桜 ♡「RP」 @imadamioRP - 2019-06-22
@fakeFujiiShuuka *laugh* Maybe because I love spending time in Osaka since Osaka is the heaven of food 🤤 Hai! Hai!… https://t.co/MpYSa37JbE
Eriza Marie Yabes @erizamarie - 2019-06-21
Seems Familiar??? 🤔
It’s the Famous, Giant, Moving Kani (カニ) / Crab billboard in Osaka, Dōtonbori. 🦀🇯🇵
Anyway, My O… https://t.co/PA1G2Ovcz5
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2019-06-21
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
Marissa Rae Galang @MarissaGalang - 2019-06-21
Another cruise our 2nd for today!! Just like what Kris Aquino did here! 😍 (@ Dotonbori Pirates Cruise in Chuo-Ku, O… https://t.co/tGSNkAkbIK


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