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Dotonbori is the most popular and busiest shopping street in Osaka. In this bustling district filled with flashy signs of shops and companies, you can enjoy Osaka's local food, such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, or shopping Osaka's original goods that are perfect for souvenirs. You can start by exploring the wall-to-wall restaurants along the south bank of the Dotonbori River. A walking path along the river called "Tonbori River Walk" is a good place for taking a break. South of Dotonbori down to Nanba station is a maze of colorful arcades with more shops and restaurants.
The huge sign of "Glico Man", a marathon runner printed on the packages of Glico's caramel candy, Kuidaore Taro, a character of the long-established restaurant Kuidaore (the restaurant was closed in 2008), Big blowfish lantern of a blowfish restaurant Zubora-ya, and Kani Doraku Crab, a moving crab-shaped sign of a crab restaurant Kani Doraku, are the landmarks of Dotonbori.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Nanba Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line (M20), Sennichimae Line (S16), or Yotsubashi Line (Y15)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Dotombori, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0071


Fly Fangirl Club @flyfangirlclub - 2018-12-14
@ssjChloe Siiick! I'm so jel 😭 I only spent 3 days in Osaka so can only recommend the obvi ones like USJ and Dotonbori 🙈
Keysi Cabrera @keysi_flirty - 2018-12-14
Off for home! See you again 🇯🇵! 🤫🥶😉 @ Dotonbori Osaka https://t.co/L8FqUUo7ge
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2018-12-14
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
Mr. Tojamura @betortellini - 2018-12-14
@AestheticsJapan Best city in japan for binge eating in dotonbori street!
Naz Nk @naz_nk - 2018-12-14
Lady in pink. ▪️ #dotonbori #japan #osaka #reflection #hi ▪️ @ Osaka https://t.co/MMgo6IOnYE
amanda 🐼 @shimchangmins - 2018-12-14
I got the last tin at the Cuidaore Dotonbori store 😱 I wanted more than one so I asked the shopkeeper and he said t… https://t.co/2xUFXvkm2V
ja @dugyut_ - 2018-12-14
@sunnykki Go eat food!! DOTONBORI
Andy smith @thisisandysmith - 2018-12-13
When you want to shop in Dotonbori and 7,000 people want to join you 😜#andyandjoysgetaways #japan #dotonbori #osaka… https://t.co/p9ctAq9irj
Asia Shore Excursions @AsiaShoreTrips - 2018-12-13
Cruising along the canal inside Dotonbori Shopping Street, Osaka https://t.co/NDTz16qBiy
Jonah Alabastro @suns_and_stars - 2018-12-13
Japan. Oh how I love thee. ❤️

#throwbackthursday #travel #osaka #dotonbori #japan #travelgram #travelphotography… https://t.co/CBCbdUPka3
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2018-12-13
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
takamina love bot @gyujinies - 2018-12-13
just found kai on a billboard ad at Dotonbori https://t.co/SbRKp1MMBL
ゆきな @mikunicchi - 2018-12-13
@galuhdayinta_ You should 😂 I was looking for dotonbori and suddenly Nino was there 😂🙈
🐷🌸Shania // JinTaeBella Birthday Month🌸🐷 @taekslefttiddy - 2018-12-13
thinkin about how japan is really into KFC and how a baseball team threw a Colonel Sanders statue into the Dōtonbor… https://t.co/palgPyBkBz
Anthony Ritchie @Srit67 - 2018-12-12
One of my favorite cities in Japan #osaka #dotonbori https://t.co/ibhocjj4AT
Dreaminatom🌱 @dreaminatom - 2018-12-12
Arrival in Dotonbori! A glowing tourist street lined with amazing food and storefronts. Your senses can easily get… https://t.co/yPjL9UUWEL
Dreaminatom🌱 @dreaminatom - 2018-12-12
Walking through Namba to Dotonbori after settling down in a hostel! The cityscape was great eye candy as you walked… https://t.co/yamApBlUYZ
H3yM@n (0-0) @JuanTapia27 - 2018-12-12
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/xyVkWbM8YH MAN WITH A MISSION 「The World's On Fire」 Special Free Live in Dotonbori River,
KHINLI @KEN_TAMSI - 2018-12-12
Smoking inday!! #dotonbori #pitiknikenken #osaka #blackandwhitephotography https://t.co/47GysJemtM
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2018-12-12
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
The Hatted Traveller @hattedtraveller - 2018-12-12
Osaka a view from the Dotonbori bridge and the busy square with a plethora of eating options. Osaka is a must visit… https://t.co/l468VTQNFz
japanbestof @japanbestof - 2018-12-12
The nighttime crowds at Dotonbori, Osaka https://t.co/viR3R2gLsb
BaumBoozlefied @Bambootambootoo - 2018-12-11
@gogalt Somewhere Osaka...in the dotonbori street area
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2018-12-11
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
aks @niqhtcrawIer - 2018-12-11
@roseintoner i feel like i just had a spiritual feel of me walking down dotonbori and i would now lyk 2 cry
jack amano @jackama38717463 - 2018-12-11
We are always doing Flash Mob.
Have a look at this.

December 18th and 19th, from 14 o'cloc… https://t.co/XSYlPP2x7p
júpiter @8rockets - 2018-12-11
he looks like one of those guys who spend most of their time at dotonbori https://t.co/WSxDD94LhV
Alex Bacz @alexbacz - 2018-12-10
More Dotonbori things: 1) The infamous Glico man 2) Shinsaibashi which I had no plans of visiting because look at t… https://t.co/t1tYlLDt2O
Antonio das Mortes aka The Powerful Dragon @WeAllFaulter - 2018-12-10
I could happily watch an entire Dotonbori Pro show or the smallest BJW show or any amount of joshi and be excited b… https://t.co/Sn5oXpFNx4
Catriona Cawley @CatrionaCawley - 2018-12-10
Dōtonbori including the The Glico Running Man https://t.co/e9QIBlaA1d


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