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Dotonbori is the most popular and busiest shopping street in Osaka. In this bustling district filled with flashy signs of shops and companies, you can enjoy Osaka's local food, such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, or shopping Osaka's original goods that are perfect for souvenirs. You can start by exploring the wall-to-wall restaurants along the south bank of the Dotonbori River. A walking path along the river called "Tonbori River Walk" is a good place for taking a break. South of Dotonbori down to Nanba station is a maze of colorful arcades with more shops and restaurants.
The huge sign of "Glico Man", a marathon runner printed on the packages of Glico's caramel candy, Kuidaore Taro, a character of the long-established restaurant Kuidaore (the restaurant was closed in 2008), Big blowfish lantern of a blowfish restaurant Zubora-ya, and Kani Doraku Crab, a moving crab-shaped sign of a crab restaurant Kani Doraku, are the landmarks of Dotonbori.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Nanba Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line (M20), Sennichimae Line (S16), or Yotsubashi Line (Y15)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Dotombori, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0071


LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2019-04-19
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
demon bun @AyeeAnna - 2019-04-19
Pretty lights in Dotonbori, and lots of 🦀🦞🦐🦑🐙 @ Dotonbori, Osaka https://t.co/IFqaNrad0q
umbra neo @umbraneo - 2019-04-19
@bunnie_hime What's dotonbori?
x i a o y o u ⭐ (Danielley) @basildazzle - 2019-04-19
In dotonbori (right by the glico man sign) the yellow monstrosity is the Don Quijote shop!! I love it in there so m… https://t.co/wHo9JkiIvY
Food Tours Japan @FoodToursJapan - 2019-04-18
@corbininjapan 1/2 pint, nice you took your wife 😀 The best Guinness I've had so far in Japan (disclaimer: it's not… https://t.co/mrRKzjDEjs
Homewood - Navy Yard @Homewoodnavy - 2019-04-18
🌸 The wedding-themed bar on 14th Street pays homage to Osaka’s nightlife district, Dotonbori, for cherry blossom se… https://t.co/YEm5WWW0yw
Keith @Japan @InvaderSil - 2019-04-18
So long, Osaka. Got to see another part of you. Discovered there's tons of ramen near Dotonbori, which I didn't get… https://t.co/goerlVmyn0
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2019-04-18
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
Luzma Sobrino @Luzmasobrino - 2019-04-18
Dotonbori, one of the busiest streets in Osaka, Japan https://t.co/kmOBwIVmK4
Robert D. McAdams @McAdamsRobertD - 2019-04-18
Pictures for my poll↑
Universal Studios Japan shouldn't need an explanation😉
Dotonbori is a more modern food/shoppi… https://t.co/oP0sQBoqfh
WorldTravelersUnion @wtravelersunion - 2019-04-18
Bright lights, big city! Embrace the electrifying #nightlife of #Osaka’s #Dotonbori neighborhood!
Read about ou… https://t.co/00KmcoPidg
negative brain cell club president @Bela_Cinderella - 2019-04-18
@b3nsage18 @tokyomidi @spruiko There’s one in Dotonbori. Let me know if they have beans
ときさ き - Sam @TokisakiLoL - 2019-04-18
@CosmosZR @CosmosZR Bro, if you ever go to Osaka, go to the Dotonbori area and get Kamukura Ramen. Trust me, you'll die for it.
AuthenticTravelerVic @thewanker - 2019-04-17
#ThrowbackWednesday: #BestTakoyaki #Takoyaki or #OctopusBalls I tasted in #Japan @ #Kukuru #Dotonbori #Osaka 😲 To… https://t.co/TaVPAekhjP
AuthenticTravelerVic @thewanker - 2019-04-17
#ThrowbackWednesday: The #BestTakoyaki #Takoyaki or #OctopusBalls that I tasted in Japan was at #Kukuru in… https://t.co/IKSoMRGE4g
Binman1235 @Binman1235 - 2019-04-17
@HollieB I do hope you let your inner Majima out in Dotonbori lol
Hollie Bennett @HollieB - 2019-04-17
Had so much fun at Universal Studios Osaka but now that I'm full of Butter Beer it's time to head back to Dotonbori… https://t.co/SzABSfRuc9
Justin Massongill @j00zt1n - 2019-04-17
@HollieB I’m at Dotonbori! Find me!
LoreHostel dotonbori @LoreHostel - 2019-04-17
In the heart of Osaka Dotonbori area. Dormitory 1person 2800YEN/a night.
Moo @GloomyCuth - 2019-04-17
Walking around Dotonbori without a freaking jacket + shorts instead of pants is the best and worst idea that I made today.
Posts from the Edge @Postsfromedge - 2019-04-17
A dog wearing sunglasses hangs out in a bar in Osaka. Osaka is a fun city, especially the neon-bathed Dōtonbori dis… https://t.co/EaXrmLchCE
R1 GAMING @R1_GAMES - 2019-04-17
@HollieB I have a one week (7day) trip to Tokyo but really want to visit Osaka because of yakuza lol. Do you think… https://t.co/1gnmdFBt4q
Sh☆ndy @Sunday_SceneZah - 2019-04-17
Last night at Dotonbori https://t.co/J7Lu0UG6Bj
Simple @simple_ssb - 2019-04-17
@SweenSweens Singing along and yelling sono chi no sadame JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJO with a bunch of lads at the jojo bar… https://t.co/fNtjfq8CdH
Simple @simple_ssb - 2019-04-17
@SweenSweens Singing along and yelling sono chi no sadame JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJO with a bunch of lads at the jojo bar… https://t.co/fNtjfq8CdH
The GypsyNesters @gypsynester - 2019-04-17
Amazing, out-of-control #food signs in #Osaka, #Japan! See 'em all! https://t.co/s4SKgvjnus
palmtreehero @ japan spam @kyouh31 - 2019-04-17
DOTONBORI TODAY https://t.co/R7ZXpOhuS7
草薙天使 (Angel Kusanagi) @BonkersKusanagi - 2019-04-17
Where are you from?:P — Dotonbori https://t.co/esXTiZVBV8
💮 @sIeepless - 2019-04-17
AuthenticTravelerVic @thewanker - 2019-04-16
#ThrowbackTuesday #BestGyoza #Gyoza I ate in #Japan was #OsakaOhSho @ #Dotonbori #Osaka 😲 Toasted & crunchy on 1 si… https://t.co/4yncqAhmOO
AuthenticTravelerVic @thewanker - 2019-04-16
#ThrowbackTuesday: The #BestGyoza #Gyoza that I tasted in #Japan was #OsakaOhSho at #Dotonbori #Osaka #Japan 😲 It w… https://t.co/tppDlD9UH0
Benjamin Neu @neu_benjamin - 2019-04-16
@agkdesign @Brian_Ashcraft Also the Dotonbori Donki Ferriswheel has a really cool view of the city 😄 https://t.co/kZ75zDMyUu
Bruno Neeser @brunoneeser - 2019-04-16
Night life Osaka. People, food, drink and enjoying life! @ Dotonbori, Osaka https://t.co/pCFn4xoyIP
Cha Cruz Behag @chacruzbehag - 2019-04-16
My last trip was a memorable one, especially with my reliable travel companion, helping me stay connected at all ti… https://t.co/JvX6xSl9bg
The Mini Adventurer✈️ @_MiniAdventurer - 2019-04-16
First try of #kobebeef today. Absolutely amazing but omg it was pricey even for just 80g. #japan #food #explore… https://t.co/vuUtQh8lTZ


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