Edo Market Place

Travel Guide - Edo Market Place


Edo Market Place is located on the 4th floor of the Haneda Airport International Terminal. Below the huge dynamic roof that was designed in the image of a cirrus cloud is a recreation of an Edo townscape. Visitors can experience Japanese tradition and culture just by strolling through. Gathered here are facilities such as restaurants and fashion goods shops that have been specially selected from across the country.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours
  • Shops: 8:00 - 22:00 (Varies according to the shops)


  • No closing days

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Directly connected from Haneda Airport International Terminal Station on the Tokyo Monorail
  • Directly connected from Haneda Airport International Terminal Station on the Keikyu Airport Line (KK16)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 3-2-2, Hanedakuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0041



ⁿ ᵘ ʳ ' ᵏ º  @M1STR4L - 2014-11-27
the fact that she's one older than shinagawa, rinka, chiba and izumi makes her the oldest....... by one year... D:
MazuGazetteNGY25日11月  @mazuhotohori - 2014-11-27
Now in Shinagawa ^^ http://t.co/B7jRBEOKLN
ⁿ ᵘ ʳ ' ᵏ º  @M1STR4L - 2014-11-27
Shinagawa PH  @Shinagawa_PH - 2014-11-27
New look #s2s #switch2shinagawa #celesty http://t.co/1N9UUku6WA
ⁿ ᵘ ʳ ' ᵏ º  @M1STR4L - 2014-11-27
SHE NEEEEEEDS YOU SHINAgawa http://t.co/mL7Nz0gmp5
cait  @saezutte - 2014-11-27
one time this summer we had to take a taxi from shinagawa to yokohama bc my friend messed up the train schedule, it cost like $100
ⁿ ᵘ ʳ ' ᵏ º  @M1STR4L - 2014-11-27
Brian R. Pauw Ⓥ  @drheaddamage - 2014-11-27
Ok. So AKB to shinagawa is not faster by bike. More exhilarating though! Tokyo cycling is always energizing.
Brian R. Pauw Ⓥ  @drheaddamage - 2014-11-27
Shinagawa again today. Managed to get the bike with me, first visit to immi by bike!
TechFever Network  @techfever - 2014-11-27
Yum! Sushi and Oyster dinner @ Nigiri-ya Restaurant in #Shinagawa ... #tokyo #foodporn http://t.co/0N8yzJQMxK”
TechFieber Network  @techfieber - 2014-11-26
Yum! Sushi and Oyster dinner @ Nigiri-ya Restaurant in #Shinagawa ... #tokyo #foodporn http://t.co/9Uudbyf9vs
Shinagawa PH  @Shinagawa_PH - 2014-11-26
Latest and the best BRACES #s2s #switch2shinagawa http://t.co/WItbRV9qhz
Aditya Tresnawan  @aditeyhor - 2014-11-26
Walkers Everywhere #VSCO #VSCOcam #Tokyo #Shinagawa #東京 #品川 #latepost @ Shinagawa Station http://t.co/sNW5wXyFO7
わさびびり@寝落ち  @Hakutottori - 2014-11-26
We will be stopping at Odawara, Shin-Yokohama, Shinagawa stations before arriving at Tokyo terminal.
こあくんとは私の事  @nextvisual1 - 2014-11-26
A lot of passengers must be figure out longest way round is the shortest way. At Shinagawa terminal. http://t.co/nnrrAzOy13
Daryl Ong  @imdarylong - 2014-11-26
Thank you Sir Rod and Jonah of Shinagawa. @mickeyrod @shinagawaclinic @vanillaposh http://t.co/amGVZ6LqE7
Shinagawa PH  @Shinagawa_PH - 2014-11-26
@imdarylong another laser magic by Shinagawa Phils http://t.co/BrEfRQSeAp
Deb Aoki  @debaoki - 2014-11-26
Apparently, I just caught the cat train today... @ Shinagawa Station http://t.co/ZhY5d2KtJN
Shinagawa PH  @Shinagawa_PH - 2014-11-26
@imdarylong experience the magic of Shinagawa #s2s #switch2shinagawa #celesty http://t.co/LH8FR6TXJ4
Filipe Cabecinhas  @filcab - 2014-11-26
@natashenka Thanks. I'll see if I can find (at least) one in Shinagawa!
ポドゾル  @podozolu - 2014-11-26
Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Shinkansen. This is the NOZOMI superexpress bound for Hakata. We will be stopping at Shinagawa,
Rebekah Keida  @Bekahtron - 2014-11-26
Gods of death love 🍎's #shinagawa #deathnote http://t.co/zGnYPcpnJJ
SuperMagicHats   @SuperMagicHats - 2014-11-26
Hi everyone Shinagawa is up now on our @triplejunearthd page for your listening pleasure https://t.co/zeEdqIHi3V
jabbler  @jabbler - 2014-11-26
Have you been to the Shinagawa Aquarium? #twinglish #engpls https://t.co/Siuv1Un4Pp
ap  @apwitter - 2014-11-26
#tokyo #shinagawa to #nagoya 300kms in 1:30mns by #sinkansen bullet train. On time, everytime
ap  @apwitter - 2014-11-26
#shinagawa #tokyo to #nagoya 300kms in 1:30mns in #sinkanasen train - on time, everytime!
NancyTiancy  @NancyTarigans - 2014-11-25
Made with instaweatherpro Free App! #instaweather #instaweatherpro #weather #wx #snowfall #shinagawa… http://t.co/qxK5UxFObF
CV Clinical Trials  @CVCTForum - 2014-11-25
How did Japan & the #pmda beat the #pharma 'drug lag'? Interview with regulator & CVCT speaker Dr Kaori Shinagawa http://t.co/0zhaorz95m
Danial hadi  @dandenial - 2014-11-25
@mist3rAZ @shinagawa__ hahahahaa AMA you should be happy that i call you setan only #Blessed #BlessedAndHumble
Junya Sato  @Juuunyaaaaa - 2014-11-25
@ayumiiiii77ta actually, I'm living in Shinagawa cuz I changed jobs!!