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Engaku-ji Temple was established by the 8th regent of Kamakura shogunate Hojo Tokimune to mourn for the victims of the Mongol invasions of Japan in 1274 and 1281. The temple is one of the major Zen temples in Kamakura. (Zen is a school of Buddhism that was influential during the Kamakura period, in the 13th century.) Nestled on a hill deeply forested with cedar trees, the temple grounds have an otherworldly, tranquil atmosphere.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 8:00 - 17:00 (April - October)
  • 8:00 - 16:00 (November - March)


  • No closing days

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • 300 yen (General, Adult)
  • 100 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from JR Kita-Kamakura Station

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 409, Yamanochi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 247-0247



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Kamakura stn and my very first authentic Japanese ramen 🍜😁👍 http://t.co/pBh022Y8BF
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Life of Creed  @LifeofCreed - 2014-11-24
Ofuna Kannon-ji | Goddess of Mercy http://t.co/DRnDGgvCfr #Kamakura
Rima Reyka  @Overcome_Life - 2014-11-24
The Great Buddha of Kamakura miniature statue - a gift from dearest friend. Thank you! :) #Buddha… http://t.co/RU0E7DQoIP
Marie Maglaque  @etincellestudio - 2014-11-24
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MADISON  @Kamakura_Heiwa - 2014-11-24
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MADISON  @Kamakura_Heiwa - 2014-11-24
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さりー  @susi_koira - 2014-11-23
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DIG Travel Magazine  @DIGTravelMag - 2014-11-23
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John Heinze  @adlubescence - 2014-11-23
Surf Bungaku Kamakura and Magic Disk weren't bad per se, but Landmark was just so much more fun and enjoyable
Deb Highfield  @debhdebh - 2014-11-23
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/CdRkFznpfn The Maccabees - Kamakura, O2 Liverpool Nov 14
Absolute Despair Mom  @MarikuMagica - 2014-11-23
Japanese culture  @hitsinjapan - 2014-11-23
Katana forged before Kamakura era(1185-1333)is called Koto,and is much stronger than one forged after Kamakura era. http://t.co/obTAhv9Xra
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LJ Blake  @lookeastwest - 2014-11-23
Kamakura, JP. Famous attraction in town is the Great Buddha (Daibutsu) near the Kotoku-in Temple. Ancient city. Nice. http://t.co/8n21FAupbr
Deb Highfield  @debhdebh - 2014-11-23
The Maccabees - Kamakura, O2 Liverpool Nov 14: http://t.co/CdRkFznpfn via @YouTube
kayasa_jp  @kayasa_jp - 2014-11-23
I want to go to Kamakura.
MADISON  @Kamakura_Heiwa - 2014-11-23
I would like to meet Yoshiki only once in lifetime. He likes Yoshiki. http://t.co/4aCiiHHP7L
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BORN FREE   @masahiro5588 - 2014-11-23
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Oyasumi Dandan  @darlingdanichan - 2014-11-23
@TheSteelSamurai if not wanna meet us in harajuku tomorrow at 11am and go to avant garde then kita kamakura?
J's trip bar ...  @jstbar - 2014-11-23
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