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The central theme of the museum is the role Fukuoka city has played as a center of exchange in East Asia. Many goods that shows the history of flourishing exchanges between Japan and Asia. The main attraction of the museum is the King of Na gold seal found in Shikano-shima Island (National Treasure) and 3.215 meters long spear Nihongo, which is one of the "Three Great Spears of Japan".
You can also touch unique Asian toys and musical instruments at Hands-on corner.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:30 – 17:30 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • Mondays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)
  • December 28 – January 4

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Regular exhibition: 200 yen (General, Adult)
  • Regular exhibition: 150 yen (Student)
  • Regular exhibition: Admission Free (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 15 minutes walk from Nishijin Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line (K04)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 3-1-1, Momochihama, Sawara-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 814-0001


Akiko Passmore @Passmore - 2020-09-26
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Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau @FukuokaCVB - 2020-09-25
A huge piece of art by local graffiti artist Kyne is being exhibited at Fukuoka City Museum until December 27, 2022… https://t.co/FdXUmoWKCU
Akiko Passmore @Passmore - 2020-09-22
Just posted a photo @ Fukuoka City Museum https://t.co/GOpAOK5BPi
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Wall art at Fukuoka City Art Museum ::: A huge wall art by Fukuoka-native artist, Kyne, is currently exhibited at F… https://t.co/JPblpSDyEi
Umbry @ NIKKO ICHIMONJI 🖕🖕🖕 @_tobiochan - 2020-09-18
My Fukuoka City Museum goodies have arrived, I’ll take a photo later 🥺💕
Umbry @ hiatus @_tobiochan - 2020-09-18
My Fukuoka City Museum goodies have arrived, I’ll take a photo later 🥺💕
Pablo Riveros @tsunagarutech - 2020-09-01
After #covid19 the new age of #virtual, #digitaladoption , #interactivedisplays and #digitalprojections will be the… https://t.co/b7xcymm1aX
ProfessorYas. @gudaguda_yas - 2020-08-26
#DearDaughter...(0233) 8/22
We paid our first visit (as a family of four) to Fukuoka City Science Museum, where we… https://t.co/Xlhu1EnvX1
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An exhibition of the world-renowned Japanese fighting game, '#StreetFighter: Ore Yori Tsuyoi Yatsura no Sekaiten' (… https://t.co/JsYOEHjiSR
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@simo134 @AskAKorean Yeah, and America stole everything from Europe except the culture that came in with slaves.

P… https://t.co/vFy0jDgHR4
Travis Seifman @toranosukev - 2020-08-08
@bruceholsinger Here's a detail from a scroll painting (琉球人物風俗絵巻) I got to see at the Fukuoka City Museum in 2018,… https://t.co/AB1oXu0fDs
EngineerCafe @EngineerCafeJP - 2020-08-07
The Fukuoka City Red Brick Culture Museum, where the engineer cafe is located, is designated as an important cultur… https://t.co/XyZxkAbykf
Nini 🌸 DOUBLE FACE FANCAMS PLS! 🎲🍁🌙🌈 @ninivoices - 2020-08-06
Fukuoka city museum January 2022 im going who wants to meet up
Aonghas Crowe @AonghasCrowe - 2020-08-05
There are reports of a wild boar 🐗 on the loose in Fukuoka City. It was seen in Ohori Park, near the art museum, af… https://t.co/laArVa0uKE
Carpfish @carpfeesh - 2020-08-05
>LRT Nikkou Ichimonji predicted for addition to Touken Ranbu! A big win for Fukuoka City Museum, where he lives as… https://t.co/NUVx9KL91P
Hyerim, 엄 @fku_sunyoung - 2020-08-02
@FukuokaCityAU “Hello! I'm Victoria Hyerim Uhm, working as director also head of conservator at Fukuoka City Museum… https://t.co/KdBqGsqvHK
@sportsdailyten @sportsdailyten - 2020-07-31
Fukuoka City Museum Samurai Exhibition - great models....(and a 3-d one waving in there somewhere!) https://t.co/2ivEAwkPuV
Shai4849aus @Shai_4849_aus - 2020-07-30
@DeJureDM I am trying to remember what I visited, the Castle ruins, the city Museum and Fukuoka Tower and that's probably already it. lol
Greg Atkinson @GregAtkinson_jp - 2020-07-26
@bull_japanese The shrine is great but the museum...well it's a nice building but I wasn't impressed with the exhib… https://t.co/LB8yZVGfYQ
JapaneseBullFighter @bull_japanese - 2020-07-26
@GregAtkinson_jp I visited the shrine two years ago when I was in Fukuoka to research an article. I also visited t… https://t.co/9rMhZG6SvL
Fukuoka Now @FukuokaNow - 2020-07-19
If it's too hot or raining, the library is a great destination for all ages... Read more: https://t.co/1dKYhZ2fiMhttps://t.co/lUutzcNSC1
Carpfish @carpfeesh - 2020-07-12
I could go on forever, but the Fukuoka City Museum is super cool! For their yearly Jan exhibit of Hasebe, they put… https://t.co/zJH7agI8fB
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Stop by the Fukuoka City Museum and brush up on your history to enjoy next year’s Yamakasa! ... Read more:… https://t.co/QKIwRVt48A
Heshikiri Hasebe's Handholder 🔞 @hasebaes - 2020-06-17
Aaron Hilton @otri - 2020-06-02
🎉This is awesome, we got featured in Fukuoka Now!!🎉
Fukuoka Now @FukuokaNow - 2020-06-02
View Fukuoka City Museum Exhibits in 3D From Home... Read more: https://t.co/6ecuLfccji #steampunkdigital… https://t.co/rlNg7F1KyJ
Travis Seifman @toranosukev - 2020-05-26
Previous tweet: Prince Tomigusuku, head of the 1710 embassy, in a scroll in the Fukuoka City Museum. Here, the same… https://t.co/S4UiTHOEjO
Aaron Hilton @otri - 2020-05-24
Featured in TimeOut(/in!)!! Nice!

Also, support for viewing the Fukuoka Museum items on A… https://t.co/VnSBoDWpjH
Steampunk Digital @steampunkvr - 2020-05-24
Get Fukuoka City Museum’s Japanese artefacts into your home via augmented reality https://t.co/yX0RblKsJt
Israel Skelton @SkeltonCrew - 2020-05-23
Get Fukuoka City Museum’s Japanese artefacts into your home via augmented reality

https://t.co/b9BcCMJq1C https://t.co/ExnZCLAO1z
Aaron Hilton @otri - 2020-05-13
We did a neat 3D digital experience project with the Fukuoka City Museum.

You can see the museum website here:… https://t.co/ZSWOsHlsDj


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