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The central theme of the museum is the role Fukuoka city has played as a center of exchange in East Asia. Many goods that shows the history of flourishing exchanges between Japan and Asia. The main attraction of the museum is the King of Na gold seal found in Shikano-shima Island (National Treasure) and 3.215 meters long spear Nihongo, which is one of the "Three Great Spears of Japan".
You can also touch unique Asian toys and musical instruments at Hands-on corner.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:30 – 17:30 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • Mondays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)
  • December 28 – January 4

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Regular exhibition: 200 yen (General, Adult)
  • Regular exhibition: 150 yen (Student)
  • Regular exhibition: Admission Free (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 15 minutes walk from Nishijin Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line (K04)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 3-1-1, Momochihama, Sawara-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 814-0001


福岡市博物館 @fukuokaC_museum - 2020-04-03
The Fukuoka City Museum will be closed from April 4 (Sat.)
to April 20 (Mon.)

This temporary closure is part of Fu… https://t.co/66IOc50fcU
福岡市博物館 @fukuokaC_museum - 2020-04-02
The Fukuoka City Museum will be closed every weekend from Saturday, April 4 to Sunday, April 19 due to coronavirus… https://t.co/5uKQq5SlVI
JO1_Translation @JO1_Translation - 2020-04-01
<City Info Fukuoka>
By the way, this cream puff is 'Ohori Cream puff', a specialty of 'Cafe Aquamu' on the first fl… https://t.co/if3FWistoZ
JO1_Translation @JO1_Translation - 2020-04-01
@CityJohoFukuoka <City Info Fukuoka>
By the way, this cream puff is 'Ohori Cream puff', a specialty of 'Cafe Aquamu… https://t.co/PVmqXlGU4o
JO1 Daily @jo1_daily - 2020-03-20

📖🦊 City Joho Fukuoka
📝 Ray

19:00 ViVi 📹
22:00- MIX YOUTH RADIO (CBC) 📻🐰🦒

▼ Ongoing
・J… https://t.co/429eDO1WfW
JO1 Daily @jo1_daily - 2020-03-18

🎫 JO1 POP-UP STORE (-April 20)
📖🦊 City Joho Fukuoka
📝 Ray

19:00 ViVi 📹

▼ Ongoing
・JO1… https://t.co/SyOOHaBtH6
アジアンビートちゃん @asianbeat_chan - 2020-03-18
📣#Fukuoka Otaku Map📣
Imagine ancient times while strolling down a street lined with Moai statues and Sphinx... We'd… https://t.co/20RhnFI8yC
JP Hicky @HickyJp - 2020-03-14
Nagahama- Ya. That is located in the birthplace of Nagahama Ramen. Near Fukuoka City Museum. See below… https://t.co/Q1w7qHGSxI
JP Hicky @HickyJp - 2020-03-13
Yayoi pottery(2,500years ago) from Hie-Naka ruins. At Fukuoka City Museum. There are many historical famous exhibit… https://t.co/JfTMcnyP2s
JP Hicky @HickyJp - 2020-03-11
Fukuoka City Museum. There are many historical famous exhibits. See below

JP Hicky @HickyJp - 2020-03-10
Jar coffin tomb (2,000 years ago) at Fukuoka City Museum. It is a unique format in the Kyushu area. See below… https://t.co/moDYn3uPEo
JP Hicky @HickyJp - 2020-03-09
“sealing mud” method, using the Gold Stamp (2,000 years ago) at Fukuoka City Museum. The stamp was given to Japan… https://t.co/AqPfeT28Ro
JP Hicky @HickyJp - 2020-03-08
The Gold Stamp (2,000 years ago) at Fukuoka City Museum. The stamp was given to Japan by China. See below… https://t.co/NrbL4aro2x
福岡市総合図書館 @FukuokaLibrary - 2020-02-28
Reference service is not available.

福岡市総合図書館 @FukuokaLibrary - 2020-02-28
★Any services are not available on Mondays (March 2, 3) or for the period of library reorganization (March 9-16).… https://t.co/9fPyXFaiaB
FIELDNOTES @FLN_design - 2020-02-27
Production of main visuals, banners, leaflets, and posters
for the CREATIVE AWARD held at Fukuoka City Science Muse… https://t.co/pnOGIDzUhg
Fukuoka Now @FukuokaNow - 2020-02-26
For a full Chopin experience, visit the Kurume City Art Museum which is now holding an exhibition in honor of the f… https://t.co/whVt671egw
Sardonicus @RealSardonicus - 2020-02-23
'Kaikidan Ekotoba scrolls, Fukuoka City Museum.
This illustration depicts a Zenshu priest who was transformed by gr… https://t.co/OzK3gL6F7i
JapaneseBullFighter @bull_japanese - 2020-02-20
@puffinbottom You probably already know it but just in case you don't -- the Fukuoka City Museum has excellent disp… https://t.co/2sBEv52KHE
Fukuoka Now @FukuokaNow - 2020-02-10
In Kurume City Art Museum, approximately 250 items belong to composer Frédéric Chopin will be exhibited. Read more:… https://t.co/OJM2MCQxxk
Fukuoka Now @FukuokaNow - 2020-02-08
If you would like to explore the history, art, and folk customs sections and learn about Fukuoka’s history, visit h… https://t.co/4MdCfmtfFz
atsuo @asoutec - 2020-02-06
I'm heading for withdrawal work of exhibition at Fukuoka city museum.
re-how.net @rehownet2 - 2020-02-03
Nishi Nippon Shimbun Co., Ltd. Street Fighter “The World Exhibition of Those Who Are Stronger Than Me” First held a… https://t.co/qA55SSP6ct
Craig @CraigedyCraig - 2020-02-02
@SengokuPodcast You can see the seal discussed in the podcast on display in the Fukuoka City Museum. It’s a whole l… https://t.co/cUXqOOVpGh
atsuo @asoutec - 2020-02-02
Humanoid robot battle cup (Robo-one) is hold in Fukuoka city science museum 2 Feb.
I just get the venue after worki… https://t.co/Sow6kPZAKz
atsuo @asoutec - 2020-02-02
We have been demonstrating our developed airguitar gadget in Fukuoka city science museum until 6 Feb.
The lithium p… https://t.co/qwm44eydtw
atsuo @asoutec - 2020-01-31
We obtained the grand prize of Techno-art 2019 at Fukuoka city science musiam🎉
We made air guitar colavolated with… https://t.co/6iVn8oScu6
Fukuoka Now @FukuokaNow - 2020-01-28
The blade that stars in the game Touken Ranbu is in exhibition at the Fukuoka City Museum. Read more:… https://t.co/evwhJderDI
Cherry @Yamamoto_Takao - 2020-01-23
@Sheikh_Spear @RaminNasibov This picture is in Fukuoka city museum in Japan. I been last year. Come to visit Japan if you would like.
Ann 🎀TKIN Craze💜💙 @Lurvelygurl1 - 2020-01-16
Stop 1: Fukuoka City Museum

We were only given 1 hour which is definitely not enough! This place tell history in i… https://t.co/w09003Y9mh


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