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Ginza Kabukiza is a complex facility consisting of Kabukiza Theatre and Kabukiza Tower. After the 4th generation of Kabukiza Theatre was closed for a period of three years, the reconstruction was finally completed in 2013.
Kabukiza Theatre is the only Kabuki specialized theater in the world, celebrating its 125th anniversary. While having maintained and refined sice the Meiji period (1868 - 1912), the classical theater has continued to present performances that incorporate the vigor of the times. The latest 5th generation of the theater, which was designed by architect Kengo Kuma, is a masterpiece where tradition and creation come together. Even if you don't plan to attend a Kabuki performance, it is worth taking a look at the theater. Performances usually take place twice daily. If you only wants to see part of a performance you can ask about a restricted ticket for the 4th floor for reasonable prices. You can also get an earphone guide that explains the Kabuki performance in English as you watch (but it is not available with restricted tickets).
Kabukiza Tower is an office building that emphasizes on traditional Japanese aesthetics. The 145 meters tall building behind Kabukiza Theatre is the highest structure in Ginza. The building houses Kabukiza Gallery on the 5th floor, which lets visitors experience the world of Kabuki even on days without performances at Kabukiza Theatre.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Kabukiza Theatre: Varies according to the performance
  • Kabukiza Tower (Kabukiza Gallery): 10:00 - 18:00 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • Kabukiza Theatre: Varies according to the performance
  • Kabukiza Tower (Kabukiza Gallery): July 1 - July 12

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Kabukiza Theatre: Varies according to the performance and seat
  • Kabukiza Tower (Kabukiza Gallery): 500 yen *varies according to the special exhibition (General, Adult)
  • Kabukiza Tower (Kabukiza Gallery): Admission Free (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Higashi-Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (H09) or Toei Asakusa Line (A11)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 4-12-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061


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I cried15hrs back to United States at age 11. I loved Japan. My last trip, I cried at Kabukiza Ginza New Year’s Day… https://t.co/pxeVaSfwdw
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and what, another mt event around ginza area? (this time in kabukiza basement) oiiii, why can’t this happen when I’m in the area this month?
Tim Burton @mrfstops - 2017-12-28
Wallpaper: Shot this at Kabukiza Theater in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan on Christmas. Gifting it to anyone who wants to use… https://t.co/a0BAInUz3D
Jonny P @findinganewnorm - 2017-12-24
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Eriko Ochiai @erikochiai - 2017-11-17
“Glasses Project 147”
This is a view seen through a jagged lens. At Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. #kabukiza #ginza #tokyo… https://t.co/xmBcdnTR6o
Leena Kinnunen @Leena_SK - 2017-11-11
Sightseeing in #Tokyo today: Imperial Palace, Hibiya Park, Kabukiza Theater and a typical busy intersection in Ginz… https://t.co/aW6g0CsQ5U
Food Sake Tokyo @YukariSakamoto - 2017-11-10
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Duplex SA 家具家電付 @duplex_sa - 2017-11-05
Christmas tree is decorated in Ginza · Kabukiza. The fusion of Japanese culture and… Kabuki-zahttps://www.instagram.com/p/BbGpgZdgnf9/
Odaiba Gallery @OdaibaGallery - 2017-11-01
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Kabukiza Theatre at #Ginza #Tokyo https://t.co/OuqAKnvjAV
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西谷国登Kunito Nishitani @kunitonishitani - 2017-09-19
Day5 sightseeing day. Prof. Carol Sindell went Yamaha in Ginza, Kabukiza, Nezu Shrine, Sugamo, and Italian... https://t.co/wYwhhBH1EW
Japan Travel Centre @JPTravelCentre - 2017-09-18
Roof garden at Kabukiza Theatre #tokyo #ginza #kabuki #rooftop #japanese #garden #kabukiza… https://t.co/xqAThegNGq
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@StrugglingMing Kabukiza in Ginza, too, although it's harder to see the connection between old theater and new high… https://t.co/aR2KPNLesF
Sujan Chinoy @SujanChinoy - 2017-09-07
Met Onoe Kikunosuke famous #Kabuki actor.He will perform role of #Karna in Kabuki style rendition of #Mahabharata @… https://t.co/5kJ5lQBDF6
Sujan Chinoy @SujanChinoy - 2017-09-07
Met Onoe Kikunosuke famous #Kabuki actor.He will perform role of #Karna in Kabuki style rendition of #Mahabharata @… https://t.co/5kJ5lQBDF6
Cathal Joseph Quinn @cathaljquinn - 2017-09-04
Kabukiza in Ginza: Rokusuke story & The Bride's Journey - a dance. Fabulously detailed work - the audience shout to… https://t.co/XJT323WhAY
Odaiba Gallery @OdaibaGallery - 2017-08-13
Kabukiza Theater in #Ginza full of visitors in summer holidays. Walked from Nihonbashi to Ginza, so many people at… https://t.co/W0deXduw2U
N崎 @Nzaki0716 - 2017-08-05
I'm at Kabukiza in Ginza now. https://t.co/FtP6Sn2nnM
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About Kabukiza and Ginza SIX.
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🌸 Jenny Silver 🌸 @JennySilver - 2017-07-12
Recording today in Ginza area. I can never pass up the chance to see Kabuki-za.

#kabukiza… https://t.co/xjqQmCSWtp
Nanami 🌵 @wifithirsty - 2017-07-08
My aunt took us to Odaiba, Kabukiza Theater, and Ginza today ✨👌 @ Tokyo https://t.co/zZM1L4dn8M
aurora @aurora_aki - 2017-06-05
KABUKIZA (歌舞伎座) in Ginza, Tokyo. It was the first day for the one. #tokyointernationalyoga #tokyo #yoga #kabuki… https://t.co/bc5ZniSJ1S
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.@Louisepoppy on #Periscope: Rooftop Gardens of Tokyo 🌺 Kabukiza theatre Ginza #travel #cu… https://t.co/1LbKEbVw1F https://t.co/BQHwoxpgbO


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