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Iga-Ueno is the birthplace of Japan's most famous haiku poet, Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694). Haiseiden is a unique shaped building stands in Ueno Park. The building was constructed in 1942 to celebrate the 300-year anniversary of Basho's birth and a statue of the poet is enshrined inside. The Haiseiden's elegant figure expresses the poet's traveling attire. The round roof on top is a hat, the octagon-shaped roof in the middle is a stole, and the post is a walking stick.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from Ueno-shi Station on the Iga Railway Iga Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 117-4, Ueno Marunochi, Iga-shi, Mie, 518-0873


Althecor @haiku_youtube - 2020-09-15
My haiku:
A haiku on guards. Ahem:
My sanctuary
Keep me safe like castle walls
Ever vigilant
Althecor @haiku_youtube - 2020-09-13
[M4A] ASMR Boyfriend helps you fall asleep [Rain sounds] https://t.co/Sr7T0H6vKC via @YouTube
My haiku:
A haiku on… https://t.co/21PrZ18Hvc
haiku king~blacklivesmatter @haiku_king - 2020-09-05
Hey, just thought I’d let everyone know that as of tomorrow, i’m going to be away for some volunteer work. I’m goin… https://t.co/3bIUbuxurL
Pam Ressler @pamressler - 2020-08-17
#HaikuChallenge20 -- Sanctuary

Sunday solitude
stepped away to step within
my sanctuary

TweetHaikuGeneratorBot @tweet_haiku_bot - 2020-08-17
An actual fact check
Thank you to the great Pat Lynch
• Sanctuary city
~ @realdonaldtrump
TweetHaikuGeneratorBot @tweet_haiku_bot - 2020-08-17
believe it or not
I donate the entire $400
• Sanctuary city
~ @realdonaldtrump
21stCenturyHaiku @21stCentHaiku - 2020-08-16
Take flight

Bird sanctuary
Disrupted walk this morning
The calls of children

Megan Nicole Morgan @mnmorgan50 - 2020-08-14
Beautiful faces
Howls echoing through the hills
The sound gives me chills

~inspired by the wolves and wolf-dogs at… https://t.co/gACrNxmc7X
Dan ⸸ Richie @DanRichie_EDH - 2020-07-29
“A fight for the isle
Securing sanctuary
A new safe haven.”

Kudos to whoever at (I’m assuming) @SuckerPunchProd us… https://t.co/2xnLO974kI
A Tribe Called “Guess?” 🇨🇻 @diasporter - 2020-07-28
@bumpyjonasdc @WisdomTeething @dwaynebetts Sunbeam between stacks—
The sanctuary
of silence

A Tribe Called “Guess?” 🇨🇻 @diasporter - 2020-07-28
Sunbeam between stacks—
The sanctuary
of silence

Charlotte Digregorio @greatestauthor - 2020-07-22
The Daily Haiku–your sanctuary. https://t.co/CawELEwJHW
#sanctuary #peace #haiku #poems
Lee Imada @LeeImada - 2020-07-16
Maui Planning Commission denies special use permit for Haiku church on ag land. Sacred Earth Assembly had wanted to… https://t.co/dIJcMs0G6v
Pam Ressler @pamressler - 2020-07-13
#HaikuChallenge20 -- Soul Sancturary

Textures and patterns
with dappled play of sunlight
soul sanctuary… https://t.co/9oSaSdgpV1
BurningHawk StormTossed @MarkBurningHawk - 2020-07-08
Kicked off their own world
Alien #heretics
Sought sanctuary.
#Haiku #VSS365
Widdershinz @Widdershinz1 - 2020-07-07
Poetry prompt from @joehills latest video: “create your own sanctuary”. I decided on haiku, aww yeah. https://t.co/pBw50aY0lm
haiku king #blacklivesmatter @haiku_king - 2020-06-29
@i__Struggle The spot this meme knows is the meme sanctuary where all memes come to die
Michael Shaeffer @arctickle - 2020-06-26
Haiku for 'Soul Sanctuary' by Prince: Kal-El's polar spa/his Fortress of Solitude/shitty wi-fi, though #Prince #princehaiku
Fair Damsel 🌞❤️🌻 Osquer42 @Osquer42 - 2020-06-25

the sanctuary
of the willow tree's shade, soft
with breeze and birdsong

© Osquer Anderko 25 June 2020 🌞❤️🌻 https://t.co/BnCZjoO44l
FluidHips, #HaikuThursday Evangelist @FluidHips - 2020-06-19
cool sanctuary
grassy cast a memory
earth filled with birdsong

#thursdayhaiku #haikuthursday #haiku
with jeffⓋ & Friends @WeManifestPeace - 2020-06-15
Delphinidae race
Super pod through the timeless
Sanctuary space

#haiku https://t.co/LhHQNqDJON
Uptown Jack @UptownJack612 - 2020-06-06
we should be able
to find our sanctuary
and live life in peace

#poem #poetry #haiku #iphoneography #photography https://t.co/38l67g800m
cc @CrimsonWrites - 2020-05-27
~ forest protector
the wolf spies a wounded dove
sanctuary lost

#collaboration @WandrinP
magpietail @magpietail1 - 2020-05-18
outdoor living
in the birds sanctuary
kites soaring
Rashmi VeSa @RashmiVeSa - 2020-05-01
April 2020 Kukai conducted by The Haiku Sanctuary on the theme ‘quietude,’ grateful to be placed third with 18 poin… https://t.co/P5CP47x56U
HandsOn Maui @HandsOn_Maui_ - 2020-04-26
🐾 Attention all animal lovers! @eastmauianimalrefuge , also known as The Boo Boo Zoo, is a no-kill, all volunteer-r… https://t.co/4LlqfQTQfx
Haiku_Baiku @Haiku_Baiku - 2020-04-23
Bats are great, and you should convert at least one cathedral into a bat sanctuary to atone for this tweet. https://t.co/piR63G0qS8
Bard @RegressiveBard - 2020-04-21
Give safe space a different name like Sanctuary or something and then keep Snowflake as snowflake and she's got som… https://t.co/mSwX0VsRRN
E L Harrison @eharrisonwriter - 2020-04-17
home is not a cage
it’s sun-drenched sanctuary
with wide open doors

#HaikuChallenge (cage)

#CoronaPoetry… https://t.co/jC0LCShvoL
Jonathan Roman @deft_notes - 2020-04-16
@adalia_haiku Already submitted! Also doing Haiku Sanctuary. Excited!


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