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Iga-Ueno is the birthplace of Japan's most famous haiku poet, Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694). Haiseiden is a unique shaped building stands in Ueno Park. The building was constructed in 1942 to celebrate the 300-year anniversary of Basho's birth and a statue of the poet is enshrined inside. The Haiseiden's elegant figure expresses the poet's traveling attire. The round roof on top is a hat, the octagon-shaped roof in the middle is a stole, and the post is a walking stick.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from Ueno-shi Station on the Iga Railway Iga Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 117-4, Ueno Marunochi, Iga-shi, Mie, 518-0873


Debbie Strange @Debbie_Strange - 2021-01-18
#tanka & #haiku in Presence 67, 2020 - TY @tadpole99 & Ian

captive eagles
the stone they try
to hatch

dry riverbe… https://t.co/6wSMC9UOyp
Jim The Poet @BaitTheLines - 2021-01-13
@johnguzlowski the sanity of lunacy

is the sanctuary of the sane 

in a mad world



Marcia Nelson Pedde @tomarciamae - 2021-01-13
#haiku #senryu #3lines #mpy

red-shafted flicker
my roof a sanctuary
during the night's storm

#amwriting #inspiration #hope #nature
Alicia Noel (凤兰)🌱🍚🍅🛰 @aventureralicia - 2021-01-03
Softball? What softball?
The cold leaves summer’s field a
goose sanctuary.

Saturday #haiku https://t.co/wqDebLKDho
Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui Ⓥ @LeilaniFS - 2020-12-26
“A 5 star review of Leilani Farm Sanctuary by Vedrana V.”
https://t.co/l4zX9I76Pc #mahalo #LeilaniFarmSanctuary #Maui
Togiii @Togiii3 - 2020-12-24
The house is called the haiku sanctuary that’s why I posted that bisco insta pic
Olivier Cornet Gallery @OC_Gallery - 2020-12-13
Nickie Hayden, Haiku Home, oil on board, 30x40cm

Sanctuary, Nickie Hayden’s solo exhibition is coming to an end at… https://t.co/HakEN3BJd0
fav capricorn 👑✨ @deepparamore - 2020-12-12

My love should be home
Greet me as the one whose ready
A sanctuary for you too
Olivier Cornet Gallery @OC_Gallery - 2020-12-09
Great haiku by Catherine Brennan and Aine Collins on Nickie Hayden’s Haiku Wheel.

SANCTUARY is coming to an end a… https://t.co/MfdW7IoT6V
Monica DePaul, Author @MonicaDePAuthor - 2020-12-07
I'm a little late posting this #HaikuReview, but 'The Sanctuary' was a good episode, and it was great to see Lieute… https://t.co/f8qCs7Mlys
DrHaikuBot @DrHaikuBot - 2020-12-04
whale #haiku

pilot fishery
hunting sanctuary calf
cove catcher stocks sea
Olivier Cornet Gallery @OC_Gallery - 2020-12-01
Come and see Nickie Hayden’s Haiku Wheel, part of her show Sanctuary at Olivier Cornet Gallery and be inspired to c… https://t.co/sv6hwYSQaE
Joy Scrogum @JoyScrogum - 2020-11-22
A haiku for the prompt word 'home' #poetry #haiku https://t.co/RPZexZR9vb
Eve Castle @Eve_Castle - 2020-11-21
a joyous bird
finds its sanctuary
Golden Gate Bridge



Eve Castle donate to Ossoff\Warnock GA / Jan5 race @Eve_Castle - 2020-11-21
a joyous bird
finds its sanctuary
Golden Gate Bridge



Althecor @haiku_youtube - 2020-11-20
My #haiku
My precious castle
Guarding me from this fell world
Your arms like towers
Kim Maverick @kimmaverick8 - 2020-11-20
Innocent venture /
Sun-splattered sanctuary /
Lay me down like leaves #haiku https://t.co/QYyKQfVCzm
SUM UNIVERSAL @UteMedley - 2020-11-18

autumn rain
under fallen leaves thrives
a sanctuary

© Nov 17, 2020 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)… https://t.co/WAk4oNJjmG
Althecor @haiku_youtube - 2020-11-17
@clovervoiceasmr A forest temple
Hidden away from the world
My sanctuary
Olivier Cornet Gallery @OC_Gallery - 2020-11-12
Nickie Hayden, Haiku Wheel, etched copper and chemical patina, 127x123x45cm, part of the artist’s solo exhibition S… https://t.co/SjFrZy3tdQ
Perditus @perdituspoems - 2020-11-11
“The Hermit”

Dreamy solitude
Wonderful, thought provoking

For to be a thought
and word hermit
Hidden fr… https://t.co/ZXP7YVjkbl
@cross_mouse @cross_mouse - 2020-11-10
Has Scotland got room
For me? Part Scottish. Likes burns,
Whisky and bagpipes.

Not Burns or haggis.
Looking for sa… https://t.co/kIF9ACZyIt
Rebel Scum @TimGardiner3 - 2020-11-09
Pleased to have 3 #poems on #Haiku Wheel in virtual 'Sanctuary' exhibition @OC_Gallery #Dublin with @nickiehayden5'… https://t.co/wR28QNVSjp
Perditus @perdituspoems - 2020-11-08
“The Hermit”

Dreamy solitude
Wonderful, thought provoking

For to be a thought
and word hermit
Hidden fr… https://t.co/E2uBjZCvCY
Roxanne Werner @rainchains1 - 2020-10-25
#haikuchallenge #haiku #preserve

The sanctuary
preserved endangered species
giving future hope. https://t.co/Mseakr4M88
Armando Cruz @Armando_Cruz - 2020-10-20
Today’s haiku
Rest my head at night
Sanctuary of slumber
Cradle of sweet dreams
#haiku… https://t.co/7xKy1fQVGT
Olivier Cornet Gallery @OC_Gallery - 2020-10-11
Some more info about this exhibition which will also include haiku thanks to @SAOLprojectIRL & to Haiku expert Toyo… https://t.co/XSkCb25Xl2
⚫ CL Gamble ART @cl_gamble - 2020-10-06
A photograph & haiku for 2020:

The sky is on fire

reflections of sanctuary

but it's all burning

Charlotte Digregorio @greatestauthor - 2020-10-03
Your sanctuary–haiku. The Daily Haiku. https://t.co/CawELEOkzu
#sanctuary #haiku #wisdom #peace
Althecor @haiku_youtube - 2020-09-15
My haiku:
A haiku on guards. Ahem:
My sanctuary
Keep me safe like castle walls
Ever vigilant


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