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Iga-Ueno is the birthplace of Japan's most famous haiku poet, Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694). Haiseiden is a unique shaped building stands in Ueno Park. The building was constructed in 1942 to celebrate the 300-year anniversary of Basho's birth and a statue of the poet is enshrined inside. The Haiseiden's elegant figure expresses the poet's traveling attire. The round roof on top is a hat, the octagon-shaped roof in the middle is a stole, and the post is a walking stick.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from Ueno-shi Station on the Iga Railway Iga Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 117-4, Ueno Marunochi, Iga-shi, Mie, 518-0873


Neil Young @notthatNY - 2018-12-19
You may well find me
At the bird sanctuary
A Herron addict #Haiku #micropoetry #HaikuChallenge
Dragonheart ❤ "I choose to Love fearlessly!" @HaikuDiva - 2018-12-09
apoplectic rage
#butterfly sanctuary
sacrificed for Wall

#haiku #senryu #butterflies https://t.co/6vmryGQf9L
Trina Haase @HaasetTrina - 2018-12-08
Today's Haiku-A-Day post is about my writer's notebook: https://t.co/7ejY4P9WLg #haikuchallenge
Shambhu @shambhumusic - 2018-12-06
With Patrick the duck, happy resident at Leilani Farm Sanctuary on Maui. #guitaristsofinstagram #mauihawaii #guitar… https://t.co/5t0CTi6td0
she dances tibet @shedancestibet - 2018-12-04
merge into oneness
all hearts beating as one heart
love is the healer


📷: Elephants hug an orphan newly… https://t.co/a5pKaGKfIn
MRE Tweets @Mauireteam - 2018-11-30
The big swell has faded and it is one of those stunning fall days on Maui. A perfect day to take the path from the… https://t.co/vlOwDKmgpr
Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk - 2018-11-28
No sanctuary,
From The fire that is life.
We all burn to death.
#Haiku #VSS365
Mr Z. @scottzeilenga - 2018-11-28
Sawdust in the air
and the hum of Tim Hecker --
odd sanctuary.

#haiku #ambientmusic #projectday https://t.co/0huIvbdtPL
Md Saifullah Rizvi @SaifuRizvi - 2018-11-27
Send me in #Sanctuary ,
Write my Obituary,
I am not fit to stay in this chaotic world.
#vss365 #micropoetry… https://t.co/1syPi5LIgt
a MoDdY pOeT @a_moody_poet - 2018-11-27
My #sanctuary
Is a place to hide and think
A cave just for me

#vss365 #haiku #writingcommunity
Calamity @choxy69 - 2018-11-26
What sanctuary?
A land of lost hope and faith.
Farewell my tired soul.

#haiku #vss365 #Sanctuary
Jenn R-J @jennfel - 2018-11-26
Libraries offered
Sanctuary in books, safe
Space to lose myself
#VSS365 #vss #haiku #senryu #amwriting #amreading
Musashi @Musashi_Haiku - 2018-11-26
we all live in the temple
the sanctuary of mystery
once known
we lost the knowledge
blinded by our pride
deaf by ou… https://t.co/rUVTGwh1I7
Akeem-Kareem Allen @gococoa_go - 2018-11-23
reject fear, find love
peace and bliss, sanctuary,
entice me again...

#haiku #poetry #poem #writersofinstagram… https://t.co/EpXM8AizIS
Jennifer Rapp @jenrrapp - 2018-11-23
sanctuary 📚☕️#infj #introvert #haiku #art #creative #writing #poetry #micropoetry #poetrycommunity #love #words… https://t.co/ihhVUkSfCM
Author Frank Carey @AuthFrankCarey - 2018-11-18
In my latest blog post, I discuss the different varieties of short fiction and even show one of my early works as a… https://t.co/LIbBnLne3W
Art Fredeen @ArtFredeen - 2018-11-14

from the
wind and snow -
balancing stones

alf 11.13.18 https://t.co/73YCoOz8Xn
MRE Tweets @Mauireteam - 2018-11-10
A beautiful view for Aloha Friday. Looking down the stream and towards the ocean from above the Haiku Sanctuary.
.… https://t.co/fmll5xrgP9
Leojenicek @D_and_DHaiku - 2018-11-09
Evil approaches
There is a sanctuary
Roll dice with my friends
#haiku #micropoetry #wizards_DND #dnd5e… https://t.co/MPT8Yd6tj4
haikuingpenguin @haikuingpenguin - 2018-11-03
nada y nada
where to find sanctuary?
a clean well-lit place

#haiku #hemingway
MRE Tweets @Mauireteam - 2018-10-27
Happy Aloha Friday! Looks like another good weekend to hang out by the pool of the ocean house at the Haiku Sanctua… https://t.co/jINnsTp1nQ
GA MTNS UU Church @gmuuc - 2018-10-20
Daily Haiku
October 19, 2018

the sanctuary
we call earth is holy ground
bow and speak softly
(inspired by Priscill… https://t.co/qRDN9u7hSa
Jeffrey Alan Lockwoo @J_A_Lockwood - 2018-10-18
Having converted the mystery of the Rocky Mountain locust’s disappearance into an opera by condensing my 100,000-wo… https://t.co/935xOypTqw
Graham Martin @grahamm44 - 2018-10-14
Road off the highway
Leads you to our island home
Down the old Port Drive
#haikuchallenge (#highway) #haiku #senryu… https://t.co/nKxtF2ZprR
church fire @churchfiremusic - 2018-10-11
when you’re wired for
survival, the only threat
is sanctuary
Deb Beatty Mel @Debstress - 2018-10-02
We come to worship
In sanctuary of pines.
In silence, your voice.
#haiku #trailsidehaiku
MRE Tweets @Mauireteam - 2018-10-02
Starting off the week right with another shot of the stunning Haiku Sanctuary. Two homes, two pools, two streams ov… https://t.co/hyiKmHV7Bo
Carmen Peone @carmenpeone - 2018-09-28
My hidden fern patch
At least in my heart it's mine
A sanctuary
#haiku #autumn #Colvillereservation #ferns… https://t.co/doIcG6141U
The Dark Poet @shari_koseki - 2018-09-12
Garden of Eden
A place of contemplation
A sanctuary
#peaceful #spirittal #meditation #creativity #magic #haiku… https://t.co/s6ykSto2CS
MRE Tweets @Mauireteam - 2018-09-09
Take a tour of the Haiku Sanctuary. Two homes, two pools, two streams. 9.64 acres of off the grid, back to nature b… https://t.co/vsi6ePwWxg
IslandSIR @IslandSIRMaui - 2018-09-07
LIVE HAIKU... In this tropical bohemian sanctuary! Listed by Cynthia Warner, R(BIC) & Stephanie Malcolm, R(S) and B… https://t.co/zQwHxj1A7j


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