Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum

Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum


Located next to the Kushida Shrine, this tow-storied wooden building is a home to Fukuoka’s various traditional arts and crafts such as "Hakata Ori" (woven textile) and "Hakata Ningyo" (dolls). Various exhibitions, workshops, and lectures are held in the Gallery Room in the first floor. The second floor mainly focuses on "Hakata Ori" and "Hakata Ningyo", explaining their history and manufacturing methods.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 10:00 - 18:00 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • Wednesdays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)
  • December 29 - December 31

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line (K09)
  • 5 minutes walk from Gion Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line (K10)

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 6-1, Kamikawabatamachi, Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 812-0026



noriko  @woof_bea4 - 2014-09-02
@kinjapan86 oh, really? So glad you said that! Actually I'm from Fukuoka :)
Keith   @kinjapan86 - 2014-09-02
@woof_bea4 cool! I've been close to Saga (Fukuoka). I like that part of Japan :)
Newsdic  @newsdic - 2014-09-02
LINE Developer Meetup in Fukuoka #7 - connpass http://t.co/5Abo7cEH12 #newsdic #news
Newsdic  @newsdic - 2014-09-02
LINE Developer Meetup in Fukuoka #7 - connpass http://t.co/d7PQDBH9Gn #newsdic #news
イジマ・ガク・サマー  @gaku_fukuoka - 2014-09-02
@Run___princess i know😎
Yakyu Night Owl  @YakyuNightOwl - 2014-09-02
Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks san-gun hosting Kagawa Olive Guyners of Shikoku Island League: http://t.co/0goM5XzpQx via @HAWKS_official
tomas leiva  @HolamellamoTomy - 2014-09-02
Foto: architectureofdoom: stillstandingstill: This must be the place. Fukuoka, Japan http://t.co/0dD9RkXtu3
Dekk Miyahara  @DekkMiyahara - 2014-09-02
At Fukuoka Airport, somebody has given the policeman a soap box to stand on so he can show us his thousand-yard-stare and exquisite posture.
Fukuoka,Iwate  @_Fukuoka__ - 2014-09-02
It is time to pray Dhur 11:48 at Fukuoka in Japan
Emmanuel Estrellado  @emankulit - 2014-09-02
on the way to kansai airport... fukuoka trip with wifey http://t.co/jYIYrunF0j
よし@福岡VICTORY  @yoshija - 2014-09-02
Please help support Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks 2014, add a #Twibbon now! http://t.co/I4BUl2hliF
Keith   @kinjapan86 - 2014-09-02
@miyuki0602 sounds like it was fun :). How are you enjoying Fukuoka :)?
ちんぱんGG  @ChinpanGG - 2014-09-02
@Vafe_Thinks Welcome to Fukuoka
けびQののんちゃん~♡  @non_kiss87 - 2014-09-02
@MichelleP_1105 i live in fukuoka!:) the south part of japan.
Ichinose Tokiya  @_IchinoseTokiya - 2014-09-02
Tokiya and his family are originally from Fukuoka, but moved to Tokyo when he started working as Hayato. #TokiyaBOT
Tomonaga Mio Oshi  @MioOshidayo - 2014-09-02
Ohayo~ Today Miotan is going back to Fukuoka for team KIV theater performance http://t.co/M4TTfZkZ1J
Barasa Ouma Peter  @oumabaros - 2014-09-02
Fukuoka ,Japan — at 3rd parklands Highridge http://t.co/IJVws8EE08
ZAZEN BOYS, Sound of All 21 Songs From Fukuoka Live Available for Free! http://t.co/Q5GRvktTfJ http://t.co/lBHOHcHM6s
meyouyouthcrew  @meyouyouthcrew - 2014-09-01
http://t.co/wPvV0s55kc Youth Crew from Fukuoka,japan
osmjp_fukuoka  @osmjp_fukuoka - 2014-09-01
Fix some contours of buildings etc by DerLakaiMS http://t.co/Lxl7PbJ1q9
nippon-jidosha  @lovecars96 - 2014-09-01
Here are a few more #japanese #auto #auctions we attend and like #KCAA #fukuoka #JAA #tokyo and #CAA #chubu contact me if you'd like mo info
Alex Connolly  @Alex_Connolly - 2014-09-01
@tvandlust Thinking about taking Charlotte to see her live in Fukuoka in November. I would expect a young mind to be blown.
Merrily Barrier  @muscooluu7 - 2014-09-01
Watch Online Stream Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks vs Orix Buffaloes NPB http://t.co/5xX9wU1fq0
Carlos Dos Santos  @FootMexique - 2014-09-01
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks - Orix Buffaloes http://t.co/mY96BouuAU
PikaTAENG  @Taeyeonee_ss - 2014-09-01
at 140426 in Fukuoka "IGAB" (1080p) only short movie. https://t.co/8cjkYu0Tue (deepdeepdeep3)
PikaTAENG  @Taeyeonee_ss - 2014-09-01
at 140426 in Fukuoka my girls talk that tippa n I "TaeNy" so cute♪ (1080p) haha thanks pretty GG! (deepdeepdeep3) https://t.co/RT8Q3YqQPz
なが  @nagabow - 2014-09-01
【SB】 Orix Buffaloes vs Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (September 2, 2014) http://t.co/T6gU3PD3WX #softbank #ソフトバンク
allison o'brien  @gintokisdick - 2014-09-01
i only went to fukuoka once :(((
allison o'brien  @gintokisdick - 2014-09-01
micaela made a video on hakata station in fukuoka and ive been there!!!!! happy
Tony Diaw  @BasketProA - 2014-09-01
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks - Orix Buffaloes http://t.co/TeXv9BN0Er