Hakone Checkpoint (Hakone Sekisho)

Hakone Checkpoint (Hakone Sekisho)


During the Edo period (1603 – 1868), a nationwide road network was developed in Japan; along the way many Sekisho (checkpoints) were established for the purpose of inspecting travelers and loads. Hakone Sekisho, established in 1619, was one of the most important checkpoints to protect Edo (Tokyo) from the western part of Japan.
The current buildings on the site are historically accurate restorations. A small museum displays artifacts of that era, such as travel certificates, officials' diaries and samurai weaponry. A few minutes' walk to the north along Route 1 is a remaining section the ancient trail that travelers of the Edo period passed along. It is flanked with imposing cedar trees said to be more than 350 years old.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 - 16:30
  • 9:00 - 16:00 (December - February)


  • No closing days

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • 500 yen (General, Adult)
  • 250 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 44 minutes from Hakone-Yumoto Station on the Hakone Tozan Line or Odakyu Line by the bus bound for Hakone-machi. Get off at Sekisho-ato-iriguchi Bus stop.

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1, Hakone, Hakone-machi Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, 250-0521



( উ ·̫̮ ˂̶́ ) ☞  @bqn_bunny - 2014-11-01
Boutique Japan  @BtqJpn - 2014-11-01
Hakone isn't all #onsen and lounging around! Stop by the Hakone Open-Air Museum http://t.co/pEz56ln4s0 @atlasobscura http://t.co/VH85UoZ7qr
Manami Sangaku  @manami_enbot - 2014-11-01
You're wondering who I am, aren't you? Didn't I tell you I'm from Hakone Academy?
Zahra, Alandia  @alandiazahra - 2014-11-01
🍜🍜 (with BasyasyahAlfird, Akbar, and 2 others at Hakone "Ramen House And Japanese Fusion") — https://t.co/uYWdP8vqQC
Basyasyah Alfirdaus  @basyasyahalfird - 2014-11-01
Dinner with fam 🍴 (with Allandia and Akbar at Hakone "Ramen House And Japanese Fusion") — https://t.co/2SObg8HW8u
( উ ·̫̮ ˂̶́ ) ☞  @bqn_bunny - 2014-11-01
Yowapedal Anthology is just seriously filled with crack lmao (esp Hakone side)
( উ ·̫̮ ˂̶́ ) ☞  @bqn_bunny - 2014-11-01
So Toudou travelled from Hakone to Chiba just because Maki-chan didnt pick up his calls for a day......
Joanne Al-Samarae  @JoanneAlSamarae - 2014-11-01
Beyond the clouds #japan #honeymoon #hakone http://t.co/nXWIXdPdJb
Nakaya Rie  @nakayarie - 2014-11-01
#hyperlapse @ Hakone-Yumoto Station http://t.co/kQRADvIUq4
Clement Lee  @clementlee47 - 2014-11-01
EVO 9 LANCER Evolution IX (CT9A) [TA]Hakone(Mt.Taikan) Up 3'05"852 720HP / B YourTNR1,892 byCR 253 Singapore update:10/22 #WMT5_EN
rindarindu  @rindakurniadi - 2014-11-01
At Hakone "Ramen House And Japanese Fusion" — https://t.co/MhOdcNfXIr
EE-ENG  @EExENG - 2014-11-01
Dennis Blair, Richard Armitage, and other US elites are joining political/economic talks with Japanese counterparts in Hakone, near Tokyo.
Hby  @JDO_29 - 2014-11-01
Team Hakone YES http://t.co/Bwdeedqxhi
Leo messi  @stevengani_gani - 2014-11-01
Finnaly i got 29 seconds hakone inbound http://t.co/94FSmnXcZl
Anthony Davis  @ozAntinnippon - 2014-11-01
@sheepchase @briandesu A watched pot never boils. Come to Hakone overnight?
Ken Kato  @ken__kato - 2014-11-01
I'm so exciting to get ride on Hakone Tozan Train.
JP Rail.com  @jprailcom - 2014-11-01
This is a new fleet of Hakone Tozan Railway. It has a huge panoramic window. You can enjoy the scnery of #Hakone. http://t.co/HSoRG5i53k
hakogaku enthusiast  @TERUKURODAI - 2014-11-01
ok the number was fucking it up but here http://t.co/koQG7XTJgQ
hakogaku enthusiast  @TERUKURODAI - 2014-11-01
hey does this link work for u guys http://t.co/ATJZnVPkMv
Kana Kuroda  @_cilantro - 2014-11-01
#zipline @ Forest Adventure Hakone http://t.co/nF0AR1b53j
aozora  @aozora_always - 2014-11-01
this morning my bro came up to me and just randomly said "hakone" idk how he knows
El Chaure  @joseearenas - 2014-11-01
Stained Glass Staircase, Hakone Outdoor Museum, Kanagawa, #Japan http://t.co/tSVKGs0Psd
William H. Saito  @whsaito - 2014-11-01
Panelist @ 1st Mt. Fuji Dialogue started in Hakone. Have never seen so many CEO's, ambassadors, ministers & heads of govt and biz in 1 room!
hakogaku enthusiast  @TERUKURODAI - 2014-11-01
wow whats this?? maybe u should reblog it http://t.co/zrFxDYEHeX
∞ARIAN∞  @Ariolea - 2014-10-31
Stained Glass Staircase, Hakone Outdoor Museum, Kanagawa, Japan via @pinterest someday !!! http://t.co/pvTiLmzMrl
✨noah✨  @j1npachitoudou - 2014-10-31
happy halloween from the beautiful and illustrious sleeping beauty of hakone!!! http://t.co/gf1DLh1Gga
新ちゃん  @shinkaichan - 2014-10-31
@real_abuabu Never trust anyone in Hakone.
pijon @ exams  @7teslas - 2014-10-31
i love hakone and sohoku so much ;-; it's a strong tie
iTunes Music情報  @mzkexpo - 2014-10-31
HAKONE TRAIN / Rose-Unlimited http://t.co/z72a6VIvDQ #iTunes #iPhone #
Kṛiṣṇa 和魂印才  @tosi1958 - 2014-10-31
@aamir_fanlar @aamirist1 @AroonRathore @Dhoom_Aamir @D3_585crPK_650 Autumn colors in Hakone http://t.co/p8PsSHFM7U