Hakone Gora Park

Hakone Gora Park


Located in the middle of Mt. Soun-zan, the French garden style Hakone Gora Park was opened in 1914. Since there are several size of rocks scattered in the premises, the park is regarded as the largest rock garden in the Orient.
Passing through the rose-draped archway, visitors can enjoy a stroll along brick paths. The main attraction of the park is a gigantic fountain pond at the center of the park. The park also boasts a natural museum, an alpine plant garden and a tropical botanical garden.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 - 17:00 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • No closing days

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • 550 yen (General, Adult)
  • Admission Free (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from Gora Station on the Hakone Tozan Line

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1300-329, Gora, Hakone-machi Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, 250-0408



Ishigakiyama Ichiyajo Historical Park:A 40-minute walk from JR Hayakawa Station or a 50-minute walk from Hakone Tozan Line Iriuda Station
  @saintbepsi - 2014-09-16
im going for the hakone meal om fg that looks amazing
Clare (クレア)  @clarebear_9000 - 2014-09-16
@kuriizu15 yoz I've been there~ wouldn't mind going again, but deciding between nikko n hakone
Clare (クレア)  @clarebear_9000 - 2014-09-16
Day trips...nikko or hakone?
Teshima Junta  @teshima_en - 2014-09-16
There are 20 more kilometers to the second day's finish line. Can they catch Kyoto Fushimi and Hakone Academy?
Phil Grow  @PhilGrow1 - 2014-09-16
@agentbizzle i feel the same when i am in Tokyo. But, going to Hakone tomorrow for a different feel.
BlackJack_CK  @Stegolith - 2014-09-16
I have arrived in Tokyo-3 (Hakone). Guys I am holding back tears. Will share scenery shots later! http://t.co/OTfuz9LyqF
Blossom Events Co.   @blossomeventsco - 2014-09-16
Beautiful wedding ceremony site at Hakone Hotel in Hakone, Japan. #wedding #bride #groom #weddingplanner... http://t.co/SpWWvXmms8
Blossom Events Co.   @blossomeventsco - 2014-09-16
Beautiful wedding ceremony site at Hakone Hotel in Hakone, Japan. #wedding #bride #groom… http://t.co/tCz67h5K3z
LittleMonsterAsu☺   @asu_1018 - 2014-09-16
Eggs Boiled in the Hot springs♨ It's said that each Black Egg🐣consumed adds 7 years to ur life(: #Owakudani #Hakone http://t.co/lPZ7lBnpuf
Hannah  @ayahimes - 2014-09-16
The only Hakone members I like are Manami and Toudou RIP.
juri1002  @juri1002 - 2014-09-16
Life is very short. I heading to hakone. Get started long journey from today.
Oikawa Tooru  @actually_oikawa - 2014-09-16
arriving in tokyo late then half a day of sightseeing then travelling to hakone ew
Oikawa Tooru  @actually_oikawa - 2014-09-16
at least i get to go to hakone
大丈夫歌ェット  @Etto_DaijouBot - 2014-09-16
With @ShunKoike and Mister Hakone http://t.co/DeNn4MAmsD o/
Vanessa  @imaglife - 2014-09-16
Lake Ashi and Hakone Shrine #japan #hakone #lake #travel by colesnaps http://t.co/N05jaAWzC5
gutomaia  @gutomaia - 2014-09-16
@ryokamiya @1zq @hktechno @racum @atsuoishimoto thanks! I'm already scheduled for Hakone. Meiji Shrine seems very nice
岡田まゆみ  @ciaomayu - 2014-09-16
Good morning everybody. I share the "morning yoga experience" started at an early morning at a power spot of Japan. http://t.co/FGCFu72829
Ryoichiro Kamiya  @ryokamiya - 2014-09-16
@gutomaia @hktechno @racum @1zq @atsuoishimoto You may take a look of Yanaka/Nezu, Kamakura (1hr from Tokyo), Hakone (1hr also)
LittleMonsterAsu☺   @asu_1018 - 2014-09-16
Morning♨♨♨ #Japan #Hakone http://t.co/En2joFrWDU
BlackJack_CK  @Stegolith - 2014-09-16
Heading to Hakone today. Sorry about the lack of updates. Rushing around combined with being tired has left me with little free time/energy.
Jess   @BlueApollon - 2014-09-15
my best friend is in hakone rn and is heading back 2 tokyo and all i can think about is yowapeda bc i have a problem, i guess
Francisco Solsona  @solsona - 2014-09-15
Some secret temple in our morning run in Hakone. See the no-nice dress people sign. ;-) cc... http://t.co/OuFlgcYzaj http://t.co/WaSYWEbLbm
Alexander Harding  @hardingalex02 - 2014-09-15
More of the #sulfur #pits in #Hakone http://t.co/kG9GsJ3BZs
Alexander Harding  @hardingalex02 - 2014-09-15
Beautiful scenery in #Hakone http://t.co/jOyDV5YzCL
fuku-chan  @real_fukutomi - 2014-09-15
Yasu Senpai  @real_yasusenpai - 2014-09-15
But Hakone doesn't even have an awesome Senpai. That's so lame haha
Yasu Senpai  @real_yasusenpai - 2014-09-15
Aww Kitty chan is trying to be mean, Hakone is such a cute team
Jooikawa  @JooriDork - 2014-09-15
I love Hakone academy so much guh- ugh- ah- bye sohoku--
John  @tequila_ninja - 2014-09-15
GOING TO JAPAN NEXT YEAR!!! Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka & back to Tokyo! Going to be even better than last time, with @II_Lia_II