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Located in the middle of Mt. Soun-zan, the French garden style Hakone Gora Park was opened in 1914. Since there are several size of rocks scattered in the premises, the park is regarded as the largest rock garden in the Orient.
Passing through the rose-draped archway, visitors can enjoy a stroll along brick paths. The main attraction of the park is a gigantic fountain pond at the center of the park. The park also boasts a natural museum, an alpine plant garden and a tropical botanical garden.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 - 17:00 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 550 yen (General, Adult)
  • Admission Free (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from Gora Station on the Hakone Tozan Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1300-329, Gora, Hakone-machi Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, 250-0408


Joanna Van @frickangel - 2018-11-26
The shades of autumn are stronger here in Hakone. @ Gora Park https://t.co/Zb45fybRNg
Linda @ A4TOMORROW!! @10thcard - 2018-10-24
getting rose ice cream @ hakone gora park https://t.co/fuIS7lewvP
runfoxrun @runfoxrun - 2018-10-22
Bird of Paradise #Gora Park, #Hakone https://t.co/ZKkDV59SCG
runfoxrun @runfoxrun - 2018-10-21
Sculptures in #Gora Park #Hakone https://t.co/SyZdLjDBMO
Sally Lau @xsally90 - 2018-10-14
Exploring Gora Park up in the mountains before heading off to our next destination - Kyoto! 🌳⛲
#gorapark… https://t.co/HDmfG3bidR
And Beyond Tokyo @AndBeyondTokyo - 2018-09-18
Hello #Tokyo! We’re at Gora Park in Gora (#強羅), Hakone. Sandwich lunch with the dog! #箱根 🐶 https://t.co/5cAhCMwoCP
Reiko Tanaka @reikocarp - 2018-09-17
Throwback June 2018. Cafe Pic in Gora Park, Hakone. https://t.co/52agqRzev8
Badonkadonk @KR_Badonkadonk - 2018-09-14
@rga_02 No, it's in Hakone. In a parking lot near Gora station, down the street from the Daily in front of Gora Park.
Radix Products @RadixProducts - 2018-08-25
Protection so sleek and simple -- it's like a walk in the park. In this case, Gora-Koen in Hakone, Japan.… https://t.co/oOROyS7eKK
kodu @kodu88 - 2018-08-10
@drea__smith This photo is 『Hakone Gōra Park』.
Nami @justonecookbook - 2018-07-21
Day 3 in #Hakone. We visited Gora Park where there was a special rhinoceros beatle exhibition (my son was excited!)… https://t.co/We9KAW6LQX
japantrip @japantrip_jp - 2018-06-20
Hakone Gora Park opened in 1914 and is a French orthopedic garden. It is located in Gora at the terminal of the Hak… https://t.co/k85jtwVMQv
Mína @Mrkt_luna - 2018-06-03
Off to Hakone Gora Park
Edika 🇯🇵🍎🇫🇷🌸🍜 @figeac1 - 2018-04-10
Hakone Gora park
I must come again to Hakone and around as there are so much interesting and beautiful sceneries or… https://t.co/uktejmfCdc
Radix Products @RadixProducts - 2018-03-27
Clunky clamshells be gone. Slim it down for spring. #radixlensjacket @ Hakone Gora-Kōen Park https://t.co/EVhUfQ6auu
TravelWith @travelwith_ - 2017-12-18
Hakone Tour. It can be access easily from tokyo with Hokone Free Pass for 2 or 3 days. The sightseeing places inclu… https://t.co/VLIMQZrvzf
vix @vixypix - 2017-11-26
FALL so hard 🍂🍁🍂🍁
#pictureperfect #hakone #vixypixJapan @ Hakone Gora Park https://t.co/VY0YW4xYXc
atomo @atomo - 2017-09-05
Ceramic art experience 🍽

#bbq #hakone #park #gora #ceramicart #amazing #beautiful #excellent #箱根クラフトハウス #pho…… https://t.co/h2oRbWRaJY
atomo @atomo - 2017-09-05
It is a very beautiful park.⛲️

#bbq #hakone #park #gora #party #amazing #beautiful #excellent #箱根強羅公園 #pho…… https://t.co/zhdRGPFcxR
atomo @atomo - 2017-09-05
💐 It is a very beautiful park Flower ⛲️

#bbq #hakone #park #gora #flower #amazing #beautiful #excellent #箱…… https://t.co/OnL0L5Hfj6
Sharon Roth @SLR_golfer - 2017-07-12
Beautiful Gora Garden Park.
Quite foggy in the distance but a lovely walk.
#Hakone https://t.co/EeJsIyqarF
Rafa (ラファ) @rafvelco - 2017-05-30
Just a view #hakone #gora @ Gora Park Hakone https://t.co/JXdrhq4uCD
Rafa (ラファ) @rafvelco - 2017-05-30
Just a view #hakone #gora @ Gora Park Hakone https://t.co/JXdrhq4uCD
Javits Arias @jav1ts - 2017-05-01
Beautiful fountain in Hakone Gora Park. Check out my Snapchat: Jav1ts for my adventures in Japan until May 8th :) https://t.co/KBYX1q1cix
tripmoba.com @tripmobaPH - 2017-04-26
In Hakone Gora, Japan, there's a crafthouse where you can relax at a breathtaking park after creating your own mug… https://t.co/J5kLCqziYA
ケーキ• Amy @kekidoll - 2017-04-18
Beautiful Gora Park

#gorapark #hakone https://t.co/8MKJB0Rjvq
Gecku$ mcFL¥ @Geckus_mcFly - 2017-04-15
That middle in the nowhere feeling.. 🚂
#japan #backpacking #honeymoon #travel @ Gora Park Hakone https://t.co/OFqxXmp0pW
Kayleen Garfield. @unicornswags - 2017-04-04
Even though it's 10 degree celcius today, the Sun was merciless. Hakone Gora Park -> The Hakone… https://t.co/Z9kZeiriLu
Joel Bautista @joellbautista - 2017-03-28
At the back of a Cheery blossom tree. @ Gora Park Hakone https://t.co/vRnxY6zsZJ
Becca Menke @RabbitFoodRuns - 2017-02-28
Going up...
#japan #daytrip #getintonature #mountainviews #hakone @ Hakone Gora Park https://t.co/bFNtUq1kTL


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