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Hase-dera Temple (Kamakura)

Travel Guide - Hase-dera Temple (Kamakura)


Hase-dera Temple was founded in 736 by Fujiwara-no-Fusasaki, a son of Fujiwara-no-Fuhito.
A wide variety of flowers, changing with the seasons, bloom on the grounds of this temple: peonies, hydrangeas, fragrant olives, camellias, and many more. From the observation deck near Kannon-do Hall, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kamakura City and Yuigahama Beach.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 8:00 - 17:00
  • 8:00 - 16:30 (October - February)


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 300 yen (General, Adult)
  • 100 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from Hase Station on the Enoden Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 3-11-2, Hase, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0016


さとるの女 @nekozukinotami - 2020-11-28
@Kotaro_PE39 hase temple…
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-11-27
Jizo statues in Hase-dera Temple,Hatsuse town,Sakurai city,Nara 2020/10 No.1. #flickr https://t.co/gjvGazsup7
ym the fire in Tokyo 👘 @ymintokyo - 2020-11-26
Just posted a photo @ Hase, Kamakura https://t.co/Tv4N8sSycq
@U_miton - 2020-11-26
Hase temple
2020/11/26 https://t.co/syCJBh0z4X
Local Japan Guide @tourism_local - 2020-11-25
@rob_kendrew Yeah, you wanna go there! Moreover, Abemonjuin temple and Hase temple are worth visiting!… https://t.co/mkQ0M4TQdt
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-11-25
A snail in Hase-dera Temple,Hatsuse town,Sakurai city,Nara 2020/10 No.1. #flickr https://t.co/xyAoEtXadC
LightPocket @lightpocket_inc - 2020-11-24
Hase temple https://t.co/OyVELENell https://t.co/bWxv1vP0W4
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-11-24
A stone statue in Hase-dera Temple,Hatsuse town,Sakurai city,Nara 2020/10 No.1. #flickr https://t.co/KJ8Qu4LXmS
Temple of Japan @JPNTemple - 2020-11-13
Hase-dera:Temple in Nara. It is the attraction of Peony. It is called the Temple of flowers from the old days. https://t.co/nl0Td72kFp
Ayu_sensei Japan @ayusenseijapan - 2020-11-11
#japan 🇯🇵 #長谷寺 #鎌倉 🍁 #Kamakura city #Hase Temple https://t.co/zh6wLuzEAJ
Uday Agrawal @UdayAgr09292564 - 2020-11-04
What's happening it's the murder of democracy !! Arnab is been arrested for the case that hase been closed 2 years… https://t.co/WR1MUhI9si
Count Moriyarty @kDMW48u6xHyGx8U - 2020-10-31
A shop called Chie no Cake. It is a hideaway cafe located a little away from Hase in Kamakura. The cake while looki… https://t.co/4JDLzwvmPj
Ekaterina @Ekateri03519672 - 2020-10-27
The hydrangeas in Kamakura city near Tokyo of this June.
Locations : Meigetsuin temple, Hase dera temple and Tsurug… https://t.co/7SqeoTShr6
Kamakura By The Sea @Kamakura_By_Sea - 2020-10-22
Folks who comment on liking my water vids, I’ve got a few from Hase Dera to share over the next few days. 😊 https://t.co/KgHs9WdlGa
Kamakura By The Sea @Kamakura_By_Sea - 2020-10-22
Hase Dera on a semi-cloudy late October day. https://t.co/3YC1OGcH0r
Kamakura By The Sea @Kamakura_By_Sea - 2020-10-22
More Hase Dera. So much water. ❤️ https://t.co/kVEdvHAnac
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Hasedera Temple in Kamakura is famous for its statue of Kannon. But there are some other well-known statues to look… https://t.co/O3wyV9l6i3
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TEMPLE in the mountain, and su… https://t.co/Ia7QCxRBqC
かべっち My Favorite Things Only ! @shijuroh98 - 2020-10-18


399 STEPS!

first constructed aro… https://t.co/JVW9nLaiZH
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Hase-Dera, 10/5/2017. Archive travels...Kamakura https://t.co/2EN1pJ5cOZ
CADmonkey @bhrarchinerd - 2020-10-03
📷 fromthefloatingworld: Eiheiji temple #2 by TAT_hase! on Flickr. https://t.co/v3gg05ICVV
鎌倉市歴史まちづくり推進担当 @kamakura_reki - 2020-09-25
#Enoden (Enoshima Electric Railway)
There are various tourist attractions along Enoden Line, e.g. Enoshima, the bea… https://t.co/Uvc64E2oV9
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-09-18
Yellow flower in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.1(taken by film camera). #flickr https://t.co/PFyDuzxChw
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-09-09
A spectacle from Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.2(taken by film camera). #flickr https://t.co/dVLhnYg7B9
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-09-07
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.18(taken by film camera). #flickr https://t.co/Dktgaq4C2q
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-09-06
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.17(taken by film camera). #flickr https://t.co/DWl0AIZEHC
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-09-05
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.16(taken by film camera). #flickr https://t.co/8xC5dPP3GW
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-09-04
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.15(taken by film camera). #flickr https://t.co/MzaNtVYLEO
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-09-02
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.13(taken by film camera). #flickr https://t.co/0yS1OumtaB


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