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Hase-dera Temple (Nara)

Travel Guide - Hase-dera Temple (Nara)


Hase-dera Temple in Nara is the main temple of the Buzan school of Shingon Buddhism established in 686 for Emperor Tenmu. After going through the temple's Nio-mon gate, there are a total of 399 roofed stone steps up to the top where the Hondo main hall stands. The current Hondo main hall was reconstructed by the 3rd Edo Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu in 1650 and is designated as a national treasure. The temple's 7,000 peonies bloom in June and July are also famous.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 8:30 - 17:00 (April - September)
  • 9:00 - 16:30 (October - March)


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 500 yen (General, Adult)
  • 250 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 20 minutes walk from Hase-dera Station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Hase, Sakurai-shi, Nara, 633-0112


descampsr @descamps12 - 2020-07-06
【4K】Kamakura. Walking to Hase temple and Big Buddha (Shaky) https://t.co/ViaFso8eaG via @YouTube
Nobu @kota11051991 - 2020-07-05
@heyitssharla Rainy day HASE TEMPLE in Kamakura https://t.co/l32NysExEL
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-07-01
The stone statues in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.5. https://t.co/rVKeVXxYwh
𝘽. @crossroads__03 - 2020-07-01
@ianboostaciefan this is a Hase temple in Kamakura. it is about 90 minutes by train from tokyo.🚞 i sometimes go by… https://t.co/0s2XKcGscc
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-30
The stone statues in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.4. https://t.co/HVQYyZrlLj
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-29
The stone statues in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.3. https://t.co/dTZRKWqX6H
Cool Japan Solo Travel @japan_solo - 2020-06-27
Hase Temple(長谷寺) Japan's Hidden Sacred Sites https://t.co/XynZjdZUcH via @YouTube
#Holy Land#Temple#Nara Sightseeing
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やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-27
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.9. #flickr https://t.co/4bdlC9KvHH
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-25
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.7. https://t.co/g75nZlPERb
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-24
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.6. https://t.co/sZkwyxKOm3
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-23
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.5. https://t.co/tTOi9UOC32
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-22
The stone statues in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.1. https://t.co/HyLzAw8weE
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-21
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.4. #flickr https://t.co/Uq7kzwRZlX
CBP’s PTD policy is reprehensible @shonan_naminori - 2020-06-20
@evo_kositz This...it’s a good luck driving charm. Kept it after just getting only bruises after someone slammed in… https://t.co/XW6Bbv17hU
Happy Fukuko【福】 @HappyGold19 - 2020-06-20
These are 'ryoen jizo (良縁地蔵)' in Hase temple (長谷寺) in Kamakura. Everyone can connect to good people by seeing this… https://t.co/Bu4GuCmVWZ
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-20
A spectacle from Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.1. #flickr https://t.co/T57GuWvf2C
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2020-06-19
Flower of hydrangea in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2020/06 No.3. #flickr https://t.co/jh6XZWyqqU
FunaMari JAPAN @FunamariJ - 2020-06-10
Many homes in Japan have hydrangeas in their gardens.

In Japan, hydrangeas start blooming from June to July.

Hase… https://t.co/oDQ5Em0uRE
chrissis_stationery @chrississtatio1 - 2020-06-08
In the morning, I thought 💭 about traveling and I realized how much I miss it.
This is the entrance to one of my fa… https://t.co/9geyLyQTJe
T-BLOG【公式】(with CX-8) @tblog_cx8 - 2020-06-07
This is a flower called hydrangea. It blooms in Japan from early summer to the rainy season. The flower is loved by… https://t.co/UqJS4fxebu
JapanVisitor @JapanVisitor - 2020-05-30
Hasedera Temple is a sprawling temple complex today serving as the main temple of the Buzan sect of Shingon Buddhis… https://t.co/JqzznIzXo4
midnightrambler @midnightranble - 2020-05-29
Kannon Hall.
An eleven-faced Kannon statue called Hase Kannon is enshrined.
Same as the Kannon statue of Temple in… https://t.co/48ekIPg9H9
Temple of Japan @JPNTemple - 2020-05-26
Hase-dera:Temple in Nara. It is the attraction of Peony. It is called the Temple of flowers from the old days. https://t.co/nl0Td72kFp
ryo @be_yk_hy - 2020-05-22
@cchankonnichiwa Kamakura is nice place. I think if you visit Hase temple(長谷寺), you can take some beautiful pictures.
HAM: Paintings (Bot) @harvard_artbot - 2020-05-21
Origin of the Temple Hasedera (Hase-dera engi emaki) fragment, 16th century https://t.co/yiO2eS4qmu #museumarchive… https://t.co/cebn5jG4d6
midnightrambler @midnightranble - 2020-05-21
Sentai Jizo
It is a water and child care spot.
Many devoted Jizo statues line up behind the Jizo hall.
#神奈川県 #鎌倉 #寺… https://t.co/bAjG2jj3Fi
kkku46 @kkku46 - 2020-05-18
Probably, the rainy season must have come to Japan.
My recommend temple is 'HASE temple' which is named hydrangea… https://t.co/mJqgOPRFYi
midnightrambler @midnightranble - 2020-05-13
Hasedera Temple.
Is a Jodo-sect monolithic temple located at 3-chome Hase, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
It i… https://t.co/AxFS13LJ54
midnightrambler @midnightranble - 2020-05-11
Hasedera Temple (Kamakura City)
Large lanterns and a 'gate-covered pine tree' welcome you.
#神奈川県 #鎌倉 #寺 #山門 #松 #提灯… https://t.co/Rc6hye2OHr
Francois-Xavier @FXBPinelli - 2020-05-04
Jizo statues donated to the Hase-dera temple in Kamakura 🗿

#hasedera #kamakura #jizo #hasekannon… https://t.co/UUIIk0TtYz


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