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Hase-dera Temple (Nara)

Travel Guide - Hase-dera Temple (Nara)


Hase-dera Temple in Nara is the main temple of the Buzan school of Shingon Buddhism established in 686 for Emperor Tenmu. After going through the temple's Nio-mon gate, there are a total of 399 roofed stone steps up to the top where the Hondo main hall stands. The current Hondo main hall was reconstructed by the 3rd Edo Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu in 1650 and is designated as a national treasure. The temple's 7,000 peonies bloom in June and July are also famous.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 8:30 - 17:00 (April - September)
  • 9:00 - 16:30 (October - March)


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 500 yen (General, Adult)
  • 250 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 20 minutes walk from Hase-dera Station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Hase, Sakurai-shi, Nara, 633-0112


やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2019-02-21
Flower of the Japanese allspice in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2019/01 No.2. #flickr https://t.co/mV3PseGsRF
baltic sea gold eye @changyoulong - 2019-02-18
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2019-02-18
Flower of narcissus in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2019/01 No.1. #flickr https://t.co/n4ao4jOI7T
Basho4Humanity @Basho4H - 2019-02-17
#WomanCentral #GoddessOfMercy

Basho wrote the following haiku at Hase Temple, a famous place of pilgrimage for wo… https://t.co/ubx6mP4ztz
Basho4Humanity @Basho4H - 2019-02-17
Basho wrote the following haiku at Hase Temple, a famous place of pilgrimage for women to pray to Kannon, the Godde… https://t.co/cgv9Us6gPd
Basho4Humanity @Basho4H - 2019-02-16
#WomanCentral #GoddessOFMercy

Basho wrote the following haiku at Hase Temple, a famous place of pilgrimage for w… https://t.co/4PqVR0cWOQ
やまだひでお @HIDE_Verdad - 2019-02-16
Flower of the Japanese allspice in Hase-dera temple,Kamakura city 2019/01 No.1. #flickr https://t.co/u5ABNER9pT
deepu nasir @deepunasir - 2019-02-11
@ShivAroor Just like the meat thrown in the temple to provoke the riot , in the same way Naidu's protest place hase… https://t.co/4ZqruWCeYv
Cindy * M @Cindy_M65 - 2019-02-09
Kamakura. Walking to Hase temple and Big Buddha.
(at 18:06 minutes is large Jizo)
(didn't know the Big Buddha i… https://t.co/90ZXEqG1Ig
Chase Callahan @C_hase - 2019-02-07
I’m not sure I would trade Gasol for Biyombo and Kidd-Gilchrist just for a protected 1st round pick. Houston could… https://t.co/vwW8hCM8IA
Chase Callahan @C_hase - 2019-01-25
Jamychal/Temple for Courtney Lee a player and a 2019 2nd round pick makes way too much sense. cc @johnhollinger https://t.co/avRtaaYBFV
NEKO. KUN. tokyo @MrJulienCOCO - 2019-01-21
Close view of Hase-Dera shrine - Kamakura. Climbing the hill's top for enjoying a nice view 😌😉🇯🇵 #japaneseculture… https://t.co/zN81whxdPU
Basho4Humanity @Basho4H - 2019-01-19
#FemaleIcons #Topic4Today #FourSeasons
@Annemieke55 @MiaKhach @vanessakennedy7

Basho wrote the next haiku a… https://t.co/CEW3HM9t92
Chase Callahan @C_hase - 2019-01-17
@HerringtonNBA Also a deal sending Temple and expiring contracts to Knicks for Courtney Lee or Tim Hardaway plus a… https://t.co/McbHNUlTeL
Confused Sentinelese @harsh77710 - 2019-01-02
@Times4India modi ne left ko unhi ke game mein fasa diya
if modi would hv said ge will bring ordinance then he wou… https://t.co/DIAxMsjDF6
Iris =^..^= @IH39 - 2019-01-02
Hase Dera. Buddhist Temple 🙏✨ #Nara #Japan #Happy2019 https://t.co/CbndNbB5Fv
Emma @lokisfool - 2018-12-28
I would love to visit this temple and all the Hydrangeas, but there are so many people! It would be stressful.
Has… https://t.co/ID1C5gzfva
Janosch🇩🇪❌ @Hase_Baldrian - 2018-12-27
@ASKKinesiology Not sure. Thought it was on a Temple in Jerusalem.
Basho4Humanity @Basho4H - 2018-12-22
@TheCanalesProj #BashoHaiku #GoddessofMercy #Kannon

At Hase Temple, since ancient times a place of pil… https://t.co/k0v32UjC5N
鎌倉ウェルカムガイド @KWGA93 - 2018-12-16
KWGA welcomed the students from Thai, Indonesia and Holland.
They enjoyed Kamakura’s natural fortress scenery from… https://t.co/87ClvrqbLA
Real JapaneseGardens @RealJapanGarden - 2018-12-08
Hase-dera (長谷寺)is mostly famous for its Eleven-headed Kannon statue, which is over 9 meters high. The temple is of… https://t.co/7658z8R6qQ
◁ナルキ(ッ)キ @naru__kiki - 2018-12-08
I went to Kamakura and Enosima.
It will be my 14th year visiting Kamakura.
However, this is the first time fo… https://t.co/SrUNvvDqOV
feelshonan_en @feel_en - 2018-12-05
\Hase Temple Autumn Night Special Views🍁⭐️/
The annual #AutumnNight Special Views' at the Hase Temple is currently… https://t.co/AbjrSekj2h
BSU Japanese Language Society @BSUJapLanSoc - 2018-12-03
It's Day Fourteen of our Photo of the Year Christmas countdown. Today, we're bringing you Hase-dera Temple in Sakur… https://t.co/LDqQ2PipmH
Re:Re: @R19_iio5 - 2018-12-03
Hase temple . / snap
#photograph / #coregraph
. https://t.co/M7JdNC0Lf3
Kansai Odyssey @KansaiOdyssey - 2018-11-23
Beautiful in every season, go see for yourself why Japanese poets and authors have been writing about Hase-dera for… https://t.co/JMwGlgzWg2
Earu @earu_hase - 2018-11-21
@NintendoEurope ALWAYS forgetting one small key in the water temple, so I have to go back and figure out what I mis… https://t.co/fBDMB3rhnH
Brooke @Hotmombat - 2018-11-18
More at Hase-dera Temple. The stone walkways were very soothing; leading up to an observation deck which offered a… https://t.co/ABjlmImPob
Brooke @Hotmombat - 2018-11-18
We arrived at Hase-dera Temple. At Jizo-do Hall, we paid our respects and lit a candle / incense. All the little st… https://t.co/UTu9jEkuBg
PrivateGuidesTokyo®️ @PrivateGuidesTo - 2018-11-18
Hase-dera ( Kaikō-zan Jishō-in Hase-dera), commonly called the Hase-kannon is one of the Buddhist temples in the c… https://t.co/1tmOazY3d4


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