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Higashi-Hongan-ji is the main temple of the Shinshu-Otani branch of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. The temple was founded with support from Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1602 as a competitor to Nishi-Hongan-ji Temple after the Jodo Shinshu school was divided into Shinshu-Hongan-ji branch and Shinshu-Otani branch. Even though the temple's official name is "Shinshu-Honbyo", the nickname "Higashi-Hongan-ji (Eastern Hongan-ji)" is far more popular because of the fact that the temple is located on the east side of Nishi-Hongan-ji (Western Hongan-ji).
The temple's Goei-do Hall, which was reconstructed in 1895, is said to be one of the largest wooden structures in the world (38 meters high, 76 meters long and 58 meters wide). A curious item on display is a tremendous coil of black rope, made from linen and human hair donated by female believers. The rope was used to haul the timber for the reconstruction of Goei-do Hall and adjoining Amida-do Hall.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 5:50 - 17:30 (March - October)
  • 6:20 - 16:30 (November - February)


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 7 minutes walk from JR Kyoto Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 754, Tokiwacho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8167


Nakamoto Forestry @_shousugiban - 2019-04-27
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フェイスーちゃん ✰ @skribble012 - 2019-04-20
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Robert Davidov @RobertDavidov - 2019-01-25
Day 9
Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple and Reception Hall, 1998
Shin Takamatsu
I was drawn to this enormous c… https://t.co/KR3kyKKKny
Geli C @GeliMD - 2018-11-22
Embracing Autumn...🍁 wearing 4 layers of clothes but I’m still freezing! #Kyoto @ 東本願寺 (Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple) https://t.co/OFSc48rlav
ed mark p. rustico @edz_2137 - 2018-11-01
Leaves starting to change their colors signaling a new season. @ 東本願寺 (Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple) https://t.co/bAmzRlQfB2
Jake Batsell @jbatsell - 2018-06-09
... and that’s a wrap for my Japanese travels. Snapped this shot this morning at Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple in Kyoto,… https://t.co/xgGnmiowTS
kolomthota @kolomthota - 2017-12-12
Higashi Hongan-ji, The “Eastern Temple of the Original Vow”, in Kyoto. #Buddhist https://t.co/i6ETSSkZUP https://t.co/cN36tZW9kk
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I came across Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple on my short walk around the… https://t.co/Q7fdZjrZ4M
Henr!que @lbatroz - 2017-06-04
Heavy Showers at Higashi-hongan-ji Temple, 1940
#TAKEJI, Fujishima (1867-1943) https://t.co/ahbbSVnYnC
Koatlas @Koatlas - 2017-03-08
After the Nishi-Hongan-ji temple you can visit his eastern brother, the Higashi-Hongan-ji, which… https://t.co/UT7rZaQivc
J.D. Byron @JamesDayByron - 2017-03-03
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Jenn @jennypennyjam - 2016-12-29
Lotus lantern (upward angle) at the gates of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple #buddhisttemple #京都 #kyoto… https://t.co/zSOfnkz8go
Jenn @jennypennyjam - 2016-12-29
The main worship hall of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple #buddhisttemple #京都 #kyoto #日本 #japan… https://t.co/HDLVozpW0l
Keith W. Miller @kwmiller2 - 2016-10-26
On our way to the Kyoto train station, one last serving of architectural delight, the Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple https://t.co/3Y6mYN2oYc
James L. Clarke @ClarkeJamesL - 2016-09-24
My latest #Kyoto #BLOG 'Higashi Hongan-ji': https://t.co/qVMEnN9EdU #Japan #Temple
James Twyford @Kaydeethree - 2016-09-11
Starting out at Higashi Hongan-ji Temple. They claim the largest wood building on earth. https://t.co/AsygKLZTNd
Temple of Japan @JPNTemple - 2016-07-21
Higashi Hongan-ji:In Kyoto. To the east of 'Nishi Honganji', commonly referred to as 'Higashi Honganji Temple'. https://t.co/Fu7i9naffl
Sokari.eu @sokarieu - 2016-05-20
Higashi Hongan-Ji Temple
The Higashi Hongan-Ji Temple is considered to be the one among the two parts in Shin... https://t.co/zjp54O6xRl
InstaKyoto @InstaKyoto - 2016-05-01
Light trail photo I took in front of Higashi Hongan-ji temple in Kyoto!
#japan #kyoto #bu… https://t.co/0vZ4A36IHI https://t.co/HBemljhKv8
Alexander Kolov @kolovalex - 2016-04-08
Nishi Hongan-ji Temple 🌇
I’ve scouted the area between Higashi and Nishi Hongan-ji temples for a… https://t.co/gcHhkTt1oS
MaikoEnmachiGH @KyotoEnmachiGH - 2016-03-31
a temple in Kyoto called Higashi Hongan-ji.
the official name of 'Shinshu-honbyo'… https://t.co/8Onai5li8Z
Trinity Bay @trinitybayshs - 2016-03-28
An early morning walk near our hotel in Kyoto - we explored a little of Higashi-Hongan-Ji Temple before... https://t.co/MMNlcqCbjT
RODEO@JAPAN (TODAY!) @socialanimeguy - 2016-03-11
Also got to have a look around Higashi Hongan-ji Temple and also Fushimi Inari Shrine
ビブロスの本棚 @Biblos_Library - 2016-02-07
Goeidomon of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple.
The size is 76 meters north-south, east-west 58 meters,… https://t.co/q9x3dpsWZo
Temple of Japan @JPNTemple - 2016-02-05
Higashi Hongan-ji:In Kyoto. To the east of 'Nishi Honganji', commonly referred to as 'Higashi Honganji Temple'. https://t.co/Fu7i9naffl
Voyager New York @VoyagerNewYork - 2015-11-30
Hair Rope of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple... https://t.co/F2vCkBXl7D https://t.co/P87GPh85MT
Sumikai @SumikaiBlog - 2015-11-11
Miz Exploring Kyoto : Higashi Hongan-ji Temple & Natural doughnuts shop 'Hitsuji', https://t.co/cqbsttcyQH
Tim Gluckman @TimGluckman - 2015-10-08
#NationalPoetryDay My Osaka haiku HIGASHI HONGAN-JI TEMPLE Sleepy courtyard,huge
Cohorts of pigeons stream,patterns
Like brain cells driftng
B.M. @BM_Duskylight - 2015-07-12
#Osaka Again I went to Osaka city. This is Higashi Hongan-ji temple Namba branch http://t.co/wN8EbUTrRe
Daniel DiNatale @djddueces - 2015-06-22
Photo: blackrainbowblade: These are the cats of Higashi Hongan Temple in Kyoto. They have attained inner... http://t.co/XFBVwDinzm


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