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Hikone Castle was built in 1622 by Ii Naokatsu (Naotsugu) as the main castle for the Ii family who ruled as Daimyo domain lord over Hikone. It took about 20 years to complete the entire castle. Since much of it is original, Hikone Castle is rightly considered one of the finest remaining castles in Japan. There is a great view across the Lake Biwa-ko from the upper stories of the castle's Tenshu-kaku (dongon) which was completed in 1607. Today, the building is designated as a national treasure. The castle is surrounded by more than 1,000 cherry trees, making it a popular spot for Hanami (cherry blossom watching) activities in the spring.
Next to the castle's main gate is Hikone Castle Museum. Items on display came from the Ii family and include armor, Noh costumes, pottery and calligraphy.
The north side of the castle is Genkyu-en Garden. The beautiful Japanese garden expresses Omi-Hakkei - The best eight scenic views in Omi Province (today's Shiga prefecture). Entry to this garden is included in the admission ticket for the castle.
Hikone Castle is also famous for its mascot character called Hikonyan. The cute cat-based character wearing the Ii family's red helmet was born in 2007 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of the castle. Hikonyan is one of the most popular Japanese "Yuru-chara" mascot characters.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 8:30 - 17:00


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Castle and Garden: 600 yen (General, Adult)
  • Castle and Garden: 200 yen (Child)
  • Museum: 500 yen (General, Adult)
  • Museum: 250 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 15 minutes walk from JR Hikone Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-1, Konkicho, Hikone-shi, Shiga, 522-0061


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The blue sky is beautiful and Hikonyan is happy.
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Hikone - Lake Biwa's Castle and its Japanese garden
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