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Hosomi Museum exhibits artworks collected by three generations of Hosomi family, a family succeeded in wool business since the early 1900s. Among a wide variety of Japanese artworks from ancient times to modern times, the private museum especially features one of Japan's most popular historical painting school "Rimpa" and its leading artist, Jakuchu. Over 30 of the museum's exhibits are designated as important cultural properties.
Koko-an, a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room on the top floor of the museum, offers visitors a chance to experience tea ceremony. The museum also has a fine museum shop and a café.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 10:00 - 18:00 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • Mondays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)
  • Year-end and New Year's holidays

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Varies according to exhibitions

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 7 minutes walk from Higashiyama Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line (T10)
  • 18 minutes from JR Kyoto Station by the #206 bus. Get off at Higashiyama-Nijo Bus stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 6-3, Okazaki Saishojicho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-8342


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So beautiful handmade books.

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‘Gotairei in Kyoto: The Elegant Court Culture of Enthronements and Grand Harvest Festivals’ at the Hosomi Museum https://t.co/GVSpQaDfmC
槿 caramel popcorn & dried fruit @CaramelDried - 2018-04-07
・Photographer Saul Leiter: A Retrospective
@ITAMI CITY MUSEUM OF ART Sat, 7 Apr~Sun, 20 May
◎Mika… https://t.co/VGTfv00GJb
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Color on silk image of Aizen-Myoo, Hosomi Museum, Kyoto. Heian period (794-1185). https://t.co/INay290OdJ
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Exhibition Notes 2017: Apocalypse (Hosomi Museum) #art #exhibition #Kyoto #Buddhism https://t.co/CqG1tQPaDo
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at the Hosomi Museum... this is a Seated Deity' from the 14th century...shockingly modern...… https://t.co/3LOYe3rbML
Jil Caplan with Romane : Sat 9 December at trattoria en (CAFE CUBE) at Hosomi Museum (KYOTO)
mizdesign @mizdesign - 2017-11-07
末法/APOCALYPSE Exhibition at Hosomi Museum. https://t.co/Kn06Q5ryFI
Nigel Ten Fleming @TenFleming - 2017-02-11
Matsuo Basho emphasizes 'hosomi' (understatement).'
Visit Kyoto & Nara @VisitKyotoNara - 2017-01-09
The works of Ki-itsu SUZUKI (1796-1858), a painter of Edo Rin-pa school, are exhibited at Hosomi Museum of Art, Kyo… https://t.co/z5VRmUzrJo
きょうとあす (婦人画報の京都サイト) @tripkyoto - 2016-11-24
【Museum Guide December in Kyoto】
The picture is the Japanese Dragon of the Hosomi Museum.
Why don't you see him?… https://t.co/Tos0W9TgGC
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Special exhibition at Yumeji Art Museum.
'Deja-vu TAKEHISA yumeji×HOSOMI Hiroko '
‘Night Yumeji’ close at 7:00 p.m.… https://t.co/wSzu2P00Lp
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インバウンド対策コンサル三宮優子 @inbound_yskobe - 2016-11-19
Daruma, a casual Japanese restaurant next to the Hosomi Museum in Kyoto
#washoku #Kyoto #細見美術館 https://t.co/15Ql1bRwHg
Visit Kyoto & Nara @VisitKyotoNara - 2016-11-06
Hosomi Museum Kyoto will be closed from Mon Nov 7 to Fri Nov 11 due to the replacement of the exhibit. https://t.co/LLrhadDc7Z
Visit Kyoto & Nara @VisitKyotoNara - 2016-10-31
Rinpa -a Japanese Painiting style sect in Edo era represented by Korin OGATA- RINPA IN KYOTO exhibited in Hosomi Mu… https://t.co/ke56PeUYgq
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Visit one of them, others’ ticket will be discounted.… https://t.co/tRMRTIQVze
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Enjoy Traditional Kyoto Art Works at Hosomi Museum https://t.co/uvgKOxR6yR
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Rimpa, Jakuchu and the world of Elegance - Hosomi Museum Art Catalog Japan 2009 https://t.co/QDRyhgIFhY https://t.co/NNxAevIeAX
韓谷陳H @sean_HTCH - 2016-07-14
Hosomi museum revisite d https://t.co/nyYKruH0ZF
インバウンド対策コンサル三宮優子 @inbound_yskobe - 2016-05-07
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#hiroshisugimoto #kyotographie @ Hosomi Museum https://t.co/EE5spHUYpv
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#kyotographie @ Hosomi Museum https://t.co/44T6bXI2oq
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Hiroshi Sugimoto's collection at Hosomi Museum. @ 細見美術館 Hosomi Museum https://t.co/cEXT91VIoe
highly pompous items @celisnuri - 2016-04-24
Rimpa, Jakuchu and the world of Elegance - Hosomi Museum Art Catalog Japan 2009 https://t.co/Gija95Yd0F https://t.co/ulWdCEc9pA


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