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Karatsu Castle (Maizuru Castle)

Travel Guide - Karatsu Castle (Maizuru Castle)


Karatsu Castle was originally built in 1608, with the materials of demolished Nagoya Castle. The castle is also called “Maizuru (Dancing Crane) Castle” since its shape looks like a crane with spread out wings. The current Tenshukaku donjon was constructed in 1966 as a tourist facility. It has a observation deck on top of the building and visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Karatsu City and Genkai Sea.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 – 17:00 *admission until 16:40


  • December 29 – 31

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 400 yen (General, Adult)
  • 200 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 25 minutes walk from JR Karatsu Station
  • 10 minutes from JR Karatsu Station by the City Circle Bus. Get off at Karatsu-jo Iriguchi Bus stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 8-1, Higashijonai, Karatsu-shi, Saga, 847-0016


matcha-senpai @gngrmrg - 2019-08-12
Then onto Karatsu Castle! The bridge is somewhere there… https://t.co/5TYMWyIy6C
-nhs voice- wakarimasen,,, @lilywinterwood - 2019-08-09
anyway september 15-16 i’m gonna be in karatsu living it up in a ryokan catch me doing #ninja at the castle 😎
lily // stan 瀬奈じゅん @lilywinterwood - 2019-08-09
anyway september 15-16 i’m gonna be in karatsu living it up in a ryokan catch me doing #ninja at the castle 😎
lily // 陈情令 screaming // @ JPN!! @lilywinterwood - 2019-08-09
anyway september 15-16 i’m gonna be in karatsu living it up in a ryokan catch me doing #ninja at the castle 😎
lily // 陈情令 spoilers // @ JPN!! @lilywinterwood - 2019-08-09
anyway september 15-16 i’m gonna be in karatsu living it up in a ryokan catch me doing #ninja at the castle 😎
Japan Candy Box @JapanCandyBox - 2019-08-06
✨ In Japan, summer is synonymous with glorious firework spectacles! 🎇 The festivals boast thousands of fireworks an… https://t.co/mzRZqQ82LQ
POSITIVE戦隊‼️バイリンジャー🤟 @positiveranger - 2019-07-27
Karatsu/Saga Passing over a fantastic rainbow of Matsubara from Fukuoka, there’s the Karatsu castle, which has long… https://t.co/5uYIsKDmGo
JapanHaul @japanhaul - 2019-07-21
The colourful flowers that blooms in the sky...fireworks really are the definition of Summer in Japan! ✨😍

The beau… https://t.co/e5u3d8kZGS
kristina.exe @Sskessa - 2019-07-20
#yurionice / #YOI keychain fob from Karatsu Castle (the castle they visit in the show)

To enter:
◾️ Foll… https://t.co/LgwbaToWPB
kristina.exe @Sskessa - 2019-07-20
so while i was in Karatsu Castle, i bought this Yuri on Ice keychain thing because i felt like someone would really… https://t.co/KDFz6L3YHp
Milo🎍on Hydrangea🌿🏯🌺 @milostudio - 2019-07-19
i got annoyed and sent two postcards to myself this time. just that they are both pictures of Karatsu Castle. (cuz… https://t.co/0XDESS7htz
Milo🎍on Hydrangea🌿🏯🌺 @milostudio - 2019-07-18
@lilmissbittter it's 'Riverside Hotel Karatsu Castle'. this was my second time staying with them. i really like thi… https://t.co/cW703K8d9Q
Milo🎍on Hydrangea🌿🏯🌺 @milostudio - 2019-07-17
while on train to Fukuoka
me: *taking photo*
buddy: what are you doing?
me: trying to get a good shot of Karatsu Ca… https://t.co/lWxptBhKk6
革本ちゃん公式 Kawahon-chan official @kawahonchan - 2019-06-24
@YouForGame8484 No, this is a picture of a stuffed Kawahon-chan. Photographed at the ruins of Nagoya Castle in Kara… https://t.co/e8f2MuZprm
🌸BlueFlame in Japan @Sikamarutwin - 2019-05-02
We have made it to the castle!!!! #yurionice #karatsu https://t.co/JwzsLLRiUb
Circle Walker @CircleWalkerHK - 2019-04-20
final view of the karatsu castle......
#yoi #yurionice #yoi聖地巡礼相談 https://t.co/odzwuBu6TT
Funimag @funimag - 2019-04-15
Very steep and enclosed inclined elevator to access Karatsu Castle 🇯🇵 🚞
唐津城 #funicular #Karatsu #castle #Karatsu… https://t.co/p5CyDjeFKu
🇭🇺⛸Nanku CinderellaKun⛸🇭🇺🎥ICE ADOLESCENCE🎥 @CinderellaKun - 2019-04-10
I miss uuu Karatsuuuuuu!!!!

#yurionice #victuuri #victuri #hasetsu #karatsu #ninja #castle #Japan #traveling https://t.co/HOtRXoeHQf
🌸⛸Nanku CinderellaKun⛸🌸🎥ICE ADOLESCENCE🎥 @CinderellaKun - 2019-04-10
I miss uuu Karatsuuuuuu!!!!

#yurionice #victuuri #victuri #hasetsu #karatsu #ninja #castle #Japan #traveling https://t.co/HOtRXoeHQf
🍌🐟ジンch㋐nさん⛸🐬 @denkimouse - 2019-04-10
WE TOOK KARATSU CASTLE https://t.co/G3RNO5xoxp
🍌🐟ジンch㋐nさん⛸🐬 @denkimouse - 2019-04-10
they always watch over karatsu castle https://t.co/xh8Zp8GHYp
ジャメル @jameltaiyo - 2019-04-09
Currently raining tonight so no more Sakura in the morning😫 here’s a “sweet spot” photo of Karatsu Castle I took wh… https://t.co/yMIhyg8Yum
Just posted a photo @ Karatsu Castle https://t.co/V44pFtFEmR
Aubrie HodsonBayless @ahodsonb - 2019-04-03
This is my favorite place.

#yurionice #karatsu castle #japan https://t.co/Nq2g3NpCwq
waiting for spring @CempakaD - 2019-03-27
Saw Vicchan on Karatsu Castle. What are the odds 🤣👀 https://t.co/xw8D2KfbHq
waiting for spring @CempakaD - 2019-03-26
Arrived at Saga! Our hotel better have good wifi cuz I want to stream YOI before going to Karatsu Castle tomorrow 🤣
rakrate.com @Rakrate1 - 2019-03-24
Visited Karatsu Castle today....no cherry blossoms yet https://t.co/5pN8LBzyKs
pAnDa @anivyl - 2019-03-21
I visited #karatsu last year, to see the inspiration for the hometown of Katsuki Yuuri. I picked up some keychains… https://t.co/R2n0PlsFC4
fuwishi @fischkraut - 2019-03-08
Also, I met this cat at the foot of Karatsu castle... it reminded me of Yurio 😂 https://t.co/WEBt3p2ft4
fuwishi @fischkraut - 2019-03-04
I made the full weaboo tour today 😂 It’s Kagamiyama-onsen, Karatsu Castle, the poster in Karatsu castle, and the M… https://t.co/Ps3PTkKpMR


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