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Kencho-ji Temple, overlooks Kamakura City all the way to Sagami Bay, was established by the 5th regent of Kamakura shogunate Hojo Tokiyori in 1253. The temple is the first Zen training monastery in Japan and ranks among the most important of Kamakura's medieval Zen temples.
The two-storied gate called Sanmon has a quiet dignity. Further along at the end of the path, steep stairs continue up toward the hill behind the temple grounds. Halfway up is Hanso-bo, a shrine dedicated to a Shinto deity that protects the temple. The temple was burnt down several times by fire and earthquake, and the present buildings were reconstructed by Takuan Soho during the Edo Period (1603 – 1868).

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 8:30 - 16:30


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 300 yen (General, Adult)
  • 100 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 15 minutes walk from JR Kita-Kamakura Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 8, Yamanochi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 247-0062


Zoe Horn Haywood @zoehgd - 2015-04-25
Mum and I with the Flaming Buddha at Kencho-ji Temple, Kamakura, Japan
Miho @mihoara - 2015-04-09
Just posted a photo @ Kencho-ji Temple, Kamakura
Emilio Esquinca @emilyskink - 2015-04-08
At The Kencho-ji Temple!! #Kamakura #Japan #traveler
Murogiapponese @Murogiapponese - 2015-02-22
Fotogrammi: The dragon painted on the ceiling of the Hatto, Kencho-ji Zen temple… #giappone
TyeshaVictoria @TyeBee - 2015-02-05
Setsubun at the Kencho-ji Temple. Check out my blog to learn more about this annual celebration (link…
PSU Study Abroad @PSUEdAbroad - 2015-02-01
Find your zen!
SemesterAtSea @SemesterAtSea - 2015-01-30
Follow along as SAS students experience Zazan, a #Zen #Buddhist seated meditation, at Kenchō-jiTemple, in #Japan
Bonsai Style @BonsaiStyleNet - 2015-01-05
Simply and beautiful. View from the study of the abbott's quarters in Kencho-ji temple, Kamakura |...



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