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The exhibits of Kobe City Museum feature the archaeology and history of Kobe city. The museum also houses a fine collection of the 16th to the 17th century Japanese paintings and art objects with Portuguese and Spanish influences (Namban Art), Kohmoh or Dutch influenced Art from the 17th to the 19th centuries, and old maps.
The museum's neoclassical architecture building was originally constructed in 1935 as the Kobe branch of Yokohama Specie Bank.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:30 - 17:30 *admission until 16:30


  • No closing days
  • Year-end and New Year's holidays

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • General exhibition: 200 yen (General, Adult)
  • General exhibition: 150 yen (Student)
  • General exhibition: 100 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from Sannomiya Station on the JR lines, Seishin-Yamate Line (S03) or Port Liner (P01)
  • 10 minutes walk from Hanshin Sannomiya Station on the Hanshin Main Line
  • 10 minutes walk from Hankyu Sannomiya Station on the Hankyu Kobe Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 24, Kyomachi, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0034


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李莓鈴 Li Meiling @Son_Of_NIPPON - 2020-05-14
@lch20120068 There is a 'Sun Yat-sen Memorial Museum' near my city, Kobe. The museum exhibits materials related to… https://t.co/ZPxSROJzAr
李莓鈴 Li Meiling @Son_Of_NIPPON - 2020-05-14
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“BE KOBE” Monument in Port Island Shiosai Park
Meriken Park grounds
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