Lake Ashi-no-ko

Lake Ashi-no-ko


Lake Ashi-no-ko, 725 meters above sea level, is a principal attraction of Hakone. It has a circumference of 21 kilometers with an aquatic area of 680 ha. The lake abounds in black bass and trout, which makes angling a main leisure activity, along with boating. It is also well known for the inverted reflection of Mt. Fuji seen on a clear day. Regular pleasure boat service links Togendai or Kojiri on the north and Moto-Hakone or Hakone-Machi on the south, some with a stopover at Hakone-en Park en route.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 35 minutes from Hakone-Yumoto Station on the Hakone Tozan Line or Odakyu Line by the bus bound for Kojiri / Hakone-en. Get off at Kojiri Bus stop.
  • Short walk from Togendai Station on the Hakone Ropeway

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Motohakone, Hakone-machi Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, 250-0522



Paula Navarro  @paulatxu27 - 2014-09-19
I'm at hakone pax yoshino
PYO Travel  @J1hotel - 2014-09-19
how go Hakone?
Toudou Jinpachi  @hakonesbeauty - 2014-09-19
new hakone team shirts!
Gredlen  @Gredlen - 2014-09-19
is brown-hair Hakone senpai's character trait just eating granola bars all the time #YowaGred
御堂筋  @Piiiiiiiiiiiieh - 2014-09-19
Sohoku and Hakone are memes?
Del  @Delneity - 2014-09-19
@sngaara same I don't wanna be disappointed :( I want hakone to just marry sohoku so they can be together and see he gengivas
kinjoy  @slipperyslopeT2 - 2014-09-19
@narukupo hakone's most beautiful climber and cockblock
ciry  @narusakas - 2014-09-18
my friends and i, like hakone, are a team of aces... hahaha get it. aces
heart pirate chrisis  @faultierken - 2014-09-18
@missstrigoi ooo h gosh,, TWO SHINKAIS GREAT more suffering... DOES HE GET INTO HAKONE
izumida, probably  @real_abuabu - 2014-09-18
Hakone movie night Someone suggests The Hills Have Eyes Two hours later everyone is crying and Manami has locked himself in the bathroom
Toudou Jinpachi  @hakonesbeauty - 2014-09-18
hello we are the hakone team. we are all aces and our team motto is "shut up toudou"
micheleherrmann  @micheleherrmann - 2014-09-18
A4: Eating sushi/singing karaoke in Tokyo, soaking in hot springs in Hakone, reflecting on Hiroshima and exploring Mt Fuji. #TripItChat
KΛM  @qwoptime - 2014-09-18
LOOOOOOOL HAKone dancin to exo wolf all cuz of arakita
Hawaii Prince Hotel  @PrinceWaikiki - 2014-09-18
Check out this blog abour our recent sake dinner at Hakone. Stay tuned for more sake events to come!
Kiss From The World  @LiveTravelling - 2014-09-18
Guide to Bay Area: Hakone Garden >< #USA #California #Saratoga #travel #ttot @taaaaate
micheleherrmann  @micheleherrmann - 2014-09-18
I wouldn't mind staying in Hakone to try the hot springs. #OneTravelChat
Patty Mcintyre  @ParicaMcintyre - 2014-09-18
Japan - Dogashima, Hakone Old Tinted Postcard c.1912 #japan #japanese
Un Giorno Nella Vita  @UnGiornoNellaVi - 2014-09-18
Throwback Thursday: Owakudani #travel #Japan #Owakudani #Hakone #Kanagawa #kurotamago #greatboilingvalley…
立夏@花澤病  @AkemiKoyomi - 2014-09-18
@inid7gekiatu yes. Hakone and Tag Battle are available. It is EXP 1.2
こぼ  @inid7gekiatu - 2014-09-18
@AkemiKoyomi you can already play hakone and tag battle right? i mean already updated?
His Royal Kainess ♔  @twinkletoesoppa - 2014-09-18
@fuyuko6 yeah i've been to hakone, kyoto, osaka only. T.T i went in spring for the cherry blossoms <3 lucky you, food in osaka is amazing!
PrimeGamers  @PrimeGamers1 - 2014-09-18
I liked a @YouTube video from @ftbacon Mr. Bacon on Tour EP3 - Kanagawa & Hakone (Part 2)
Christopher Fowler  @Peculiar - 2014-09-18
@IanAMartin They do rhinos too! I got it in the Museum of Outdoor Sculpture, Hakone, Japan, but they do online too...and dinosaurs.
Nattapat Suwanwong  @MrBaconPlays - 2014-09-18
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Mr. Bacon on Tour EP3 - Kanagawa & Hakone (Part 2)
Jamie Piper  @jamieleepiper - 2014-09-18
our hotel in Hakone not only has tons of hot springs, but we have our own private one on our balcony…
mario d  @mario18601 - 2014-09-18
The ryokan life is for me. Onsen was incredible. Hot spring mineral bath in the clean Hakone air. #SamuraiLife
zombie gf  @melsbae - 2014-09-18
Phil Grow  @PhilGrow1 - 2014-09-18
@holliesmiles @JennyJordanWKYC @wkyc @johnWKYC @Lynna_Lai Woody's Hakone, JP
Sushi  @Yowasushi - 2014-09-18
Imagine Yamaguchi being a part of Hakone
りりん☆Shuutoroberii  @pomodoririn - 2014-09-18
@nemidesunya I only saw a photo huhuhu let's go to hakone adkskdj padrive kay murai