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Lake Chuzenji-ko is located at the height of 1,269 meters near Kegon-no-Taki Falls in Okunikko. The largest lake in Tochigi has a 25-kilometer perimeter and a maximum depth of about 163 meters. Visitors can enjoy pleasure boat ride on the lake.
It is said that the lake has been created by an eruption of Mt. Nantai-san. Then it was discovered by a Buddhist priest Shodo Shonin, the founder of the temples of Nikko, when he climbed up the mountain in 782. The lake is also called "Sachi-no-Umi (Lake of Fortune)", the name given by the Emperor Meiji when he visited the lake in 1876.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 49 minutes from JR Nikko Station by the bus bound for Chuzenji Onsen or Yumoto Onsen. Get off at Chuzenji Onsen Bus stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Chugushi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 321-1661


すぎふぉれ@サンデードライバー @gogo_sugifore - 2019-08-19
I knew at the first time this event
#WorldPhotographyDay 👍

This is the lake 'Chuzenji' in Japan🍂 https://t.co/ZdytGkMWtb
Snail Mail Superstar @SnailMailSuper - 2019-08-14
This beauty is two postcards connected by paper tape to make a panoramic image. 😍 Kegon Falls is located at Lake Ch… https://t.co/p8CfNbEo85
Hector 🅰 Parayuelos @hecpara - 2019-08-13
@tdrexplorer @MarkWillard85 @dxwwf3 Oku-Nikko was my first experience with nature and the outdoors in Japan. Hiking… https://t.co/n768MWYT9R
Raphael Fumihiro Oda @RaphaelFOda2 - 2019-08-01
A close encounter to a wild deer on the way to the observatory point near by Chuzenji lake in Nikko https://t.co/cjUPW1cluQ
Léonie van den Haak @LeonievdHaak - 2019-07-17
Body is back in Tokyo, head still out of office... @ Lake Chūzenji https://t.co/UFiY4zyYNW
클라리스 @clarobus - 2019-07-15
I guess the sun didn't rise on the pier that day ; lake Chuzenji was a bit shy and we didn't get to see much.
Alre… https://t.co/7oXRxT80uN
Sheila Simkin @sheilatravels - 2019-07-06
Visit Oku Nikko, Japan: 20 Zig-Zags Up to Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Waterfall https://t.co/U7b3YQwpRr via @YouTube
JasmineYap @JasmineYap2 - 2019-07-05
Around Lake Chuzenji
Susan Spann @SusanSpann - 2019-07-04
Lake Chuzenji, in #Nikko, on a cloudy summer afternoon. #Japan https://t.co/XsdABTw14g
ilana📜remikee☄️ @nadiwoo - 2019-07-04
@LaurenRKayes For nature, depending on how far you're willing to go: Nikko is a bit further (about 2.5 hrs) but the… https://t.co/dxyVsDcEAT
Jeroen Vergeylen @JeroenVergeylen - 2019-06-20
The Boathouse at Lake #Chuzenji, Tochigi Prefecture. From 1947 it was used as a recreational facility for US milita… https://t.co/76V0abtROf
Ben Straub @benstraub - 2019-06-19
Another big day! A 2-hour car ride to Nikko, where we saw the mausoleum of the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate; w… https://t.co/j0BF8Att2U
RMSショータ @konno_shota - 2019-06-09
Guiding someone with “cicada” is always promising and the most of catches would be golden brownie for some reason.… https://t.co/adcUdD0Gyl
⚰️ @ShoTA_GameForum - 2019-06-09
This is a Lake Chuzenji
but it's to rain(´・ω・ `) https://t.co/qVMDHfs6xn
⚰️ 手動式地震情報支援bot @ShoTA_GameForum - 2019-06-09
This is a Lake Chuzenji
but it's to rain(´・ω・ `) https://t.co/qVMDHfs6xn
棺桶レーサーμ @ShoTA_GameForum - 2019-06-09
This is a Lake Chuzenji
but it's to rain(´・ω・ `) https://t.co/qVMDHfs6xn
Gunther Sleeuwagen @sleeuwagen1 - 2019-06-03
Welcoming members of the Japan-Belgian Society and Tochigi prefecture in our house at Lake Chuzenji. Belgium 90 yea… https://t.co/z9gAzpBUAg
Tour in Japan @tourinjapan - 2019-06-01
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Tuckraider @tuckraider - 2019-05-30
Asian girl is looking at Chuzenji Lake, Nikko, Jap[No.51348456] Other 6 Photos are online today. https://t.co/6BPM3u8EFy
360 Stories @360stories - 2019-05-29
Not much 🙌🏽 just a scenic Japanese #peace of Lake Chūzenji.
And a gentle announcement. @360stories takes you to a… https://t.co/LqAt0QqcpC
People's Court @ThePeopleCourt - 2019-05-28
#Tour of the Week! It's a Walk near #Nikko, Tochigi, Japan! View here: https://t.co/mYT5FDir5d #TourGuide https://t.co/IwcE8ps4QW
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Be one with #nature in #Nikko, #Japan, a city immersed in a magnificent natural environment. See the beauty Nikko h… https://t.co/a4TZIk00TM
Corrie @corrie_eats - 2019-05-19
While at Lake Chuzenji, we did a 1 hour boat cruise around the lake (very reasonable 1250 yen). This little island… https://t.co/hbXybLEypB
Corrie @corrie_eats - 2019-05-18
Manhole cover discovered in Lake Chuzenji, Nikko. Japan has so many cool manhole covers that are fun to spot.… https://t.co/1NcODA3ffO
Ninjamonkey @ninjamonkeyguy - 2019-05-18
https://t.co/MAhoA2nEPK I visited lake chuzenji in #Nikko #japan as a #solotraveler checked out #kegonfalls an amaz… https://t.co/GhqNrUG2dG
Corrie @corrie_eats - 2019-05-17
The Akechidaira ropeway is high up in the mountains on the way to Lake Chuzenji from Nikko, and is supposed to prov… https://t.co/lJiRr5gc9s
Dr Scott Rickard @Rickard_Scott - 2019-05-17
Hundreds of birds flying around the top of Kegon Falls near Lake Chuzenji yesterday #exploringJapan #KegonFalls… https://t.co/6S0jEMHlEW
IR Global @ir_global - 2019-05-13
What a great way to end #IRTOKYO19 'On the Road' event with a trip to Nikko Lake Chuzenji and the Kegon Falls.

Th… https://t.co/goMJaWhU6K
Sariel (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ @Japan May 1 ~ Aug 13 @sarielscribbles - 2019-05-10
it was super quiet and empty up at Lake Chuzenji yesterday morning~ would have liked to hike some of the mountain t… https://t.co/j9w3SeTxcP
Xenor @XenorVernix - 2019-05-08
Today will be a relaxing day trip to Lake Chūzenji.


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