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Lake Toya-ko is a caldera lake with the circumference of 43 kilimeters and the maximum depth of 180 meters. It abounds with fish (especially Kokanee salmon) and has a magnificent view with Mt. Showa-Shinzan and Mt. Usu. The four various-sized islets called Nakajima are most picturesque, and wild Yezo deers can be seen there.
In spite of located in Hokkaido, the climate around this place is mild in general and the lake never freezes over. The tourist season continues from April until the end of October, and fireworks show is held during the period. Toya-ko Onsen Spa, with abundant hot water located in the south of the lake, is known as one of the largest hot-spring resorts in Hokkaido.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 20 minutes from JR Toya Station by the bus bound for Toya-ko Onsen. Get off at Toya-ko Onsen Bus Terminal.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Toyamachi, Toyako-cho Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, 049-5802


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Dyan   @HeurDyan - 2015-01-28
The lake that never freezes: “Lake Toya”
意地っ張りアーサー  @innocencespada - 2015-01-26
This is lake of Toya in Hokkaido.
Quen  @qrianana - 2015-01-25
@ciptoning11 hahaha we can. Now should we use lake toya to cut it?
Anime Tourism  @anime_tourism - 2015-01-24
sora no method (Celestial Method) Pilgrimage Movie
location: Lake Toya, Sapporo Hokkai-do Japan
auther: tskobaya
和之進@自然発酵  @Kazunoshin - 2015-01-24
Drinking a Swan Lake IPA by @twinswanlake at @osanbashi —
Supersilly Traveller  @Silly_Traveller - 2015-01-22
Visiting Hokkaido this winter and want an #awesome Onsen experience? Check out @japanguidecom
Sarah Kablau  @SarahKablau - 2015-01-21
@Toya_Washington @Mark_Baden Mark said something about false stories in the media and then said he thought mermaids in the lake were real 😂
chingk  @chingk - 2015-01-18
@mashable check out Lake Toya in Japan. During the summer they launch fireworks in the Lake for the tourists.
Neal,Toya  @d_toya - 2015-01-16
We got this Dub 🏀🏆. Good game lake. Y'all played hard asf 💯
Ben Prichard  @Ben_Prichard - 2015-01-14
Stunning bluebird day in Rusutsu. Breathtaking views from the top of Mt Isola towards Lake Toya and Pacific Ocean.
Hokkaido HINT (ENG)  @HKD_HINT_EN - 2015-01-14
8:42AM, 0℃ Illumination events're still held!
・In Lake Toya
・In Obihiro
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Successful Women MH  @SherylMatthys - 2015-01-13
In from LA! He helped Ricki Lake & La Toya Jackson - and his product earned 100 million in 3 years. Don't miss...
✧Naru08✖✧(●´ϖ`●)  @naru08x - 2015-01-13
i knew it! that Kiriya lake in sorameso is toya lake somewhere in hokkaido. except for the fact that it's saucerless.
PYy  @py_yung - 2015-01-12
Been to lake toya
KuMi_ cHo  @kumi_easygoing - 2015-01-09

at Lake Toya
Laura Berry  @LauraBezza - 2015-01-05
Today was alright. Just a shitload of faceshots in Rusutsu then sunset with lake Toya and the Pacific…
grandpa badr  @sakatasgintoki - 2015-01-04
lake toya
sad naruto flute  @sakatasgintoki - 2015-01-04
lake toya
Kim Huerta  @spartytoon - 2015-01-03
@sniperking323 By just handing Lake Toya (which doesn't belong to her) to the dude, she'd be doing something low, like Gintoki does.
.AM.  @AwinMeweks - 2015-01-01
Lake Side Resto N Bar (at Toya Devasya) [pic] —
Adi Krisna  @putukrisnayant1 - 2015-01-01
Moment th bru w' @decadhi_joel #wekeend #explore #lake #likeforlike @ toya devasha camping



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