Lake Toya-ko

Lake Toya-ko


Lake Toya-ko is a caldera lake with the circumference of 43 kilimeters and the maximum depth of 180 meters. It abounds with fish (especially Kokanee salmon) and has a magnificent view with Mt. Showa-Shinzan and Mt. Usu. The four various-sized islets called Nakajima are most picturesque, and wild Yezo deers can be seen there.
In spite of located in Hokkaido, the climate around this place is mild in general and the lake never freezes over. The tourist season continues from April until the end of October, and fireworks show is held during the period. Toya-ko Onsen Spa, with abundant hot water located in the south of the lake, is known as one of the largest hot-spring resorts in Hokkaido.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / RatePrice / Rate

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 20 minutes from JR Toya Station by the bus bound for Toya-ko Onsen. Get off at Toya-ko Onsen Bus Terminal.

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Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Toyamachi, Toyako-cho Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, 049-5802



Vanessa Ho  @vanchanelv - 2014-09-29
Just me and my sis, doing what we do! 📷👭 @ Toya Lake Hill Farm
Vanessa Ho  @vanchanelv - 2014-09-29
Soft ice cream! 😍🍦 // Japanese herb and green tea flavour! Yum yum! ☺️ @ Toya Lake Hill Farm
Toya Robison  @toya_robison - 2014-09-28
It's Sunday Funday! Looking forward to another birthday party and some time on the lake... Oh Happy…
Felton Kizer  @feltonkizer - 2014-09-28
for toya- she said "make it pretty" #masonjarchronicles #feltonkizer @ Lake Shore Drive
Chui Yi  @ChuiyiC - 2014-09-28
29.07.14 takeout picnic lunch by Lake Toya. #latergram #travelgram #Japan #Hokkaido #LakeToya
Tomo K  @DrTomostyle - 2014-09-28
@sansturbot sure, no problem. That view of Lake Toya in Hokkaido is unreal!
jACKEt  @jHYtse - 2014-09-27
Lake Toya from Silo Observatory. Just leaving the place now.
Jason Marrero  @_Lake_Toya_ - 2014-09-26
Shit is the perfect word to describe today -___-
Sophia Leo  @SophiaLeo - 2014-09-26
Favourite holiday destination by far, is Hokkaido, for fresh air, beautiful Lake Toya, hot bath, lovely scenery, quaint shops & pretty stuff
Jason Marrero  @_Lake_Toya_ - 2014-09-26
Omfg this morning has just been a shit infested swirling toilet of fuck you's.
Mus  @MooseyMus - 2014-09-25
Tuturu~ time to head to toya lake!
Jason Marrero  @_Lake_Toya_ - 2014-09-25
It's amazing how I went to te store and ended up having a conversation with an Indian lady about pink Floyd and how she saw them in Germany.
Jason Marrero  @_Lake_Toya_ - 2014-09-24
Some memories are meant to be forgotten