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Lake Yunoko is located at the altitude of 1,478 meters. The lake was formed from the eruptions of Mitsudake volcanoes. The lake has a three-kilometer perimeter, and you can walk all the way around in about one hour. The figure of the mountains reflect on the surface of the lake looks fantastic, especially in the autumn when the mountains are covered with colorful leaves.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 87 minutes from JR Nikko Station by the bus bound for Yumoto Onsen. Get off at the last stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Yumoto, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 321-1662


Martina @takanomartina - 2020-09-15
Lake Yunoko, Nikko, an area I want to explore in the future https://t.co/9iKPApippl
Craig Ansibin @craigansibin - 2020-06-08
Yudaki Waterfall (Yu-daki [湯滝]) is a 70m waterfall draining the sulfur-laced and geothermally-heated lake Yunoko wi… https://t.co/TG25Fk6F8S
Viren Lall @virenlall - 2019-12-29
At the furthest end from Nikko at the Yumoto Onsen next to Yutakj falls and Lake Tunoko You can bath in sulphuric h… https://t.co/BGanLBIT1J
Coup Dat (vacation mode) ⚜️ @floridalease - 2019-12-19
back around the ridge on the other side of Lake Yunoko https://t.co/uVrMpOmIcq
Jessica @rbjhan - 2019-10-22
Lake Yunoko in the morning, taken from hotel room. https://t.co/lpmlXGxLRi
DavidWillNo 데이빗노 @davidwillno - 2019-10-15
A perfect reflection on #YunoLake. This week notice the beauty around you.

#photography #포토그래퍼… https://t.co/VWVQvU8Kp1
Nishikura @nishikura - 2019-06-30
Lake of hot spring
#yunoko #nikko #okunikko #湯の湖 https://t.co/GQFDA381os https://t.co/JL6TNZqDg0
Nishikura @nishikura - 2019-06-29
Lake of hot spring
#yunoko #okunikko #nikko #湯の湖 # https://t.co/dFez3EdcbS https://t.co/yP7paHYYRg
Nishikura @nishikura - 2019-06-27
symmetric reflection
#yunoko #lake #nikko #okunikko #湯の湖 https://t.co/huK7vjNTFX https://t.co/TbqdQ0KhaZ
Nishikura @nishikura - 2019-06-26
Lake of green
#yunoko #lake #nikko #okunikko #湯の湖 https://t.co/oLcXIKjEvC https://t.co/P0neX1d88k
Chiara Bracaloni @ChiaraBracaloni - 2019-04-10
Located in the center area of Nikko National Park and near the Lake Yunoko, Nikko Yumoto-onsen is a Hot Spring reso… https://t.co/jtAqsf3I6x
Golda Meteoro (new acct) @golden_meteor - 2019-01-21
#Throwback I miss Lake Yunoko. Happy birthday, sisterette! @behnuhzeer https://t.co/K1qTSZG1iQ
Lee Cobaj @Lee_Cobaj - 2019-01-12
Yunoko Lake almost completely frozen over https://t.co/LFLD1TiLjv
mari nozu @luxurytraveljp - 2018-12-16
This is almost the last destination of Nikko One Day Trip from Tokyo.
Lake Yunoko.

Enjoyed the fresh air, peace a… https://t.co/QaT0rJC4CC
Hector 🅰️ Parayuelos @hecpara - 2018-09-11
Once you get to the Yumoto-onsen, you start your hike down with Yunoko lake and Yudaki Falls

#Nikko https://t.co/2cPi57aXyH
Mike Ferris @mikef456 - 2018-08-30
Spent the night in Oku-Nikko up in the mountains. Captured a beautifully reflective lake named Yunoko this morning.… https://t.co/ju8dZb4lMy
Nick knoll @knollnick - 2018-01-07
Standing on lake Yunoko ...Is this how Jesus did it? And he did it in barely any clothes aswell, miracle worker ❄… https://t.co/k9BKMNTmDA
NYCbromo @techbro8 - 2017-12-19
'Before the snowstorm. Lake Yunoko, Nikko, Tochigi. December 2016 [OC]' , posted by /u/animal-alpha -- see the redd… https://t.co/1D4i7pNb8r
couplenomad @couplenomad_e - 2017-09-06
We found a flower around lake Yunoko,Japan.
beautiful(*´ω`*) https://t.co/6TCrpBbBj5
🐰meg🐰 a.k.a.こめぐ🐇 @komeg - 2017-08-30
walked around the lake yunoko(hot water lake)yesterday. one of ramser wetland.#旅メモ https://t.co/Ef2oFTvyuC
couplenomad @couplenomad_e - 2017-08-29
We found flowers around lake Yunoko, Japan. https://t.co/XSes07uBJM
couplenomad @couplenomad_e - 2017-08-29
We strolled around lake Yunoko.
It was beautiful(*´ω`*) https://t.co/q8348BzvcT
Blue Variance @Blue_Variance - 2017-08-17
A few more pics from today: Yunoko Lake, Yudaki (waterfall), and Shinkyo bridge! https://t.co/X5zdDYssS6
Wendren Setzer @thewren - 2017-08-04
Walking down the trails from Yunoko Lake fly fishermen gently cast their lines into the water.… https://t.co/4VH8AejaYg
Sky Vettel @SkyVettel - 2017-02-25
Reposting @jerfareza:
View of Yunoko Lake in Nikko, Tochigi on a snowy day. My hands were almost frozen there..… https://t.co/rYzE8hQZDN
Sky Vettel @SkyVettel - 2017-02-25
Reposting @jerfareza:
View of Yunoko Lake in Nikko, Tochigi on a snowy day. My hands were almost frozen there..… https://t.co/rYzE8hQZDN
Hector A Parayuelos @hecpara - 2017-02-08
Sweep panorama of Yunoko Lake in Nikko, Japan. My favorite area of Japan, by far. So much magic in those woods!… https://t.co/qijYWiFXAZ
Sky Vettel @SkyVettel - 2017-02-08
Reposting @jerfareza:
View of Yunoko Lake in Nikko, Tochigi on a snowy day. My hands were almost frozen there..… https://t.co/imgEVQSx0V
まこと写真撮影とバスケが好き @worldintroducti - 2017-02-06
Lake Yunoko in Nikko city is particularly famous for its beautiful autumn leaves.
GraytScapes @Grayt_Scapes - 2017-01-26
Reposting @jerfareza:
View of Yunoko Lake in Nikko, Tochigi on a snowy day. My hands were almost frozen there.. https://t.co/wIaykjf58s


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