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Maruyama Zoo is located in Maruyama Park. It is one of the largest zoos in Hokkaido, and approximately 1,000 mammals, birds and reptiles of 200 species are exhibited here. At the Bear House, you can see seven species of bear. The Chimpanzee House has a 15 meters high jungle gym and you can watch their behavior. In the Kid's Zoo, you can touch sheep, rabbits and other small animals.
Maruyama Kids’ Land is a small amusement park in the zoo where children can ride various kinds of attractions.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 - 17:00 (February 1 - October 31)
  • 9:00 - 16:00 (November 1 - January 31)


  • December 29 - 31

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 600 yen (General, Adult)
  • Admission Free (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 15 minutes walk from Maruyama-Koen Station on the Sapporo Municipal Subway Tozai Line (T06)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 3-1, Miyagaoka, Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 064-0959


HWS @HungWei_Shu - 2019-08-21
The under water tunnel in Maruyama zoo. I sat over here for a while to watch these algae floating in the water. Win… https://t.co/TBxL9LjRqk
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Anya Lagrosa @MestisangPango - 2019-08-19
Maruyama Zoo has a fun and playful character https://t.co/kH9m99Z64W
Anya Lagrosa @MestisangPango - 2019-08-19
So I will file today under the documentary “Anya in the Wild” and “Anya’s Natural Habitat”

Meantime in nearby Ma… https://t.co/A0ngGHLUOI
Jay M @mkduffer - 2019-08-09
@SpotTheLoon2010 @td_port Looks like the red panda exhibit at the Maruyama zoo in Sapporo. Soo cute!!!
annyeong.gb.lady @annyeongGbLady - 2019-08-09
📸Knock, knock! Just coming by to say “Hello!”
(Maruyama Zoo, Sapporo City 2018 Feb)

#polarbear #winter… https://t.co/Hf7DJLb5km
千万太 @kitouchimata - 2019-08-04
A hot summer day in Maruyama zoo. https://t.co/cV4lPlKNJq
Elephants In Japan @japanelephants - 2019-07-03
@Cockato47613097 A zoo can never replace nature. We understand how fascinating elephants are & why people wish to s… https://t.co/ejeedPQKr6
Kinoch @wenkinoc - 2019-06-25
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LIVE JAPAN @LIVEJAPANGuide - 2019-06-04
#Maruyama Zoo's concept is “habitat exhibition” - where they enhance animal welfare and share the joy of animals. A… https://t.co/m6rEiAbJMu
Tokyo Treat @TokyoTreat - 2019-05-21
This white soda supports the Sapporo Maruyama Zoo #polarbear conservation project! The sweet candy flavor is also u… https://t.co/xLnZ5fVhGv
Mi @miii - 2019-05-16
Do you see what I see?

#kangaroo @ Sapporo Maruyama Zoo https://t.co/jWCfXePpVW
Mi @miii - 2019-05-16
Yappari Haropin was too fat and I forgot to bring her with me.
Welcome #Akamaru as Nyanbo proxy.… https://t.co/U6H9OiGBNz
YOWiN @yoyoyowin - 2019-04-25
I love to visit zoos and aquariums however I know it’s kind of cruelty...#dilemma 🙁

#animals #love #zoo #aquarium… https://t.co/6NrqIT09tX
SwedishChick @OC_SwedishChick - 2019-04-24
@CurledTails Coco at Maruyama Zoo had her back teeth removed due to periodontal disease 6 years ago. She couldn't e… https://t.co/s56UAvC1Jq
Paul Dymond @PaulDymond - 2019-04-15
The suburb of Maruyama, as well as being home to Hokkaido Jingu and the Maruyama Zoo, takes its name from a local m… https://t.co/rYmazaZpht
Paul Dymond @PaulDymond - 2019-04-12
The quickest way to get to Hokkaido Jingu from the centre of town is on the subway. It’s a short walk from Maruyama… https://t.co/5NSeZob4G0
🐙ドンたこ酢🐙たっちゃん🐈 @Abry3G2kqEQuUo9 - 2019-04-07
@ChrisCharlotteG OMG😱

#Maruyama zoo
#Sapporo city
#Japan https://t.co/hbyiWP9wne
PamVillapandoBernal @pamvillapando - 2019-04-02
Yesterday was littleradgirls day. They chose where they wanted to go so obviously this was their choice. 🐘🐅🦓🦉🦅 @ Ma… https://t.co/2mAgGSR00s
みはら まりも@次はとうかいちほー @marimoLoveSL - 2019-04-01
@0725theDear Thanks(≧∀≦)Please love Sizim, the snow leopard of Maruyama Zoo✨✨✨
みはら まりも@次はとうかいちほー @marimoLoveSL - 2019-03-31
@KadenC20 @Amrodtiger I think that's exactly what you say✨I wrote in the text, 'Maybe she is fighting against herse… https://t.co/gtl7KpjQoT
杏杏 @_thx4allthefish - 2019-03-31
@laumonar You didn’t like the hotel!? Hey I’m going to the Maruyama zoo soon so if you are interested you are more than welcome to join us😆
杏杏 @_thx4allthefish - 2019-03-31
@prissunwind @ezomarch_ We are on our way to Maruyama Zoo! 😂 Where are you!? Yay! You made it!!
#札幌 バズウォール @BuzzWallSapporo - 2019-03-29
We went to Maruyama Park walk zoo in Sapporo♬ https://t.co/KYLQpmhf9S https://t.co/c0uqoTydUg
Elephants In Japan @japanelephants - 2019-03-17
The Sapporo Maruyama Zoo has opened its new elephant house. Despite strong protest, four #Elephants were imported f… https://t.co/jY3qUPwr6Y
(チーズ)Oo。.(´ω`) @Instagram_miii - 2019-03-12
I also saw a new tortoise at Maruyama Zoo, and I also watched my favorite toucan toucan!
For images of Maruyama Zoo… https://t.co/hcuotLhxpB
(チーズ)Oo。.(´ω`) @Instagram_miii - 2019-03-12
I also saw a new tortoise at Maruyama Zoo, and I also watched my favorite tucano!
For images of Maruyama Zoo and th… https://t.co/CP4WSf0nyH
(チーズ)Oo。.(´ω`) @Instagram_miii - 2019-03-12
I also saw a new tortoise at Maruyama Zoo, and I also watched my favorite tucano!
For images of Maruyama Zoo and th… https://t.co/HRhS5FaSln
Elephants In Japan @japanelephants - 2019-03-12
A very interesting article! Yes, why was the Sapporo Maruyama Zoo able to important 4 #elephants in one go? Million… https://t.co/5SOchYf9W5
Hokkaido Explorer @HokkaidoExp - 2019-03-12
Today marks the opening of a new addition to the zoo and a welcome party for some new friends! 4 Asian elephants 🐘… https://t.co/HQzH6VlKLi


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