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This museum is built so as to melt into the mountains of Shigaraki. To preserve its environment, more than 80% of the building is underground. And the exhibits are as impressive as the architecture. Works on display are selected from a collection more than 2,000, and include pieces of from the Nara and Heian periods (8th – 12th centuries).

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 10:00 - 17:00 *admission until 16:00


  • Irregular

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 1,100 yen (General, Adult)
  • 800 yen (Student)
  • 300 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 50 minutes from JR Ishiyama Station by the bus bound for Miho-Hakubutsukan. Get off at the last stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 300, Shigarakicho Tashiro, Koka-shi, Shiga, 529-1814


daphne mir // ダフニミヤ @daphne_mir - 2019-12-07
I went to the Miho Museum today outside Kyoto! Here’s some unedited phone shots I’m fond of. Architecture by I. M.… https://t.co/ehZ4TCS4n2
マイルド奇兵隊 @sfa38BmAhgOhnSU - 2019-12-07
MIHO MUSEUMへ🎵 https://t.co/D4m2vbQjTU
Cassandra Farrin 🐥 @CassaCassaCassa - 2019-12-05
@NotLikeFreddy If I'm remembering right, I went to Miho Museum (INCREDIBLE) and then spent the night at Koya San. T… https://t.co/fWqzy9j0PS
Beatrycze Nagrodzka @barring_maria - 2019-12-04
Panel of the mortuary bed from the Miho Museum with the Turk hunting scene (Miho Museum, 1997, p. 250, fig.C). https://t.co/D1PVwGrP93
Kogatanori @kogatanori - 2019-12-03
rs125 miho museum https://t.co/nwhBE72Idp
Tom James, The Daigo Umehara of Dating Sims @iiotenki - 2019-12-03
Getting back to Tokimemo 2 so I can finally finish my first run and I forgot that Miho's bullshit is the best bulls… https://t.co/sWpKhWuDAO
yokii 篠田玉華 @yyyyyyokii - 2019-12-03
seasons change and our love went cold
feed  the flame cause we can't let it go
run away but we're running in circle… https://t.co/2VrORz9Uua
CARAA @CARAA_Center - 2019-12-02
Pair of Bracelets with Lion's-head Terminals,
Iran, Persia, Achaemenid period, Possibly late 5th to 4th centuries… https://t.co/01ODZgzQ4s
GRRRR® @ibbyl - 2019-11-30
@emilynussbaum Yes. And check out the Miho Museum when there. Not in the city proper but worth the effort to get there
Beatrycze Nagrodzka @barring_maria - 2019-11-28
Marble mortuary bed from the Miho Museum in the Japanese city of Shigaraki. The panels of the mortuary bed depict t… https://t.co/1Xr8mQfsqk
Ty Billman @Ty_Billman - 2019-11-23
My thoughts on the Bizen ceramics exhibition at Shiga’s Miho Museum, on until 12.15 https://t.co/nCwPLlgS7i
All Japan Tours @AllJapanTours - 2019-11-21
Designed by I.M. Pei, the Miho Museum displays the Shumei Family's extensive #art collection from the #ancientworld… https://t.co/C2ezxA8nBC
no context mortimer 🇪🇺 @bloodymortimer - 2019-11-19
Went to Miho Museum. (the crazy cult place)
Building is not very interesting, considering the hype.
Collection som… https://t.co/goDXuqHeSW
Amanda467 @Amanda467 - 2019-11-18
[OS] Sculpture of Deer In Lacquered Wood, China, Eastern Zhou Dynasty (4th-3rd Century B.C.), Miho Museum, Kyoto, J… https://t.co/E1zjPuV6CM
Karina Hyett @KarinaHyett - 2019-11-17
Roman cupid • AD 1st Century • in the museum in the mountains, Japan • MIHO Museum https://t.co/lDCjIH5xoR
momotarou@museum_in_mt. @museum_in_mt_u - 2019-11-17
@fifalucia Hi! This museum is near Kyoto, Japan.
Please check this link if you like
CHYJ @crystarlia - 2019-11-15
Along the way to Miho Museum, a sort of scary 1 hr bus ride with narrow winding roads, and the bus driver was drivi… https://t.co/AK9HNYEFho
CHYJ @crystarlia - 2019-11-15
Waiting for the bus to Miho Museum. The sun is killing me... 🌞🔥🥵

#chyjtravels #japan2019withsis https://t.co/h8JsEjM2pv
Nicholas @ketchupsecret - 2019-11-15
@brb_irl Miho museum - must see
Shrewsbury High Art @shsarty - 2019-11-15
Some Art Alumnae at the Shrewsbury High School Art Department Exhibition currently at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Galle… https://t.co/INUUPMPXKw
Len Green @pedasigreen_len - 2019-11-13
Wide ranging and excellent exhibition. #Miho Museum #pottery #shiga https://t.co/GI9oRiCes9
Snow Monkey Pottery @SnowMonkeyPot - 2019-11-13
Worth the trip to @mihomuseum.official for “The Bizen” exhibition from Momoyama period to present #bizen… https://t.co/uPFn2YAyaL
Kudo @kudochien - 2019-11-12
@geekykaran Miho Museum would be a great place to relax. Although the transportation takes time, it is worth being… https://t.co/lifq39IWc2
ジュエル @ ARCHcon Cebu 11/15 - 11/17 ✈ @jewelmelissa_w - 2019-11-10
Explored Miho Museum today.🏞 The museum housed a lot of things, from Bizen Pottery to several arts from China, Egyp… https://t.co/Y0euTsxkSD
ジュエル @ archcon Cebu 11/15 - 11/17 ✈ @jewelmelissa_w - 2019-11-10
Explored Miho Museum today.🏞 The museum housed a lot of things, from Bizen Pottery to several arts from China, Egyp… https://t.co/Y0euTsxkSD
ジュエル @ 🇯🇵 10/25 - 11/12 ✈ @jewelmelissa_w - 2019-11-10
Explored Miho Museum today.🏞 The museum housed a lot of things, from Bizen Pottery to several arts from China, Egyp… https://t.co/Y0euTsxkSD
Beverly Ayling-Smith @BeverlyAS1 - 2019-11-09
Visited the Miho Museum yesterday. I. M. Pei’s stunning architectural design. Sunshine and shadows and the leaves s… https://t.co/xEPGa6diAy
ZAAKUURUvsYUICHANZU (horinanase) @zkrvsycnz_XLVI - 2019-11-06
Selfies with a sunflower🌻 and pumpkin 🎃

'I'm with Miho san and Nibu san today'
'I read a lot! I like to read abou… https://t.co/73338Gvnt3
ish @ish_jp - 2019-11-02
Ifeel fine today. ⇒ MIHO MUSEUM https://t.co/ml2NdqbSql
Seshat @SeshatDatabank - 2019-10-28
Parthian gilded silver rhyton with the protome of a desert caracal cat catching a fowl. Late 2nd‐1st C BC. Iran or… https://t.co/HxQ3gUEisk
Pat Southwood.Potter @PatSouthwood - 2019-10-24
Siting in my squitty Kyoto Hotel room, I turn on the TV. Short programme on the stunning Bizen exhibition at the Mi… https://t.co/M9P5ShtOAD
Penny Akester @pennyakester - 2019-10-17
Patterns and shapes - more inspiration...
#patterns #creativeboost #Inspiration #designprocess #jewellery… https://t.co/NOd9SusUDP
William Smale @smaleb - 2019-10-16
Bizenware exhibit at the museum! @ MIHO MUSEUM https://t.co/uQldByhXso


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