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Mizumoto Park is one of the largest park in the center of Tokyo and is the only park with waterfront scenery. The park has a drainage basin called “Koaidame”, which has a long history. Visitors can enjoy seeing the forest park and aquatic plants like Japanese irises in a natural setup. When the “Japanese Iris Festival” is held in June, you can see 200,000 magnificent blossoms from 14,000 rhizomes at the Hanashobu-en (iris garden) in the park. Also popular is a bird sanctuary that was arranged in the waterfront in a natural environment.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 15 minutes from JR Kanamachi Station by the bus bound for Togasaki-soshajo. Get off at Mizumoto-koen Bus stop, then walk 5 minutes.
  • 15 minutes from Keisei Kanamachi Station on the Keisei Kanamachi Line (KS51) by the bus bound for Togasaki-soshajo. Get off at Mizumoto-koen Bus stop, then walk 5 minutes.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 3, Mizumotokoen, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 125-0034


Chakma @PurnaLalChakma3 - 2020-10-20
The largest Park in Tokyo Metropolitan, Mizumoto Park. It’s too large that Camera cannot capture .. https://t.co/AONRDs7J5Y
BR @raj65025523 - 2020-09-22
Memories of a long time ago

I just liked it ~
Mizumoto Park 🐦 https://t.co/smp7OsuUn3
Lucy @Lucy1205 - 2020-09-13
The restaurant was full of guests that were like a big cloud of noisy sparrows at Mizumoto Koen Park late at night.
{Irish}_(Whisky) @IrishWhisky_Otr - 2020-08-28
Mizumoto Park
#Japan https://t.co/93tT5xi3xn
Sara Hussein @sarahussein - 2020-07-28
@justinmccurry :) We live next to a Japanese garden with a lot of enormous trees and -- by the sounds of it -- a se… https://t.co/PlRIWaAxlB
Burcu Basar @BizarreJourneys - 2020-07-15
In this strange year, it is no surprise that I almost forgot: is already the lotus season. Mizumoto Park this morni… https://t.co/BNdhCOdsjv
How to Tokyo @howtotokyo - 2020-07-15
@GreenTeaMachya It does depend on where you want to spend most of your time in Tokyo; the closest station is Shibam… https://t.co/ObEKiQpwy0
Hippie Walk @HippieWalkWD - 2020-07-14
Walking tour in Mizumoto Park to Kanamachi,Tokyo 4K https://t.co/FG9hS9xk2E via @YouTube #walkingtours… https://t.co/FYNUUZzvo0
JapaneseBullFighter @bull_japanese - 2020-07-07
Try to imagine this in Tokyo. I can. The Jietai stationed on the footbridge that connects Mizumoto Koen (Tokyo) w… https://t.co/P7v4w9Fotk
Petersta @PeterstaFics - 2020-06-13
If they didn’t have anything happening, she would spend the whole morning sleeping, excusing it as her time to catc… https://t.co/YU06b5PJZ9
Sara Hussein @sarahussein - 2020-06-04
@joshspero In lots of places! Yesterday I saw them in Mizumoto park and Kiyosumi Garden (the latter of which is pro… https://t.co/TzIDNQrAho
‏َ @frackments - 2020-05-31
there’s never a reason to refuse a stress-free picnic; rolling out your mat, preparing a basket of good edibles, ch… https://t.co/UG6VybMCV8
‏َ @frackments - 2020-05-31
there’s never a reason to refuse a stress-free picnic; rolling out your mat, preparing a basket of good edibles, ch… https://t.co/UG6VybMCV8
FilmEssaying @FilmEssaying - 2020-05-28
1 way to avoid 3Cs (crowded/closed spaces, close convos) is alfresco dining. Even better, some cafes in Tokyo have… https://t.co/eTh46aDbTS
FilmEssaying @FilmEssaying - 2020-05-28
Finally able to get out for some exercise. Went to Mizumoto Park, Tokyo's biggest park. It was gorgeous & I am happ… https://t.co/1QINSIhbRy
tsunagu Japan @tsunagu_Japan - 2020-05-13
In less than a month gorgeous #hydranges are going to bloom in #Japan - here's some of the most beautiful spots:
🔸H… https://t.co/VScj4XzsKp
LIVE JAPAN @LIVEJAPANGuide - 2020-05-12
Mizumoto Park is a huge park just outside of Tokyo, and it's known for how its beauty changes with the seasons. Dur… https://t.co/m2w2O6wOWF
Zoltan Szabo @MediaRings - 2020-04-29
@saferprint @COccupants79 @kleopatra2009 @mingberg @d_ast777 @UlaneVuorio @tadayokun @Dianne__LadyD @NGDAverk… https://t.co/vQ8r5PLynI
take@プラナー1万円 @takeyukiyabe - 2020-04-18
mizumoto park
2020 archive
#portrait https://t.co/qGZkAbqm5y
take@プラナー1万円 @takeyukiyabe - 2020-03-30
mizumoto park

#portrait https://t.co/zf8VrCyKKi
うけるチャンネル【YouTuber】 @rusV7NQ5VwbJSnK - 2020-03-30
In Tokyo, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Mizumoto park is famous for its cherry blossoms.I saw the cherry b… https://t.co/FAVDIaDYxB
SavedByNature @savedbynatureed - 2020-03-28
Check out this event. Hope to see you there! #events https://t.co/LNlawGpxSi
Mayumi Hasegawa @mayumi_hasegawa - 2020-03-26
To avoid going to a crowded place, I made it to Mizumoto Park. There are much less people in the spacious park.
Bel… https://t.co/YryhUACSi0
Fukuda Toru @Fukudaship - 2020-03-25
Running 15km and walkinng 5km from Misato to Mizumoto-park. Fine mt. Fuji.
T.Kogoi @fwiy1778 - 2020-03-13
Cherry blossom, early bloomer in Mizumoto Park, Tokyo
#樱花 #벚꽃 https://t.co/pNaQlFmlry
秘密の世界Secretworld @shibamatax - 2020-03-09
Mizumoto park https://t.co/v45AOaVm21
Bryan Methods @Methodsism - 2020-03-06
Mizumoto Park is a nice place for a long walk on a sunny day off @ Mizumotokoen, Katsushika-ku https://t.co/2SvPko650G
take@これからはビニールを取る男 @takeyukiyabe - 2020-02-15
mizumoto park

#portrait https://t.co/485L1KT82j
take@これからはビニールを取る男 @takeyukiyabe - 2020-02-15
mizumoto park

#portrait https://t.co/Xqic2x7bDg
take@プラナー1万円 @takeyukiyabe - 2020-02-15
mizumoto park

#portrait https://t.co/485L1KT82j


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