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Morioka Castle Ruins (Iwate Park)

Travel Guide - Morioka Castle Ruins (Iwate Park)


Morioka Castle was constructed by Nanbu Nobunao in 1598. Unlike other Japanese castles, the castle had no Tenshu-kaku central tower to show allegiance to the Tokugawa Shogunate. In 1906, the site was converted to Iwate Park and has been an oasis for the citizens since then. The castle's stone walls which were made of Morioka's granite are still can be seen in the park. Takuboku Ishikawa (1886 - 1912), a well-known poet who spent his younger days in Morioka City, loved the site and wrote several poems about it.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 20 minutes walk from JR Morioka Station
  • 7 minutes from JR Morioka Station by Morioka Central Loop Bus Denden-mushi. Get off at Moriokajo-ato Koen-mae Bus stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1, Uchimaru, Morioka-shi, Iwate, 020-0023


Studio RAIN @r1ms31dk - 2020-11-16
Autumn in Japan 🍁 Walk With Me! Fall Colours at Morioka Castle Park https://t.co/Cwr9nx7TUU @YouTubeより
Raffael 🇦🇹🚗⚡️ @raffaeru - 2020-11-05
@BlackManJapan1 I don't remember much from Morioka besides the castle park and that rock splitting cherry tree to b… https://t.co/Ej1F85XtY9
Bruce Ryan @brucery - 2020-10-18
@ninja_padrino Pairon in Morioka was delicious, too. There’s a shop in the station, but I liked eating with the fri… https://t.co/Zis9VvgmrX
Bruce Ryan @brucery - 2020-10-18
@ninja_padrino Pairon in Morioka was delicious, too. There’s a shop in the station, but I liked eating with the fri… https://t.co/Zis9VvgmrX
ヤマナカ @ao_lake - 2020-09-26
*The castle ruins is Morioka Castle. It was later developed as Morioka Castle Park. In Woodpecker’s Detective Offic… https://t.co/RSx2ZqA7eQ
ヤマナカ @ao_lake - 2020-09-26
Here’s a photo of Takuboku’s monument I took in Morioka Castle Park. https://t.co/3qBQn9CjbM
神誓 @elkrstyyy - 2020-09-09
Fushimi Inari Taisha and Arashiyama in Kyoto (most popular places in anime 😆). inc Morioka city, to be specific Iwa… https://t.co/xTzYcFOa9B
Iwate & the ILC @IwateILC - 2020-04-16
Here's some #virtual #cherryblossom viewing of our own! This is #IwatePark in central #Morioka (pic is from last ye… https://t.co/jWfJZ1HJ25
Justin 🇯🇵📗 @justindoesjapan - 2019-11-29
Night walk through Morioka Castle Park. Spooky! #japantravels @ 盛岡城 https://t.co/sHDTptRzUK
Iwate & the ILC @IwateILC - 2019-06-26
This cat just came and patiently stared at us while we were eating lunch at the park. Sorry, no food for you!… https://t.co/6fIdsYkZac
Travel Japan @Travel21JPN - 2019-06-26
【Morioka City Zoological Park (盛岡市動物公園)】
'Over 700 animals of around 100 different species are housed at the Moriok… https://t.co/Si3hrg7GD5
Sato @NORIOsann - 2019-04-30
Morioka Castle site, no Castle building anymore. It’s a park now. — 場所: 盛岡城 https://t.co/qh3g7DEC47
Iwate & the ILC @IwateILC - 2019-04-01
Love this. This is a picture of Iwate Park this morning, and the fine people at Morioka Taxi basically captioned it… https://t.co/RmNca9eRmB
TOKYO_Trip @Tokyo__Trip - 2019-02-24
Trip to go see Cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park (弘前公園) 1night 2days

#japan #Tohoku #Iwate… https://t.co/V5eEyDpv6y
Iwate & the ILC @IwateILC - 2019-01-28
★Morioka #Snow Lights Festival (Yuki-Akari)
Dates: February 7-9, 2019
Place: Throughout #Morioka City (#Iwate Pa… https://t.co/traanrMf00
minami-Izutaro @minami_kotetaro - 2018-04-20
Cherry blossom in Morioka castle site park.
It's still cherry buds...Next week is the best time to see cherry blos… https://t.co/eRxqYgDBbK
Iwate & the ILC @IwateILC - 2018-03-26
#Morioka Castle Site Park is also famous for its cherry trees. ***Morioka #CherryBlossom Festival *** April 14, 20… https://t.co/pJjDetXlkY
もりおか歴史文化館 @morireki1 - 2017-11-20
Morioka History and Culture Museum is located in the Morioka Castle Site Park. You can walk around and see beautif… https://t.co/qxDN1KFCvq
Kristine Claro @kcstrife - 2017-11-17
@ENFJ_Support Universal Studios Osaka, Japan and Morioka Castle Park in autumn and spring https://t.co/EUvKHWCpK5
Martin Goulet @mgouletcoach - 2017-09-28
City of Victoria BC 🇨🇦 and City of Morioka Iwate 🇯🇵 Friendship Totem Pole in Morioka's Iwate park yesterday. https://t.co/P0vc16mb9w
NikoNiko Japan @niko_niko_japan - 2017-09-21
Ishigaki Music Festival in Morioka Castle Site park. G-Freak Factory absolutely rocked the crowd on the Azumaya st…… https://t.co/dFYaJiceQm
Malcome Larcens @ouagadougou62 - 2017-04-26
The arch bridge at Iwate Park, Morioka https://t.co/2UC36R51nA
Safety Navi in Japan @anzen_en - 2017-03-28
[Occurred] H29.3.16(tree) 13:45 [source (environment)] #Morioka Nagai grounds (City Park) map ... https://t.co/GPaWbUIi3Q #iwate #japan
Safety Navi in Japan @anzen_en - 2017-03-28
[Occurred] H29.3.16(tree) 13:45 [Source (environment)] #Morioka Nagai area (Park City) Show map ... https://t.co/lT275iICDN #iwate #japan
blindrezo ∠( ˙-˙ )/ @blindrezo - 2017-02-07
I came to Morioka Castle site Park and was somewhat underwhelmed when I got to the top... No statue?? https://t.co/6jaRpCBm0j
Jambert @jambird - 2017-02-05
Morning walk @ Morioka Castle Ruins Park #iwate https://t.co/hxIB48S0kB https://t.co/tVD945naZU
Oshu ILC @Oshu_ILC - 2016-12-01
Squirrel at Takamatsu Park, #Morioka, #Iwate, getting ready for winter. (Apparently they don't hibernate, so this i… https://t.co/8lZ2VDplAX
James Moar @jamesmoar - 2016-10-26
Also went through the city park, which is built around the site if the old Morioka castle. https://t.co/d74AWKxcif
♡ t a r n l y 。◕‿◕。 @TarnlyPanadda - 2016-04-22
🌸 Light-up at Morioka Castle Ruins Park 🌟
#nickytarnlyxjapan2016… https://t.co/lBSdBmJ5Jc
B @randombbubbles - 2016-04-06
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/fM0Jr2buqO Iwate Vlog: Morioka Castle Site Park, Ryusendo Caves [Ft. Rachel and


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