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Moss Canyon (Koke-no-Domon)

Travel Guide - Moss Canyon (Koke-no-Domon)


Koke-no-Domon is one of the popular sightseeing spots around Lake Shikotsu-ko. The 10 meters high, 420 meters long canyon was formed by the lava erupted from Mt. Tarumae and eroded over tens of thousands years. The volcanic rocks on both sides of the canyon are now covered with 30 kinds of moss. The beautiful canyon, which looks as if covered with a green velvet, is cold even in the middle of summer.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 - 16:00 (June - October)


  • November - May

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 40 minutes from JR Chitose Station by the bus bound for Shikotsu-ko. Get off at Shikotsu-ko Bus stop, then transfer to a taxi (20-minutes taxi ride from Lake Shikotsu).
  • 42 minutes from JR Chitose Station by Chitose Niseko Line Bus. Get off at Koke-no-domon Bus stop. (Chitose Niseko Line Bus runs only twice a day from July to August. Please check the timetable in advance.)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Shishamonai, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido, 066-0284


Douglas MacDonald @dmac5dmark2 - 2019-04-21
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Fjaðrárgljúfur (Fiath-raor-gliu-vur) is a moss-covered canyon in southeastern Iceland. 🇮🇸 It’s about a 4-hour car r… https://t.co/SxbPQpKF1V
Bob Danley @Cypseloides - 2019-04-19
I love stumps in the woods...a world within the larger world. Great substrate for colorful fungi, lichen and moss.… https://t.co/hMKsuud0ot
Kim @wildraindesigns - 2019-04-16
Horse Canyon Moss Agate with a ruffled druzy edge. The colors in this stone remind me of the luminescence of jelly… https://t.co/ht7czd1pZU
mosspiglet @moss__piglet - 2019-04-16
i feel like fighting the lizardmen is just getting me used to teleporting from the ge to falador and then running t… https://t.co/KKp33UoMYS
Liatai @LiataisLibrary - 2019-04-14
@Hi_Cial Yay moss!

I saw some pretty rusty red moss growing in a boulder the other day; water had made several li… https://t.co/VgTyUDnxb0
Jessika Dawn @Jessika__Dawn - 2019-04-12
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Susan C @sc_houseflips - 2019-04-12
@ambeanie_moss Heading out for a hike on Red Rick Canyon on a 65 deg beautiful sunny day.
Mike Zonta @MikeZonta - 2019-04-08
Moss on a log at Glen Park Canyon, San Francisco, April 2019 https://t.co/XtK0n6cD5r https://t.co/JwVLUYZAty
candace gregory @firegirl400 - 2019-04-07
With the Hite Cove area trails closed, where could we go to check out the Merced River Canyon poppies and other col… https://t.co/RCe2Iz90Ki
Sri Hari R Moss @srihariyoga - 2019-04-06
Sri Hari Moss @ Yoga at Topanga Canyon Lookout, “Let’s Play On The Edge'” @ Topanga Lookout, Apr 13, 8:30AM https://t.co/9P7hxxtF0F
TheMasterOfShadows @tmossmmmss - 2019-03-29
Hollow Knight p12 fog canyon-Moss Charger p1 https://t.co/O5XkzJuLhB via @YouTube
Yanami @YanamiPrower - 2019-03-29
Hollow Knight p12 fog canyon-Moss Charger p1 https://t.co/RRE7LZOgHi via @YouTube
Judi Wright @judiwrightteam - 2019-03-23
Check out this weekend's OPEN HOUSES from #thejudiwrightteam!

🏡1825 Canyon Court, Allen, TX - Twin Creeks ⛳️ Ope… https://t.co/g26d5o7Sug
Judi Wright @judiwrightteam - 2019-03-21
✔️Out our Weekend Open Houses! 🏡
1825 Canyon Court, Allen-Twin Creeks across from golf course! ⛳️
5326 Moss Glen Ct… https://t.co/3Fknqv0Zou
Haven Berbel @HavenBerbel - 2019-03-15
The lights live up near the top of the canyon within the trees and vines and moss, and as expected, you can find da… https://t.co/7zik9R71Fr
Richard Lucero @Yeknomlana - 2019-03-08
Macro Shroom Moss @ Millard Canyon Falls https://t.co/WsPOEwJZrv
LachelleParker @LachelleParke9 - 2019-03-05
@AndyRowe8880 My property was at the end of a canyon that was about 5 minutes from Moss Landing/my escape was Hyw 1… https://t.co/Du9O3NEuXm
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Today I was proud to award 10 PTAs in @RichardsonISD with the Platinum Voice for Every Child Award on behalf of… https://t.co/XJosy0wFI1
Ernest Whaley @whaleyer - 2019-02-02
2-1-2019 Poem Taken from my literary page, 'I'll Take The Colored Kid'


Canyon stretching, iridescen… https://t.co/hUgiXpLS10
Amy Stuber @amy_moss_ - 2019-02-01
Thanks so much to the wonderful @kimmagowan and the amazing @PitheadChapel staff for taking this flash about a preg… https://t.co/OtHRseCDOB
Amy Stuber @amy_stuber_ - 2019-02-01
Thanks so much to the wonderful @kimmagowan and the amazing @PitheadChapel staff for taking this flash about a preg… https://t.co/OtHRseCDOB
Sparrow Design @sparrow_tweets - 2019-01-28
#Vancouver day 2: #LynnCanyon #Park #moss on #trees @ Lynn Canyon Park https://t.co/Cnxh05lK2c
Sparrow Design @sparrow_tweets - 2019-01-28
#Vancouver day 2: #LynnCanyon #Park #tree with #moss #hanging from its #branches @ Lynn Canyon Park https://t.co/U64MAILpm7
M. A. Roberts @Inkandmagic - 2019-01-27
@katrinatputnam @Lin_Lustig @briancebuhl @Awritesinger @aipsnovel @clemmiegirlnz @MikeMorrisonRVA @erintiffanygrey… https://t.co/GVwt2ILxYU
MPSF Volleyball @MPSFVolleyball - 2019-01-21
Four players earn All-Tournament Team honors at the Grow the Game Challenge

Christian Janke (@GCU_MVolleyball)
Cal… https://t.co/DOH0c57ayk
KathyMichaelRain @TheRainTeam - 2019-01-19
880 Lincoln Street Moss Beach, CA. Marvel at the views of ocean, canyon and Montara Mountain https://t.co/W23mt63GLu
Jan Null @ggweather - 2019-01-13
Uvas Canyon between storms with dozens of waterfalls amongst a bumper crop of verdant green moss and ferns. https://t.co/5tQgNJFgA1


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