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Mount Hakodate-yama

Travel Guide - Mount Hakodate-yama


Mt. Hakodate, 334 meters above sea level, can be ascended by bus in 30 minutes from JR Hakodate Station or 3 minutes by ropeway from the foot of the mountain. The summit commands a panoramic view of the city, and on fine days you can also see the Tsugaru Straits and the Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori from here.
Hakodate enjoys an established reputation for its splendid night view of the city. The second edition of Michelin Green Guide Japan introduced the view as three stars.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Ropeway: 10:00 - 22:00


  • Ropeway: October 16 - 29

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Ropeway: 1,160 yen (General, Adult) *round trip
  • Ropeway: 590 yen (Child) *round trip

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from Jujigai Station on the Hakodate City Tram, then take the ropeway at Sanroku Station.
  • 30 minutes from JR Hakodate Station by the bus bound for Hakodate-yama

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Hakodateyama, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido, 040-0000


Manji @Manjisan13 - 2019-02-23
Hello Mount Hakodate, today imma climb ya... winks* @ Mount Hakodate https://t.co/eWmxaCRhgV
Mike Hattsu @mikehattsu - 2019-02-10
Love Live Sunshine - Mount Hakodate

#seichijunrei #聖地巡礼
#lovelive #ラブライブ… https://t.co/cPnGKQU6mn
Sandra. L ♔♘ @JennSandra - 2019-02-09
The day when we both fall due to slippery snowy floor at Mount Hakodate! 😂 steve_leexw #holidays #traveljapan… https://t.co/kSiqX1rR5u
Rivendell @rivendell0104 - 2019-02-07
A magnificent night view from Mt. Hakodate that I have wanted to see for long. #函館 #函館の夜景 #하코다테 #하코다테야경 #Hakodate… https://t.co/vgjtwSRcr1
Rivendell @rivendell0104 - 2019-02-07
Mt. Hakodate Ropeway ! On the way to see one of the top 3 night views in the world ! #函館 #hakodate #하코다테 #하코다테야경… https://t.co/ccrc8CqSsS
Lau 🦖 @neverasleep - 2019-02-02
Time slice of Mount Hakodate in higher resolution.

#timeslice #timelapse #photography https://t.co/B6aokftILf
tricia pang @triciapang - 2019-01-15
I missed the Mount Hakodate last cable ride by 10min. Okay no night view but have alcohol, seafood and pretty winte… https://t.co/Tea5YoHaod
Alex Rockin Japan @AlexRockinJapan - 2019-01-09
〜 Mount Esan 〜
📍Hakodate, Hokkaido
An active volcano which you can hike up in about one hour. A paradise for nature… https://t.co/R3loCVcAbV
tricia pang @triciapang - 2019-01-09
@chnjstn @joannasuyin Yes im staying 1 nite at Hakodate! Gonna check out mount hakodate and the morning fish market ☺️☺️☺️
Alex Rockin Japan @AlexRockinJapan - 2019-01-06
Mount Hakodate Night View
📍:Hakodate, Hokkaido
One of three top-three night views in Japan and Hakodate's Michelin-… https://t.co/MwybLCKW4H
Lau 🦖 @neverasleep - 2019-01-03
Breathtaking view of Hakodate city from Mount Hakodate 函館山. It was freezing cold at -2 °C, but it was all worth it… https://t.co/Jtg0h2JIJp
Alex Rockin Japan @AlexRockinJapan - 2019-01-02
✨:Mount Hakodate Night View
The view from Mount Hakodate is among Japan's top three night views. In my o… https://t.co/aFmDuZUA7j
Jennifer Chun @jenniferchun_ny - 2019-01-01
The view last night from Mount Hakodate ✨✨🗻 🇯🇵#hakodatemountain #hakodate #hokkaido #japan #december2018 @ Mt.hakod… https://t.co/lrjGq8PPJb
Deri Permana @deripermana - 2018-12-27

hakodate night view from mount hakodate

actually i came here before the blue hour arrived
but there wa… https://t.co/i3Lvprk7VM
Pop Japan @PopJapan2015 - 2018-12-27
This is said to be the Victoria Peak of Japan: https://t.co/z6lUVch8gK

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jubel @jubel888 - 2018-12-23
Hakodate City from Mount Hakodate: https://t.co/xKAusOwb3v via @YouTube
S. J. Pajonas @spajonas - 2018-12-20
View from the Mount Hakodate Observatory https://t.co/gd28Ijjod7
babyboy2528 @boysila - 2018-12-17
❝ Oh Hakodate... you are awesome! 🤟🏻❞
progamerguy @robloxplayer171 - 2018-12-14
Night view of Hakodate #lit @ Mount Hakodate https://t.co/36Wde1qOEu
False Dmitry IV @DCLaurie - 2018-12-11
Walked up Mount Hakodate. https://t.co/pSujiEnskX
Belle Aerials @BelleAerials - 2018-11-26
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/Nf6QNg0HHM Mount Hakodate & Lake Toya Hokkaido Japan Travel
Belle Aerials @BelleAerials - 2018-11-26
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Nf6QNg0HHM Mount Hakodate & Lake Toya Hokkaido Japan Travel
Team Albert @AlbertMylesAM - 2018-11-18
View From The Mount Hakodate Observatory https://t.co/dSNM2Op6wa Via @MuzaChan
travel2unlimited @travel2unLTD - 2018-11-11
Cable car to the top of Mount Hakodate in Hakodate in Japan #travel2unlimited #travel #traveling #travelblogger… https://t.co/8AOyExMNq5
Nippon.com @nippon_en - 2018-11-08
Now known as a spot for getting a night view of the city, Mount Hakodate once had an active fortress. https://t.co/Fu1HXaJJAG
Nippon.com @nippon_en - 2018-11-07
Now known as a spot for getting a night view of the city, Mount Hakodate once had an active fortress. https://t.co/Fu1HXb1kse
Nipponica @nippponica - 2018-11-05
'The fortress on Mount Hakodate was built before the Russo–Japanese War of 1904–5.' https://t.co/lRZdB9kpg2
Aim 林东东 @aiipm - 2018-10-21
Before Sunset @ Mount Hakodate https://t.co/DHpEFxuNo0
Aim 林东东 @aiipm - 2018-10-21
Night view on Hakodate Mt. @ Mount Hakodate https://t.co/EIsKhQzema
David Benkart Jr @DavidBenkartJr - 2018-10-16
1983 I climbed Mount Fuji & Mount Hakodate. Goddess K. has been watching over me, something 'bout the Fuji Fire. Wh… https://t.co/tMIjOxVnCH


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