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MOYA Hills is an outdoor recreation complex where you can take part in various activities throughout the year with the panoramic view of Aomori City and Mutsu Bay. Rock walls, tennis, and a thrilling roller luge ("Hills Thunder") are available from spring to autumn, and everyone from beginner to expert can go skiing in winter. A brisk breeze can be enjoyed by all ages.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 - 21:00


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Varies according to the facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 50 minutes from JR Aomori Station by the bus bound for MOYA HIlls. Get off at the last stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 63, Moya Nashinoki, Aomori-shi, Aomori, 030-0133


Pebble Hills Basketball @PHHS_Basketball - 2018-12-08
Final - Cedar Hill Lions Club Tournament
Pebble Hills 63
Arlington Sam Houston61

Pebble Hills
E. Davis 17
E. Moy… https://t.co/amWTbQP0kE
TheStretchCall @CallStretch - 2018-11-30
@jeff11069676 @Lastplace_champ @JessAbrego6 @luv2research @GoFishLynn @DonPolanco @NancyParks8 @TrumpSugar… https://t.co/rglGUwvOA6
cdoc @NFR_PHL - 2018-11-23
According to Hills' 1787/8 map of Southwark, Passyunk and Moya. Twps. #sinkhole at 12th & Dickinson located near th… https://t.co/SJhnB3egXw
scott kurachi @ScottKurachi - 2018-11-06
An amazing event today in Beverly Hills with Bernardo Moya showcasing his Best You Brand and the new Legacy Club.
B… https://t.co/Ts6EuXxLXi
Moya Johnson @MoyaJohnsonHH - 2018-10-22
Looking for an independent Councillor, not part of a group that will always vote together? Re-elect Moya Johnson, Halton Hills Council.
Siyambonga @siyantloko_ - 2018-09-25
That Ehhe Moya wami music video should’ve been shot at a river or some hills just like other gospel songs, I’m so confused
TennisBagels.com @TennisPresident - 2018-09-19
@Tennis I heard differently from Rafa’s camp. Rumor is that Moya got banned from the country in 2002 for running hills on the Great Wall
Paseo Hills School @PaseoRattlers - 2018-08-07
Ms. Heidi Moya from @TheMRHS shares information about her Education Professions class and how Paseo Hills will part… https://t.co/L65rCtRiTA
Papamoa @PapamoaNZ - 2018-07-29
Moya Michalakis and Adele Collins both captured the double rainbow over the Papamoa hills today. Nice work!
Jonathan @Jonatha97947998 - 2018-07-20
@hakkozerolu @polovinkamoya @omar80y @ersu1880 @carmenpoleo @CColorve @Fernand53248184 @carolfanucci1 @RoshanDua… https://t.co/bMEsfmma7s
DannyDeep @Dannyboy_moya - 2018-07-14
@Bleek_Ntombela @Mizzpurple01 @Skii_Hills @TUMGolden_SA @HugoMalisa1 I'm looking at the haze nug 🔥🔥
👑🌌 Memphiis 📷🙏 @Bleek_Ntombela - 2018-07-14
@Dannyboy_moya @Mizzpurple01 @Skii_Hills @TUMGolden_SA @HugoMalisa1 Too good bro
🔥🎲 SURE POP 🎲🔥 #07.07.18 @Bleek_Ntombela - 2018-07-14
@Dannyboy_moya @Mizzpurple01 @Skii_Hills @TUMGolden_SA @HugoMalisa1 Too good bro
DannyDeep @Dannyboy_moya - 2018-07-13
@Bleek_Ntombela @Mizzpurple01 @Skii_Hills @TUMGolden_SA @HugoMalisa1 Good kush 🔥
Ginger Quinn @quinn_ginger - 2018-06-22
@HHRecParks just read the article in the IFP and Councillor Moya Johnston confirms that there is no Tree Bylaw in Halton Hills.
Natassia Downer @4_Moya_me - 2018-06-08
Yute, even the drivers have it hard! To come from my office to go to halfway tree, you have to drive through the hi… https://t.co/0bDDHOyfgF
cardio b 🚨 @moya_lm - 2018-05-01
@amelia_perrin which girl from the Hills? Steph? They had a horrendous 'break up' like last Sept
poopy di scoop 🚨 @moya_lm - 2018-05-01
@amelia_perrin which girl from the Hills? Steph? They had a horrendous 'break up' like last Sept
Dan Harmer @HarmerDan - 2018-02-24
The high quality of Halton Hills representatives continues to be recognized. We are very fortunate citizens of HH.… https://t.co/xM9fniF0W5
Catholic Education @CatholicEdParra - 2018-01-31
A big Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta congratulations to Moya McGuiness who has been awarded the Medal of… https://t.co/vTQQB1afgO
TheJerryEspinoza ™ @JEspinoza1634 - 2018-01-29
@Chris_Moya2 @USC_Baseball Former local South Hills Husky Christian Moya 1/28/18 USC Alumni game. Last of the 4 pic… https://t.co/Rp5yLfccji
Dan Harmer @HarmerDan - 2018-01-12
@MoyaJohnsonHH Moya - Maybe it’s time Halton Hills had a bylaw requiring homeowners to clean their sidewalks.
FRUIT LOOPS @feryooit - 2018-01-06
Wambam @miketheump18 - 2018-01-01
@MoyaJohnsonHH hi moya, is there a plan to make it illegal to park on one side of the street on Atwood and Berton i… https://t.co/Lf3zZDuDke
Jason Reed @EatYourReedies - 2017-10-28
Benjamin Moya recovers a Granite Hills fumble on kick off for a touchdown. Kick point. 72-12 heading into the fourth.
Robert Marchinko @webo225 - 2017-09-20
Boys strong efforts tonight-led by Fr-Noah Julian! Ari Moya ,Nolan Miller and Trent Rivers, not far behind , with strong races on the Hills
Big Baller @yung_moya - 2017-09-18
Or we could paint a bunch of hills and put googly eyes on them so its 'The Hills Have Eyes'
Amanda Moya @moya_amanda - 2017-09-11
ETHAN AND JACKSON ARE BACK IN BEACON HILLS!!!!!!!!! @Charlie_Carver @ColtonLHaynes #TeenWolf
MNGG @mnhs_golf - 2017-08-30
Great day out at Woodland Hills! 6th place in a very deep field of teams. Jazmine and Moya tied for 11th shooting… https://t.co/5JoG4wgXYH
Platinum&Co. @Platina_of_dick - 2017-08-19
☁️Cloud Shredding Skatepark☁️ moya HILLS🗻
Drop in 10am.
【Just Have… Aomorihttps://www.instagram.com/p/BX9IAMUFKNY/


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