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The chief feature of the Nakamachi area is the "Namako-kabe", or the black and white geometric design of the old Kura store houses lining the street. Souvenir shops, traditional crafts, and a small museum are some of the highlights of this charming area. Should you find yourself hungry, you can savor a variety of food from afternoon until evening in the various restaurants, bars, and Izakayas (Japanese-style pubs). Whether eating, shopping, or just walking, Nakamachi has something for everyone.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from Matsumoto Station on the JR lines or Alpico Kotsu Kamikochi Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Chuo, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, 390-0811


Marisa 🧜🏼‍♀️ @ OC Secret Santa @gomuboo - 2018-11-30
I’m an idiot who keeps writing “Nakamichi” instead of “Nakamachi”
Ari-chan @arikoann - 2018-11-29
I love winter illuminations. I will go to Nakamachi. Champagne gold lights on all the trees along the street. It’s… https://t.co/0TEMkx1egH
🎄🎅🏼❄️🎅🏼🎄 @blakasmoko - 2018-11-28
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Rodney @frantic_bmx - 2018-11-25
@TheAndrewFoley My fave Robin Hood was when Hans Gruber fell through a worm hole at nakamachi tower and ended up in… https://t.co/r2A5YWoU5S
Archeoloweeb @archeoloweeb - 2018-11-09
despite the introduction of the Nakamachi guys and Lise feeling a little too shabby IMO, I hope to see them well us… https://t.co/qChzKucJsG
Azsa_LFNMATSUMOTO @Azsa_xyzbhjpn - 2018-11-08
Corner / @03iritaama
I love this song. Thank you so much for making amazing songs😌

Thank you for specially… https://t.co/NMyob0h9Rj
Drobyshevsky Konstan @KarateSystem - 2018-11-07
Kanku Dai is one of the most important of the Shotokan system, one of the longest traditional karate forms, favori… https://t.co/Y4hYlYGBXF
Drobyshevsky Konstan @KarateSystem - 2018-11-06
Kanku Dai is one of the most important of the Shotokan system, one of the longest traditional karate forms, favorit… https://t.co/F4pOJjBsIw
Rick Thomas @OThomao - 2018-11-03
@tgR_tsuru I always liked Nakamachi's bite in there.
Rick Thomas @OThomao - 2018-11-03
@tgR_tsuru I always liked Nakamachi's bite in there.
TonyDee @tgR_tsuru - 2018-11-03
@OThomao Ogihara is lightweight. Need a young Nakamachi.
Paul Martin @thejapaneseswrd - 2018-11-02
Today I was at Matsumoto castle in Nagano prefecture. Highly recommended town to visit. The Nakamachi part of town… https://t.co/oHTCxi7OtY
Muhammed Taş @Eurohuzur - 2018-11-01
$BTC #BTC WHats the mean of “#Satoshi #Nakamoto” SA=#Samsung TOSHİ=#Toshiba NAKA=#Nakamachi MOTO=#MOTOROLA :) https://t.co/d3xKlB6XpT
まっち @matchrok - 2018-10-30
★ Next Exhibition ★
【 “NOW” Japan – Myanmar 2018 】

DATE: December 17 to 22, 2018
PLACE: The University of Yangon,… https://t.co/uQoZ5O8bLe
Nakamachi, Matsumoto @nakamachi_st - 2018-10-28
You’ve seen the castle, but what about Nakamachi? Bring your ticket stub from Matsumoto Castle to Nakamachi Street… https://t.co/pHQL1hjL3i
Nakamachi, Matsumoto @nakamachi_st - 2018-10-26
You’ve seen the castle,
but what about Nakamachi!? Being your ticket stub from Matsumoto Castle. to Nakamachi Stree… https://t.co/jjB06lfE2l
Hakuba Travel @hakubatravel - 2018-10-23
Just down the street from Matsumoto Castle (https://t.co/v2AY1tju6s) Nakamachi Street's second Japanese Culture Exp… https://t.co/eL6mOYRdrZ
Visit Matsumoto @visitmatsumoto - 2018-10-22
Fun in Nakamachi: Japanese Culture Experience Days and Free Sticker Campaign: Japanese Culture Experience Day Event… https://t.co/ALuz1BP60O
JSoccer Magazine @JSoccerMagazine - 2018-10-20
Amano out ... Nakamachi in ... a little harder in MF for YFM now... they should use wings more - Gamba FBs tired but no more subs.
Linda Dennis リンダデニス @Linda_a_Dennis - 2018-10-14
Today until 3:00pm at Mie Terrace in Nihonbashi Tokyo! Toba Nakamachi Market!! I am here with Joshibi students all… https://t.co/Z5ZijHOGHY
デデデ BE AMBITIOUS @firebomba - 2018-10-06
zenji actually isn't that big after the first arc but shouji and lucille are huge parts so........maybe............… https://t.co/mMPI6KndSS
TonyDee @tgR_tsuru - 2018-10-05
Nakamachi coming on for Amano, it seems. 89m 2-1 #fmarinos
Linda Dennis リンダデニス @Linda_a_Dennis - 2018-10-01
Fine weather followed the typhoon. And so I got to finish this weekend’s work of cleaning the space, and setting up… https://t.co/KtZPVQB2CG
Gearogs @gearogs_com - 2018-09-25
Nakamachi Dragon CT turntable from Japan in the '80s. Offered as a cheaper alternative Nakamachi's TX-1000, though… https://t.co/l3y69tjiIg
Linda Dennis リンダデニス @Linda_a_Dennis - 2018-09-25
Toba Nakamachi Market in Tokyo Nihonbashi! On October 14 I will be there with some Joshibi students to support the… https://t.co/iynHNmh8S9
デデデ BE AMBITIOUS @firebomba - 2018-09-22
Me: I’m going to restrain my karacir yelling
Me now: literally just the ‘I’ve looked at this for five hours now’ me… https://t.co/4vKFDxUESC
King Devin JOSEPH @KingDevinJOSEP1 - 2018-09-18
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TonyDee @tgR_tsuru - 2018-09-05
2-0 up on the hour mark and Ange brings off Ito and Kida, replacing them with Vieira and Nakamachi. Like for like subs both.
Yousef Teclab @yousef_teclab - 2018-08-27
Normally when Google shows a football player's profile it's normally of them doing a football related activity such… https://t.co/2hm2ZkrMYF


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