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Nakamachi-dori Street

Travel Guide - Nakamachi-dori Street


The chief feature of the Nakamachi area is the "Namako-kabe", or the black and white geometric design of the old Kura store houses lining the street. Souvenir shops, traditional crafts, and a small museum are some of the highlights of this charming area. Should you find yourself hungry, you can savor a variety of food from afternoon until evening in the various restaurants, bars, and Izakayas (Japanese-style pubs). Whether eating, shopping, or just walking, Nakamachi has something for everyone.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes walk from Matsumoto Station on the JR lines or Alpico Kotsu Kamikochi Line

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • Chuo, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, 390-0811


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Zesco United have made K96,000 ( $7,300) from the sale… https://t.co/TMBe3hi0uF
ぎゅうだ (うっし〜) @nakamachi_ussi - 2019-05-28
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#peing #質問箱 https://t.co/VuDZZvDiEH
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It is a Youtube video.
I walked Ueno Station at 'Nakamachi Street' at night. It is a nasty space.
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I'm japanese.
This account is real Kosuke Nakamachi?
Please ask Kosuke.
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Yoshiko Nakamachi here - the team's Program Manager, and I'll be curating this week. Our team is busy today conduc… https://t.co/oVNVBV8g9O
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@ninohambaga @cometbender Oh nakamachi is the vr glasses
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Had a fun time browsing the shops along Nakamachi Dori in Matsumoto #Japan. Lots of lovely crafts on display. https://t.co/sDeDkT8fRG
Puncherello Chama @ChamaPunch - 2019-04-13
Nakamachi misses the rebound!!!
Aaron Mubanga Jnr @Mubajnr - 2019-04-11

Red Arrows 1-1 Zesco United

(B.Musakanya |Jesse Were)

Bruce Musakanya wabola , His goal was something out of… https://t.co/9v6DG82Pa3
'Toph. @KindCompxssion - 2019-04-10
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Aaron Mubanga Jnr @Mubajnr - 2019-04-10
@ZescoUnitedFC starting XI to face Red Arrows

Lazarus Kambole to lead attack as usual .

Kosuke Nakamachi makes… https://t.co/jPGjRfDwpr
Bola 24 Zambia @Bola242 - 2019-04-10
Zesco United starting XI to face Red Arrows

Lazarus Kambole to lead attack as usual .

Kosuke Nakamachi makes the… https://t.co/dQepkmHdRm
Visit Matsumoto @visitmatsumoto - 2019-04-10
Download the updated EN version of the Nakamachi Shopping Street Guide Map that includes 5 additional shops:… https://t.co/89Mzik7B5A
Visit Matsumoto @visitmatsumoto - 2019-04-10
Find a large-scale wall map for easy viewing in front of the Nakamachi Shopping Street Promotion Association Office… https://t.co/FtW7WZyeyh
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Thank you for your visit! If you misssed this exhibition, then, next chance is suguri.nakamachi ! We’ll exhibit tem… https://t.co/1x3Nghzf9m
SON OF AFRICA @KofiAsiedu_ - 2019-04-07
Japanese players Kosuke Nakamachi and Jindo Morishita who both play in the Zambia Super league. #CAFCL https://t.co/NkRqAQa9bR
Charlton Zyambu @CharltonZyambu1 - 2019-04-05
At Levy Mwanawasa Stadium after ZESCO United beat Prison Leopards by 5-2
Me with Kosuke Nakamachi Japanese internat… https://t.co/U1iiIVZ8tA
だるっち@しゅらばしゅらしゅら @darutti - 2019-04-05
@CharltonZyambu1 Hi! Mr.Zyambu.
Thank you for you pic with Nakamachi. I am so happy,so He looks fine.
Please cheer… https://t.co/VxIEJKvLr1
123ABC Ray @BoykinsRay - 2019-03-28
Former Yokohama F.Marinos player Kosuke Nakamachi playing for Zestco United in Zambian Premier League. Very unusual… https://t.co/Lh8AnAU6TN
#Myview #mythoughts...🇿🇲 @Patlups - 2019-03-27
The Japanese, Kosuke Nakamachi is given his first start for Zesco United FC in the Zambia Super League (ZSL). https://t.co/JkSX9Mz9c1


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