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Na-Ra-Ra is a place where unique restaurants are gathered. It is conveniently located just in front of Kintetsu Nara Station and you can enjoy various kinds of food, such as Japanese Tofu dishes, Ramen noodles, Monjayaki pan-fried batter dishes, and authentic French cuisine at the restaurants here. There are also a couple of Japanese Izakaya-style bars in the facility.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Kintetsu-Nara Station on the Kintetsu Nara Line
  • 10 minutes walk from JR Nara Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 21-1, Konishicho, Nara-shi, Nara, 630-8226


Antownette✨ @Marypticy - 2019-02-22
hmmm hulat ra gurow na mag post ko aron you know all the blame is on me
Asad Rauf 🇵🇰 @AsadSher01 - 2019-02-22
@KhaOmm @fawadchaudhry Dawn news ki ei waja se india thora bht jwab de ra..
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Blue @IamJanicaBerba - 2019-02-22
One more drama for Jang Na Ra and Shin Sung Rok please 😭😭😭
Brian 🐼 @iKnowBry - 2019-02-22
@princedric_ The who na besh? Tga zc ra?
Candy Moon @MoonShaulce - 2019-02-22
@mmilive Wala. Nganga na naman. You'd think they'd do something about it after what happened yesterday. No improvem… https://t.co/0FqUG8GPCD
EFFY @effyaffandi - 2019-02-22
The Last Empress is really... it's good. I knew Jang Na Ra will ace this one also.
Julio @JuliusHandumon - 2019-02-22
@sarangheyuh At the end of the day Fu just enjoy the experience kay panalagsa ra bitaw and I know na makaya rana nimu 👍
K i m J i n 👑 @kimkinjin - 2019-02-22
@yhanashiii Well for me I watched thia drama bcoz of Jang Na Ra alone but now, I love the whole casts.. This is one… https://t.co/rwRkgqIRVA
Kuya Well @HDVillacrucis - 2019-02-22
@tzodofenshmirtz Netflix!!! Madownload ra na ang movie later. Lols
Lullaby @EctoHime - 2019-02-22
Hey mamma ra sha canna canna canna cause a momma I cama ara henna na kissa raa
Mars @Mars_082418 - 2019-02-22
Jang Na Ra Misses Shin Sung Rok.. [The Last Empress Ep 52] https://t.co/rqTrYW4UXl via @YouTube 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 #TheLastEmpress
Miaā ツ @LomatiLewa - 2019-02-22
Song was on repeat when we were driving through Ra last week. Repeat na laga cause the stupid car we had had a malfunctioned radio 😏🙄
Nutty Lee @nutty_lee - 2019-02-22
Red Ang-pao from #deloitte RA management~ Thank you na ka~ #leegirlslife #happiness #lifeatdeloitte https://t.co/WEVmLzG8vq
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kayy @itszephamay - 2019-02-22
is it necessary na mag ask ang taxi driver if ako ra ba isa? like god please guide me.
meten @DayondonTine - 2019-02-22
naa ra na within urself on how will you adopt the situation 💁
sora🥀 @1995TAES - 2019-02-22
i hope shin sung rok and jang na ra acts in a romcom next :( i love them they have the chemistry plus shin sung rok would rlly suit romcom
t i n @kirstienemydale - 2019-02-22
Is it just me or sayon-ra-na-kay-tagaBlock-A-man-ka doesn't sound like a compliment
산악인 @keitic1 - 2019-02-22
Jang Na Ra Misses Shin Sung Rok.. [The Last Empress Ep 52] https://t.co/aBmTCqTQ7v
하얀고백 @yhjanechan - 2019-02-22
Ahh all these Kokowa clips of The Last Empress on youtube... Such a good perf of Jang Na Ra. 👏
🌟BLING BLING🌟 @GlencyDacules1 - 2019-02-22
@floressteph21 Okayyy ra na atleast you did your best 💕
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