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Na-Ra-Ra is a place where unique restaurants are gathered. It is conveniently located just in front of Kintetsu Nara Station and you can enjoy various kinds of food, such as Japanese Tofu dishes, Ramen noodles, Monjayaki pan-fried batter dishes, and authentic French cuisine at the restaurants here. There are also a couple of Japanese Izakaya-style bars in the facility.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Kintetsu-Nara Station on the Kintetsu Nara Line
  • 10 minutes walk from JR Nara Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 21-1, Konishicho, Nara-shi, Nara, 630-8226


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