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A collection of Japanese and Far Eastern art related to fields such as tea ceremony utensils and Buddhist art. Many works of art including 7 national treasures and 87 Important Cultural Assets are introduced in 7 or 8 exhibitions a year. The museum also has a strolling garden where visitors can feel the natural wonders of the four distinctive seasons.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 10:00 - 17:00


  • Mondays
  • Year-end and New Year's holidays

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Regular Exhibition: 1,000 yen (General, Adult)
  • Regular Exhibition: 800 yen (Student)
  • Admission Free (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 8 minutes walk from Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (C04), Ginza Line (G02) or Hanzomon Line (Z02)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 6-5-1, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062


Kanpai! Japan @KanpaiJapan - 2019-06-20
Nezu Museum - An elegant marriage between art and nature https://t.co/kyUlyWl0gM [New post on Kanpai #Japan] https://t.co/qc9V9RUFpN
a thousand gateaus @Phil_osophy2011 - 2019-06-20
semi-decent shots: Mohri garden, Nezu garden (at the Nezu museum), saiaku nana-chan (Okamoto Tarou prize winner) pa… https://t.co/Q5IjAaikqp
JapanJustForYou @japan_just - 2019-06-17
@zaichishka The Nezu Museum is my favourite museum in Tokyo.
*‍ ‍ ‍ 𝙭𝙞𝙖𝙣. @refIetirs - 2019-06-15
@angclscent tokyo, i've always wanted to visit. we should make arrangements - i'd love a tour guide. museums.. i lo… https://t.co/7edkGUmR8T
·ONE·JAM·TART· @ONEJAMTART1 - 2019-06-14
A visit to the wonderful Nezu Museum should be on your list of things to do in Tokyo.

#japan #lovemycity #travel… https://t.co/kmEsfQSHy3
Copper - ironically a salt mine @coppersaurus - 2019-06-08
A lovely walk in the garden of the Nezu Museum https://t.co/At1exkVi3e
Copper - ironically a salt mine @coppersaurus - 2019-06-08
Today we started at the Nezu Museum after running into some strange beings https://t.co/8pNAAMDSOu
Copper and the bag of holding @coppersaurus - 2019-06-08
A lovely walk in the garden of the Nezu Museum https://t.co/At1exkVi3e
Copper and the bag of holding @coppersaurus - 2019-06-08
Today we started at the Nezu Museum after running into some strange beings https://t.co/8pNAAMDSOu
Luis F Rueda @LFR614 - 2019-06-08
Entrance and construction details ar Nezu Museum. #kengokuma incidentally, this museum is very similar to the visit… https://t.co/P9KRC0tQxc
ha vinh duy @havinhduy - 2019-06-08
from the gorgeous Nezu Museum!
Emilie @Nippondeemi - 2019-06-07
@tkasasagi Thanks to one of your tweets, I followed their online course last year about Rare books and Washi. It pe… https://t.co/uDhPpXo5G9
JapanJustForYou @japan_just - 2019-06-06
@AlexBoyd The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum & Fujifilm Square are both good. Also Tokyo National Museum, Nezu Museu… https://t.co/IjoMcWTbZZ
Kristopher Matheson @krismatheson - 2019-06-06
@AlexBoyd Tokyo Photo Museum (not well known around here) Hara Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Nezu Museum - al… https://t.co/0tIqBb7q49
JAPAN in Canada.COM @blogJPinCanada - 2019-06-03
Japanese Iris, Kakitsubata is at Full Bloom at Nezu Museum’s Garden in Tokyo Nezu Museum | Travel to Japan from Can… https://t.co/lcywaiHLlc
ʀɛռʀɛռ 🎀 @Renakeda97 - 2019-06-01
@Schxstxr /send location to you/
📍 SHINSEN Shibuya Apartmen
Located in Tokyo, 6 km from Meiji Jingu… https://t.co/LMvhVBXS4n
ryohko @Myrte0617 - 2019-05-31
Iris laevigata seen last weekend at Nezu Museum 💕 Flowers have faded but they looked very happy ☺️ https://t.co/zcBd1ujIY7
DeniseinWLG @DeniseinWLG - 2019-05-26
@JCE_PC I'm guessing that'll be somewhere around Akasaka. If you're wanting to see traditional Japan, the Nezu Muse… https://t.co/j1SZnbAvRo
Yuri Kageyama @yurikageyama - 2019-05-23
@dperry913 All the Kenzo Tange buildings are striking _ the Yoyogi Stadium, Tokyo city hall. The Nezu Museum by Ken… https://t.co/r8v9Zd3unI
ryohko @Myrte0617 - 2019-05-22
left: Iris laevigata flowering in the pond of Nezu Museum seen on 10th May 2019
right: how to represent the pond fu… https://t.co/5pC69MGyST
Dr Scott Rickard @Rickard_Scott - 2019-05-19
A quiet day today compiling a list of things to do before we leave Tokyo. Sadly the Nezu Museum is closed… https://t.co/YkKe8A7YjP
Aoyama Design Forum @NPO_ADF - 2019-05-17
Day 2 - Tuesday 3 March 2019
Nezu Museum, Minamiaoyama… https://t.co/zhYWHD8GNy
George MacKellar @georgemackellar - 2019-05-17
Magical gardens at the Nezu Museum https://t.co/nRPDczZyDK https://t.co/YePkTJWqL4
smilenoafraid @smilenoafraid - 2019-05-08
Japan loves miniatures.
I saw miniatures at Nezu museum too.
and, Japan loves QUEEN so much. ❤️
Andrew of NoS Anime @NoS_Anime - 2019-05-06
Today was busy: Tokyo National Museum for a special exhibition followed by a hike to Nezu Shrine to see the azaleas… https://t.co/Orp7b6RWmw
JT Photography @Jennifer_Teo - 2019-05-01
Yoshida Old Liquor Store (旧吉田屋酒店) is a free museum in Nezu district. It is right across the street from Kayaba coff… https://t.co/PRNKODgdOv
NotesFromABroad @ANoteFromABroad - 2019-04-30
Irises in the garden of the Nezu Museum, a curated collection of antiquities going back to 12-13th century BC by a… https://t.co/Ffu75UR6W9
NotesFromABroad @ANoteFromABroad - 2019-04-30
Walking from the subway to the Nezu Museum, we came upon Prada’s dazzling building in Tokyo. @ Omotesando Ave. https://t.co/2gcNC4zSDd
wagashiandbeans @wagashiandbeans - 2019-04-29
Irises were adored by Rinpa artist Ogata Korin. This time of the year, I make my way to the Nezu museum in Meguro t… https://t.co/AHeAyG2qxa
Expat's Guide Japan @TheExpatsGuide - 2019-04-26
New post: Nezu Museum | The Expat's Guide to Japan

JAPAN Forward @itsjapanforward - 2019-04-26
Exhibition runs until May 12.

Sightseeing Japan @SightseeingJap1 - 2019-04-25
National treasure Nachi Taki Figure and Natural modeling [Nezu Museum] https://t.co/MdhV5XD6rZ https://t.co/kCkRr7vuNH


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