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Nihonbashi is the originating point of the historical Five Highways of Japan (Tokaido, Nakasendo, Kohshu-kaido, Ohshu-kaido and Nikko-kaido), and the "Road Marker" is placed on the center of the bridge. It has been designated as an Important Cultural Property. The first Nihonbashi Bridge was a wooden bridge built in 1603 by Tokugawa Ieyasu. After destroyed by fire again and again, the current bridge is the 20th. There are famous department stores and traditional shops of Nihonbashi in the neighborhood. A boat trip to Tokyo Skytree can be enjoyed from the boat dock that was completed in 2011.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Mitsukoshimae Station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line (Z09)
  • 3 minutes walk from Mitsukoshimae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (G12)
  • 3 minutes walk from Nihombashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (G11), Tozai Line (T10), or Toei Asakusa Line (A13)
  • 6 minutes walk from JR Shin-nihombashi Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1, Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027


Ando Hiroshige @ando_hiroshige - 2019-01-05
Nihonbashi Bridge (Nihonbashi), from the late 1830s series Famous Places in Edo #hiroshige #ukiyoe https://t.co/GawIXUr1Yw
FANTASTIC JAPAN @fantasticjapan0 - 2018-12-29
The Edo-Tokyo Museum is a museum of the history of Tokyo during the Edo period👍
The main features of the permanent… https://t.co/Erpzws5guJ
Oran @oranv - 2018-12-28
Nihonbashi bridge was built in 1603 and is the origin point of the five major roads designated by the shogunate. Th… https://t.co/FvqADjTHjg
Why Japan Is a Rare Holdout in Asia’s Cash-Free Future In Nihonbashi, a business district of Tokyo named for an old… https://t.co/pJyAYvW7Mx
Darran Anderson @Oniropolis - 2018-12-05
Those are the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building / Flinders Street railway station, Melbourne / Nihonbashi Brid… https://t.co/aCm9kaequw
Tokyo Gov @Tokyo_gov - 2018-12-04
They say all major roads start from #Nihonbashi. In fact, kilometer zero—the point from which all distances are mea… https://t.co/Sayp9pQHRS
FANTASTIC JAPAN @zv2byTQxwcDXCxU - 2018-11-29
The Edo-Tokyo Museum is a museum of the history of Tokyo during the Edo period👍
The main features of the permanent… https://t.co/fgYQWgMxd9
fancy man @tjmfjt630 - 2018-11-18
This is a bridge, Nihonbashi, in Japan. Even though it’s a fake one but reminds people of what the traditional Japa… https://t.co/L9j7nZj2lz
Yoko angela يوكو انجيل Japan🌹✨🇯🇵 @9aPan - 2018-11-11
Good morning💎✨
Ando Hiroshige painted this bridge.
The river is the Sumidagawa river
Later… https://t.co/GN8IxzEoye
FANTASTIC JAPAN @zv2byTQxwcDXCxU - 2018-11-04
The Edo-Tokyo Museum is a museum of the history of Tokyo during the Edo period👍
The main features of the permanent… https://t.co/aX4SmuGQs5
Robert @BestCyberRobert - 2018-11-04
Nihonbashi bridge in clear weather after snowfall by Utagawa Hiroshige https://t.co/Y30dWumsIp
Douglas McCarthy @CultureDoug - 2018-10-30
This morning's journey ~
Rain at Nihonbashi Bridge, c. 1832/38
Utagawa Hiroshige 歌川 広重 (1797-1858)
Art Institute o… https://t.co/bwd3MxmWZC
KIJE magazine @KIJE_magazine - 2018-10-28
So many people gathered in Nihonbashi to see the parade.
#nihonbashi #kyobashi #festival #parade #autumnfestival… https://t.co/gG3eVMki4Z
Shogun Designs @Shogundesigns - 2018-10-20
#Romantic, #dreamy and #poetic are all words commonly used to describe #Hiroshige's #prints -… https://t.co/RtRpbri9m1
Food Sake Tokyo 🍱 @YukariSakamoto - 2018-10-18
Toyama antenna shop at the Nihonbashi bridge has a counter for flights of sake. Regional food shop tours are a grea… https://t.co/NSQAeOvU2B
Keoki808 @pricekaneohe - 2018-10-18
@MasiOka Ginza, Nihonbashi Bridge, Imperial Palace
Aesop @aesopskincare - 2018-10-11
Aesop Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tokyo, was designed in collaboration with CASE-REAL, and gestures to a local site of… https://t.co/7Yq8roDMuo
A-rigart @A_rigart - 2018-09-26
One of the #Tokyo's #iconic structures #Nihonbashi #bridge, #depicted in the style of #traditional #Japanese #art.… https://t.co/rrniuoS2z8
lily-全国民众匿名汇集 全民共振 直到专制垮台 @lilycho53082332 - 2018-09-26
The Kansai region of Japan (Osaka) responded to the announcement of the Global Freedom and Democracy Chariot Parade… https://t.co/utkxYpExQx
Ando Hiroshige @ando_hiroshige - 2018-09-15
Clear Weather after Snow at Nihonbashi Bridge, from the circa 1840 series Famous Places in the Eastern C… https://t.co/Ll3DfjagQm
Atsuko Hashimoto Westmacott @AtsukoHashimot1 - 2018-09-11
Sony Plaza is part of Nissan Gallery building now. The historic decorative Nihonbashi bridge is magnificent.
Nancy Foster @drafoxter - 2018-09-09
@HamillHimself Thinking about it, I regret I didn't buy a vintage Star Wars movie booklet when I went to Japan over… https://t.co/VL2T2GiCAB
Nippon.com @nippon_en - 2018-09-06
The Kyōbashi bridge is said to be named for Kyoto as it was the first span travelers crossed as they set off down t… https://t.co/B9jmRKsBrx
Ando Hiroshige @ando_hiroshige - 2018-09-04
Fish Market at Nihonbashi Bridge, from the late 1830s series Famous Places in the Eastern Capital… https://t.co/Sc6rAtEpYW
Ando Hiroshige @ando_hiroshige - 2018-09-03
Clear Morning after Snow at Nihonbashi Bridge (Nihonbashi yukibare no asa), from the late 1840s series F… https://t.co/uJLxwBkpk6
Nick Wood @nickwoodtokyo - 2018-09-01
Norico out for a stroll at Nihombashi Bridge, the central geographical point of Japan. @ Nihonbashi https://t.co/nzsSOvBziR
candyjsakai @candyjavier26 - 2018-08-27
Nihonbashi Bridge.Missing Tokyo ALOT.
#cjs #tokyo #nihonbashi #streetphotos https://t.co/pG2QqmRrEw
Fernando Gros @fernandogros - 2018-08-24
@Mulboyne Was the Nihonbashi bridge built on reclaimed land or was it on the original riverbanks?
Anne Louise Avery @AnneLouiseAvery - 2018-08-22
Hushed, naturalistic landscapes by Hasui Kawase (川瀬 巴水 1883-1957):
Autumn in the Koshiji Region (1920); Karikachi M… https://t.co/F8nxhW9uH9
Shogun Designs @Shogundesigns - 2018-08-21
The #gateway to the #hustle and #bustle of vibrant #Tokyo living in #yesteryear - https://t.co/Ga0wHshVr3 #energy… https://t.co/pSgjzl8GsM


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