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Toshogu is one of numerous shrines that enshrine Tokugawa Ieyasu, first Shogun of the Edo Shogunate. It was completed in its present splendor in 1636 by the second Shogun, Tokugawa Hidetada, for dedication to the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The structure is representative of Toshogu style, with a dazzling multicolored gate decorated with 508 sculptures. Its Yomei-mon Gate, the gate to the main shrine building of Toshogu, reflects Shogun’s wish for Japanese peace. Most of the shrine buildings and many parts are designated as National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 8:00 - 17:00
  • 8:00 - 16:00 (November - March)


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 1,300 yen (General, Adult)
  • 450 yen (Child)
  • Treasure House: 500 yen (General, Adult); 300 yen (Senior high student); 200 yen (Child)
  • Museum: 800 yen (General, Adult); 600 yen (Senior high student); 400 yen (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes from JR Nikko Station by the bus bound for Chuzenji Onsen or Yumoto Onsen. Get off at Shinkyo Bus stop, then walk 10 minutes.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 2301, Sannai, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 321-1431


海月乃骨 @Suiha_no_Hedate - 2021-02-27
Nikko Toshogu Shrine is located in the precincts of Nikko Futarasan Shrine.

#travelphotography #Sightseeing

Untitled.Showa @UntitledShowa - 2021-02-26
We can read from the sign that this photo was taken at Toshogu Shrine, but is this the Toshogu in Nikko? There are… https://t.co/ddnnR9ZsMC
アナちゃん @AnaSlump - 2021-02-25
'Nikko' by Tomikichiro Tokuriki

Description: The deep forest of Nikko leading to Toshogu Shrine and the Sacred Bri… https://t.co/WSd1YN5PDT
dailyartmag @DailyArtMag - 2021-02-23
#TravelTuesday 🌍
Among the most scenic areas of Japan, in the middle of the Honshu island, and at the foot of the M… https://t.co/LxAyCjtAQ9
M. de Ruiter @MdeRuiter1968 - 2021-02-21
Tokuriki Tomikichiro, Nikko Toshogu Shrine, date, 1940, No.39 from the series “Scenes of sacred places and historic… https://t.co/kQ18nSuQiK
Andrew Tovell @PlusTovell - 2021-02-19
@PhilipGlassEns @philipglass @nbcsnl For some reason this track always reminds me of Nikko in Japan and the Yomeimo… https://t.co/0wg5bjZ3Za
All About Japan @AllAbout_Japan - 2021-02-16
Nikko's top attraction, UNESCO World Heritage Site Toshogu Shrine, also serves as the extravagantly embellished tom… https://t.co/CGsPJiI8xG
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@awesomousse Ooh I'll do both ⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝✩︎⡱
-Nanakitakouen in Sendai
-Toshogu Shrine in Nikko
-Sendai St… https://t.co/rYTbetXBXS
patio @ 🇺🇸🇯🇵🇬🇧 @patiokawaii - 2021-01-24
Quite suprizing that York uni did not even check the original meaning of the wise monkeys from Nikko Toshogu. Quite… https://t.co/I0XQDQvHL5
たまばりん @tamabarin - 2021-01-24
@thetimes The decision of the University of York is discriminatory.
These 3 monkeys are famous for their sculptures… https://t.co/H20tNb1ssO
Kanpai! Japan @KanpaiJapan - 2021-01-23
📷 Toshogu - The pearl of Nikko

More info and photos
➡️ https://t.co/Wk3W7Q7bZE

[Kanpai #Japan's picture of the da… https://t.co/yrbQwYV32Z
dailyartmag @DailyArtMag - 2021-01-23
#Caturday every #Saturday! ❣️

🖼️ The cat is regarded as a symbol of Nikko (which means “sunlight”), but together w… https://t.co/lzYDaar4Tw
Lau💜💚 @JellybellyLR - 2021-01-20
Btw, Ieyasu's mausoleum can be found inside Toshogu shrine in Nikko (thanks to his grandson Iemitsu, as I explain i… https://t.co/HgMAO6jycu
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Winter has always been the low season for Nikko Toshogu Shrine, but the World Cultural Heritage Site is seeing even… https://t.co/rBbPPiM2FC
🎌 Donny Kimball 🎌 @donnyjkimball - 2021-01-05
As impressive as Nikko's Toshogu Shrine is, I am a much bigger fan of Taiyuin-byo, the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu… https://t.co/eHdnMKpkZl
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In Japan, people often visit a shrine for the New Year. ⛩️ Here's my post on getting blessed at Nikko Toshogu Shrin… https://t.co/hwF4joi4DS
Travel in a Garden @TravelinaGarden - 2020-12-28
Plate from 'Flora Japonica', Philipp Franz von Siebold, 1870

Cryptomeria Avenue [Sugi Namiki] by Hiroshi Yoshida (… https://t.co/E0PQd1lKko
LOTUS WORKS @L0TUSW0RKS - 2020-12-15
For anyone visiting the area, Nikko Toshogu Shrine is like nothing else. Particularly well-known is the three wise… https://t.co/Lmi5s6Dzlz
chaco @chaco27116013 - 2020-12-15
@aya21200259 'The building will begin to collapse as soon as it is completed.'
Hidari Jingoro, a rare master crafts… https://t.co/KZTNfdWyge
Shaadi Magic @shaadimagic - 2020-12-09
The height of this is same as Sky Tower, Tokyo

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Inbound Three-Way Satisfaction Japan @iTWSjapan - 2020-11-18
Toshogu shrine is dedicated to Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate that ruled Japan for over… https://t.co/uEeEMs88uZ
Bill Chizek Photography @WmChizek - 2020-11-17
Toshogu Grounds 3

#photography #photo #photographer #photos #camera #photooftheday #canon… https://t.co/s0G8uUIwTK
小川晃生 @teruogawa - 2020-11-16
Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Yomei Gate. It was a day when the autumn sun was dazzling.
#nikko #toshogu #youmeimon… https://t.co/q75o8yiitW
Right To Truth Media @opalessense - 2020-11-05
A 17th century carving over a door of the famous Toshogu shrine in Nikko, Japan. https://t.co/1tJZLgJvGB
さのの @sanono_murasaki - 2020-11-03
”Yomeimon Gate of the Nikko Toshogu Shrine” 1907
by Robert Wier ALLAN https://t.co/CFyQp91pf1
トモさんMrk3β @Tomo_Mrk3B01 - 2020-11-02
@BlueSkyBluesman Yup!😊 I’ll enjoy strolling around NIKKO TOSHOGU SHRINE and hot springs around it all day today!


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