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Oedo Ueno Hirokoji-tei is a small Japanese-style vaudeville theater with 100 seats where you can watch Rakugo (comic storytelling) performers and vaudeville entertainers up-close. Japanese traditional performances include Rakugo, Manzai (stand-up comedy) and professional narrative singing in various styles such as Joruri and Roukyoku can be enjoyed in a cozy atmosphere.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the show


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 2,000 yen *varies according to the show

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Ueno-hirokoji Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (G15)
  • 3 minutes walk from JR Okachimachi Station
  • 5 minutes walk from Yushima Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (C13)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-20-10, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005


過激派組織森めめんと @Dr_moriMM - 2018-10-21
@bayu_hanyut There isn’t Shinkansen in Akihabara station. But Ueno station has Shinkansen. It station near the Akihabara station 🚉
lazy old cat 🐱 @Anon4704 - 2018-10-21
RT @kanaribroken: Jun got addicted to zombie related stuff during filming Hidamari no Kanojo, so he and Ueno Juri watched zombie movies in…
Iliad @IliadLillah - 2018-10-21
Do you know any urban legends? If so, tell us about it! — ehhh? Urban legends? I've heard one from one of the sweet… https://t.co/V3ZA9NUCGw
piano love=keiki ota @kyeeboo - 2018-10-21
I’ll hold a special performance of commemorating release for my first album “In The Forest “at Caster where is near… https://t.co/YGXPzpMvIk
Keith @kinjapan86 - 2018-10-21
@ueno_man Don't worry you'll have done fine :)
Ⓖⓘⓛⓜⓘⓔ @ShayGilmer - 2018-10-21
Ueno paving made for @_ellabarnsley 🐼 🇯🇵 https://t.co/NAKxlPeNSk
犬熊&羽月 @Inugumaoruhu - 2018-10-21
RT @keeperaft: Hung out with the cute @larrybakee1994 today in Ueno Park

He smother https://t.co/B3XK8baEYk
🎃Spook-cidity👻 @Lucid_Creator - 2018-10-21
RT @keeperaft: Hung out with the cute @larrybakee1994 today in Ueno Park

He smother https://t.co/B3XK8baEYk
Mafuyu @mafuyu_traveler - 2018-10-21
I went to #Vermeer exhibition which is being held at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo. Eight pieces of Vermeer's work… https://t.co/HkizItwNwj
キープカイリュー♂ @keeperaft - 2018-10-21
Hung out with the cute @larrybakee1994 today in Ueno Park

He smother https://t.co/B3XK8baEYk
深谷ねぎ@ねぎばたけ。 @sumo_ueno - 2018-10-21
RT @ringdoll: Sharing the cute pictures with you!
#ringdoll #dolls #doll #abjd #bjd #球体関節人形 #人形 #ドール #s #rinku #TheRingImperium #balljointe…
moeshit @JoshiLeo_ - 2018-10-21
@ueno_station54 to me it is for sure
St.LouisCS @StLouisCS - 2018-10-21
Our senior Art students at Newgrange recently. Newgrange is 5000 yrs old, We hope mankind will still be around in a… https://t.co/zbfxv9vwfJ
うえの @ueno_723 - 2018-10-21
To put a distance
Ana Marie Almendral @anaalmendral - 2018-10-21
Autumn is love! 🍁🍂🍃 #travelphotography #naturephotography #japanadventure @ Ueno Park https://t.co/1MGwzQeSgm
Rachel Bell @elstoleno - 2018-10-21
Ok so I guess if you’ve never been to Ueno you won’t understand that. But there’s a giant crow in town being super loud.
旧客狂@行くぞブリテン @Ueno_Michinoku - 2018-10-21
RT @MrTimDunn: Sun streaming in to Paddington! Bright above - and weekend departures below - Brunel and Digby-Wyatt’s GWR station roof. Whe…
MC Maigo @MaigoMc - 2018-10-21
@mcMONOCHROME You live in Ueno, and reportedly, you don't go out very often.
𝕵𝖊𝖘𝖘 @K0jiii - 2018-10-21
notable people not in the big d:
kudo, sakaguchi, umeda, shunma, watase, ueno, hirata, ishii (ganbare), iino
NeighborMix SPOTIT @getspotit - 2018-10-21
Q: Could you show me the way to Ueno Park?
A: Let's get NeighborMix SPOTIT. https://t.co/HMAhsO0bDv
Nicola Palmieri @Nicoooo82 - 2018-10-21
RT @LouisVuitton: Masterpieces Travel in #LouisVuitton
A custom-crafted case protected Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid” painting on its journey fro…
Nicola Palmieri @Nicoooo82 - 2018-10-21
RT @LouisVuitton: Masterpieces Travel in #LouisVuitton
Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid” was transported from its home at the @Rijksmuseum in Amster…
Nicola Palmieri @Nicoooo82 - 2018-10-21
RT @LouisVuitton: Masterpieces Travel in #LouisVuitton
Continuing a long history of special-orders, Louis Vuitton created a custom trunk f…
LOVEFMHITS @lovefmhits - 2018-10-21
https://t.co/7Wk8t3pFsp Best Friend by Sofi Tukker & NERVO, The Knocks ft. Alisa Ueno HITS MUSIC
Buy song… https://t.co/lMD1xfn7Ug
KEN🇯🇵 @Im_aJP - 2018-10-21
I'm at #uenopark now !

It's so beautiful sunny day today (´ー`) 場所: Ueno Park https://t.co/A2tXmcBnYR
👻😈🎃NiCO🎃😈👻 @Lpogtokyo - 2018-10-21
@_ZoeTwoDots @PkmnMasterHolly @Risamazing @REVERSALYOUTUBE Ueno Park for the 3 hours of community day... 😓 https://t.co/6l8hBuNgnB
𝕵𝖊𝖘𝖘 @K0jiii - 2018-10-21
revenge for kudo and masa over ume after ume. takeda and ueno won the 6 man belts at judgement
joana ferraz martins @joanafm12 - 2018-10-21
RT @LouisVuitton: Masterpieces Travel in #LouisVuitton
Continuing a long history of special-orders, Louis Vuitton created a custom trunk f…
Donald Brawley @deserthethen - 2018-10-21
Cross Shishi in Japan off the list. Don't know what is in most of this, but so far, so good. @ 板前寿司 上野店 / Itamae Su… https://t.co/PgYVj0HcLR
Burning Spirits @_burningspirits - 2018-10-21
Nice job by Soma covering for the Ueno misstep. Quick thinking on his feet, small detail but shows how good he is


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