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This large park is comprised mostly of a central lake, which originally formed part of the outer moat of Fukuoka Castle. Around the lake runs a broad path which is popular with joggers, cyclists and walkers alike. Ohori Park is also home to Noh theater, Japanese Garden and Fukuoka Art Museum. Adjoining Ohori Park on the east side is Maizuru Park where you can explore the ruins of Fukuoka Castle.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 7 minutes walk from Ohorikoen Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line (K06)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-2, Ohorikoen, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 810-0051


Dan Castellano @ninja_padrino - 2020-09-28
Table for five @ Ohori Park https://t.co/wL63zf8ofZ
Enrique López-Mañas @eenriquelopez - 2020-09-28
@tuttiq I used to work for hours at the Starbucks in Ohori Park, a fantastic place, and a fantastic lake.
Yasmien Kurdi @TheRealYasmien - 2020-09-26
Sunshine is my favourite accessory ☀️ @ 大濠公園 Ohori Park https://t.co/qKvmU5mMcl
DRYBAY @drybaystudio - 2020-09-25
Today's Ohori Park
#大濠公園 https://t.co/Gj2f210IfL
Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau @FukuokaCVB - 2020-09-25
A huge piece of art by local graffiti artist Kyne is being exhibited at Fukuoka City Museum until December 27, 2022… https://t.co/FdXUmoWKCU
Daisuke @dk_create_web - 2020-09-23
It was good day today. I went to city as big park it called ohori park since I came back to Japan. Also I was doing… https://t.co/wrVfONT4JI
Dan Castellano @ninja_padrino - 2020-09-21
More reasons to love Ohori Park, their Japanese Garden and waterside cafes https://t.co/yDz5LasEQF
Laurel @laurelpegl - 2020-09-21
@ninja_padrino We just got back from an afternoon at Ohori Park, perfect day for it!
Lisa Sometimes @MsLisaSometimes - 2020-09-20
Today I did a lot of wandering. Revisited a couple of spots I liked on my last trip (Ohori Park and Hakata Station… https://t.co/pKecz01PJS
Micaela (ミカエラ) @ciaela - 2020-09-20
After noticing the long lineup outside of Afterglow by Ohori Park, my partner and decided to line up (over an hour!… https://t.co/P6d2TGvNN3
hibari @HibariU - 2020-09-20
@ciaela Ohori Park, isn't it?
Micaela (ミカエラ) @ciaela - 2020-09-16
✨ New Article ✨

Whether you're looking to have a socially distanced picnic in Ohori Park, or looking to support a… https://t.co/YnH5QYQh3u
Godzilla Snacks @GodzillaSnacks - 2020-09-13
For once I'm not making the tacos. We're playing at Peace near Ohori Park next week 9/21. Come say hi if you want. https://t.co/IallTpEDRQ
Dan Castellano @ninja_padrino - 2020-09-09
As much as I love Yoyogi Kōen, Ohori Kōen is a better park, Oakland may be Fukuoka’s sister city but this reminds m… https://t.co/hTp9VKI4wS
Jae Parmer @shehasastory_ - 2020-09-08
@__Reliance__ @ciaela I’m about to go coffee shop hopping. Lol. I love how so many Fukuoka coffee shops are offerin… https://t.co/kbQBoBLckB
Fukuoka Now @FukuokaNow - 2020-09-01
A beautiful cafe opens tomorrow inside Ohori Park: Ohori Terrace ~ Yame Tea and Japanese Garden - report and photos… https://t.co/o6546XZBVJ
DRYBAY @drybaystudio - 2020-08-28
Today's Ohori Park
#大濠公園 https://t.co/hdZkZ8tvjK
Japan Community @japancommunity - 2020-08-24
Take a look at Ohori Park and its large #pond, located in Fukuoka 🌊

The #park is popular for every type of activit… https://t.co/8U76bTbmyz
The Real Japan @TheRealJapan1 - 2020-08-21
@ninja_padrino I've a few suggestions for #Fukuoka in this post Dan, including:

* Cafe Brasileiro
* ACROS building… https://t.co/0ce4WBN86h
Mulboyne @Mulboyne - 2020-08-20
Photo of shogi professionals Souta Fujii and Kazuki Kimura, playing with no spectators at Ohori Park Noh Theatre.… https://t.co/lVRXVc0CUG
The Original NPC @__Reliance__ - 2020-08-17
@shehasastory_ You are going to enjoy Ohori park. Both you and your husband can take walks around the park. Plus, y… https://t.co/pXsKVIgZCO
Keiko @keikoinboston - 2020-08-08
#WildBoardChase in Fukuoka. 🐗

“The animal was spotted near Ohori Park at about 6:05 a.m. by a member of Fukuoka P… https://t.co/SCwUcWPAoO
Travel Japanese App @traveljpapp - 2020-08-08
Wild boar leads police on hours-long chase through Ohori Park in Fukuoka https://t.co/vmpiDTJd8U via @themainichi… https://t.co/Iu4eQ4kX8P
Stephen Lyman @shochu_danji - 2020-08-06
Social distancing has lead to far fewer chances to go out, but a couple weeks ago during the nadir of the epidemic… https://t.co/TuZH8joyHU
Aonghas Crowe @AonghasCrowe - 2020-08-05
There are reports of a wild boar 🐗 on the loose in Fukuoka City. It was seen in Ohori Park, near the art museum, af… https://t.co/laArVa0uKE
Feckarse Industries @LaurenL0410 - 2020-08-05
There was a wild boar in Ohori Park today https://t.co/SZZnNVAj45
Natsuko Fukue @natfukue - 2020-08-05
I don't think ONE wild boar being caught near Fukuoka's Ohori park is a big news, but it's a nice picture😂🐗 https://t.co/Bp7sGXEn5q
Slip(スリップ)💙🦁 @slip_fe3h - 2020-08-05
lrt there was a wild boar sighted by Ohori Park (Fukuoka) this morning. police officers tried to chase after and ca… https://t.co/VBymztGuEz
Stephen Lyman @shochu_danji - 2020-08-04
Socially distanced birthday lunch on the shaded cafe patio in Ohori Park followed by a stroll through the center is… https://t.co/jtlVirViXX
DRYBAY @drybaystudio - 2020-07-25
Today's Ohori Park https://t.co/EUfP6vDgZn
DRYBAY @drybaystudio - 2020-07-25
Today's Ohori Park https://t.co/EUfP6vDgZn
mame 👻 @kmtiiv - 2020-07-19
Best thing about our apartment is we live super close to ohori park which has a huge jogging/biking track so today… https://t.co/9MrEIcfA9k
mame 👻 @kmtiiv - 2020-07-19
Best thing about our apartment is we live super close to ohori park which has a huge jogging/biking track so today… https://t.co/9MrEIcfA9k
˗ˏˋ Jesse ˎˊ˗ @jessethanley - 2020-07-18
@wrathofgnon They do this at Ohori Park in Fukuoka. Love seeing it on my morning walks.
Japanese learner cafe☕️ @CafeLearner - 2020-07-08
The Japanese style project mapping in ohori park✨
#Japaneseculture https://t.co/qY1fWW1rDk


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