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This large park is comprised mostly of a central lake, which originally formed part of the outer moat of Fukuoka Castle. Around the lake runs a broad path which is popular with joggers, cyclists and walkers alike. Ohori Park is also home to Noh theater, Japanese Garden and Fukuoka Art Museum. Adjoining Ohori Park on the east side is Maizuru Park where you can explore the ruins of Fukuoka Castle.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 7 minutes walk from Ohorikoen Station on the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line (K06)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-2, Ohorikoen, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 810-0051


並河 壮典 @fVOJKnYX51kPpl1 - 2015-08-27
Walk the Ohori Park.... http://t.co/Qqx5UgSNdT
Daniel @Omni_Hug - 2015-08-26
A little bit of Fukuoka #fukuoka #hakata #ohori #park #temple #zen #japan #福岡 #博多 #博多駅 http://t.co/vWvfy1BAOy
Neil Cantwell @dissolvingpath - 2015-08-26
Another audio-visual piece from @deterra that fits perfectly with @jpsoundportrait this time Ohori Park https://t.co/a58aNivoE0 via @YouTube
japansoundportrait @jpsoundportrait - 2015-08-26
Another audio-visual piece from @deterra that fits perfectly with @jpsoundportrait, this time Fukuoka's Ohori Park https://t.co/ahF7f2assO
Fukuoka Now @FukuokaNow - 2015-08-23
Protest drunk driving @ Ohori Park on Tues. 5,000 t-shirts available for participants http://t.co/czU2h2EuOj #Fukuoka http://t.co/FQcdlrxEAe
lexie. @llexiesays - 2015-08-22
so we went to the ohori park today 🌸 i have to take better pictures next time tho http://t.co/jjQFQpfXzn
Odigo @OdigoTravel - 2015-08-18
Ohori Park is the largest park in central Fukuoka with a large pond at its center. The par… http://t.co/ldHBhvqaXX http://t.co/85mdY9MfBv
住塚 @keizaitengu190 - 2015-08-16
@MarmolVirginie Ohori park fireworks are just too crowded.
Feel Fukuoka Japan @FeelFukuoka - 2015-08-06
New summer film is UP! We send the beauty of 'Fireworks Festival at Ohori Park' to the world♪http://t.co/EVHB44rHIO http://t.co/oKqppoTMuu
きゅう @qqq999HWeve - 2015-08-04
@AnneloesvLeuken Did you see the fireworks of the Ohori park from home?
It is wonderful.(。・ω・)♪
P.T.A -Part Time Art @ptart2 - 2015-08-02
#Fukuokatower and #fireworks #festival at #ohori #park in #Fukuoka #Japan #大濠公園 #福岡 #夏 #花火大会 #福岡タワー https://t.co/f1jp7N3Ti3
Brian in Fukuoka @MyTwoYen - 2015-08-01
Ohori Park fireworks. 450,000 people. http://t.co/7u1IUoYNLj
Bryαɴ Cooper @bry_cooper - 2015-08-01
As I see hordes of locals flock to the annual Ohori Park firework event, I can only imagine how low tonight's #Avispa turnout will be. #j2
Ivan ☆ アイヴァン @ivankira - 2015-08-01
With @Shinylibra heading to ohori park for fireworks festival. My first time wearing a yukata! http://t.co/W9WZLHEgK7
Keiko Arita @genkigirlkeiko - 2015-08-01
Fireworks Festival of Ohori park from 34F floor! Nice dinner⭐️Such an awesome team we are, VIPs & staff members &... http://t.co/y6cXQqhUkA
とぅますぅ曰く、 @otTOHMAto - 2015-08-01
All kinds of #fireworks at #Ohorikouen (Ohori #park) in #Japan #today!!!
It was #sooooo #beautiful… https://t.co/qYMXz1VCe6
asianbeat_chan_en @asianbeat_en - 2015-07-30
[Editor's Pick] Summer is here! If you're in Fukuoka, why not stop by 'BOATHOUSE OHORI PARK' http://t.co/YLdl2ZLUO5 http://t.co/X4HhOodLFj
☸ Zoyalia @ms_leo_92 - 2015-07-23
Today: Explored Ohori park, Fukuoka castle ruins, downtown, Acros building, and Canal City #tired
Micaela (ミカエラ) @ciaela - 2015-07-22
@MamzSleepy momochi beach/Fukuoka tower area is nice on a sunny day. Ohori Park, too.
Micaela (ミカエラ) @ciaela - 2015-07-22
@MamzSleepy momochi beach/Fukuoka tower area is nice on a sunny day. Ohori Park, too.
lonlonlonlon @ciaela - 2015-07-22
@MamzSleepy momochi beach/Fukuoka tower area is nice on a sunny day. Ohori Park, too.
Feel Fukuoka Japan @FeelFukuoka - 2015-07-15
What a beautiful sunset!At Ohori-Park.

http://t.co/U1mN7evmG0 http://t.co/DS1rLINj8x
Rachel @reee_A_ - 2015-07-12
The tea party would take place at Ohori park's japanese style garden last month.
I was the host. I was so nervous, but I enjoyed this party.
Momoka Sakuma @moxxsk13 - 2015-07-09
#ohori#park#love#u#rina ~~~~ https://t.co/EV4bH0JP2v
Talese Hunt @talese - 2015-07-01
Welcome to Ohori Park #fukuoka #japan #ohoripark #dogs #starbucks #belindacarlisle #bangles… https://t.co/Lcj6owwJY7
Feel Fukuoka @FeelFukuoka - 2015-06-29
Ohori Park is one of the popular place in Fukuoka!

http://t.co/LhS9hjmLQv http://t.co/jE2HoSM4TL
Mr.S (The Crazy Cat) @MrS_TheCrazyCat - 2015-06-29
'Kyushu, Fukuoka - Ohori Park'
- A part of Fukuoka Castle's moat became a great lake in oval shape of… https://t.co/wxawo2Royt
Mr.S (The Crazy Cat) @MrS_TheCrazyCat - 2015-06-29
'Kyushu, Fukuoka - Ohori Park'
- There are the activities of Japanese inside this park throughout the… https://t.co/t5IwnzcrWZ
Mr.S (The Crazy Cat) @MrS_TheCrazyCat - 2015-06-29
'Kyushu, Fukuoka - Ohori Park'
- This is the city lights in the sunset moment at Ohori Park.
'I had… https://t.co/EARmNAuUVI
Mr.S (The Crazy Cat) @MrS_TheCrazyCat - 2015-06-29
'Kyushu, Fukuoka - Ohori Park'
- This park has the long history back to the era of Fukuoka Castle.… https://t.co/yU5XvYvzyj
ちゃんもえ @j830m123 - 2015-06-27
Please make it a nice weather tomorrow!!!!🌞
I will go on a picnic tomorrow in Ohori Park!!!!🍙 https://t.co/8oAhysVqVO
あかねまる ☄ @typonpooon - 2015-06-26
model / aoi
place / ohori park
thank you !!!👼👼 http://t.co/MlnO6hP2QA


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