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Ojika Island was made by an undersea volcano and is called a museum of volcanic activity. This island can provide the visitor with many interesting ways to relax in the warm embrace of nature such as camping, swimming and fishing. Among the programs on offer is the opportunity to rent a whole old country house.
In Madara Island, which is connected with Ojika Island by the bridge, there is a national natural treasure called "Pothole". It is a deep hole with a round stone inside rolled and ground in a torrent for ages.

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 1 hour and 30 minutes - 3 hours and 15 minutes ferry ride from Sasebo Port *varies according to the ferry
  • 5 hours and 20 minutes ferry ride from Hakata Port (23:30 - 4:50)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 2376-1, Fuefukigo, Ojika-cho Kitamatsura-gun, Nagasaki, 857-4701


岩永 太陽@ふるさと小値賀島で、世界中の人が泊まる旅館を起業!離島でも稼げる、大家族子育て島ライフ! @shimayadogoen - 2020-01-05
Please subscribe Goen channel. Show you life of Ojika island and Goen family.… https://t.co/QCZxoim0QM
岩永 太陽@ふるさと小値賀島で、世界中の人が泊まる旅館を起業!離島でも稼げる、大家族子育て島ライフ! @shimayadogoen - 2019-12-21
A lot of barracudas. Now time to fish barracuda. My father got 60kg a day. Crazy! Would you like to come fishing Oj… https://t.co/viSoFgZEDH
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2019-12-21
A lot of barracudas. Now time to fish barracuda. My father got 60kg a day. Crazy! Would you like to come fishing Oj… https://t.co/viSoFgZEDH
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2019-12-09
A lot of barracudas in ferry terminal of Ojika island. My friend got 80cm fish call a red snapper in ferry terminal… https://t.co/IlfKoeUOdn
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2019-11-29
Good morning from Ojika island.

Let us go singing as far as we go the road will be less tedious.… https://t.co/vX7o8SzA6i
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2019-11-22
Amazing art of drawing. Wonderful drawing book of Ojika island. Thank you for… https://t.co/x63AUoRSUE
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Ojika island in Nagasaki.Japan: Sports Day 2019 Ojika Island. Would you like to feel rural of Japan? Come to Ojika… https://t.co/rxsnhS9Vtl
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Great time festival in Ojika island. We were wearing Japanese traditional clothes called Yukata. Traditional Japan… https://t.co/FxxsYIHeG0
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2019-10-18
Scared of fishing place in Japan.

It’s time come for fishing season in Ojika island.

People who got fish a meth… https://t.co/5keQ9AFO9m
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2019-10-14
Fishing experience in Ojika island,Japan.

We tried to fish squid in night.

How amazing experience we had, why d… https://t.co/6AVIkJqtL4
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2019-10-13
Typhoon 19 is far away from Ojika island. But crazy strong wind and high waves in Ojika island.
I cannot believe t… https://t.co/yh4DGV5Dcc
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Where’s Ojika? This small island in #Japan has only two sets of traffic light 🚦🚦 but it is endlessly fascinating.… https://t.co/EsQBEysfEk
Sheryl Nantus @SherylNantus - 2019-07-18
Watching a documentary on @NHKWORLD_News about Ojika, an island near Japan and I want to go!!!
bullying using waves @BullyingWaves - 2019-01-29
Everyone, you should not immigrate to OJIKA island. Everything is said to be the result of NHK's stupid broadcastin… https://t.co/BN3JM75a3t
bullying using waves @BullyingWaves - 2019-01-29
Like NHK, on OJIKA Island, eavesdropping is also done everyday and there is no apology. We must tell everyone that… https://t.co/ID33vRDA6e
bullying using waves @BullyingWaves - 2019-01-29
On OJIKA island there are many people who make bad things to people. You better not immigrate to this island.
bullying using waves @BullyingWaves - 2019-01-29
People on OJIKA Island in Nagasaki prefecture seem to be enjoying weak bullying as a source of stress. It is a fact.
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2018-12-15
We enjoy grilled barracuda with salt, which is delicacy of Ojika island in Nagasaki japan.

#ojikaisland… https://t.co/cFdVQScS2P
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2018-11-25
Chef Ume from Saitama prefecture. Chef of #shimayadogoen and melody box. Would you like to try fresh fish in Ojika… https://t.co/7DARJePyQf
Davey Ball @davey_b - 2018-11-22
Im on an express boat with no seat in Japan off Ojika island and let me just say I’m most thankful this year I don’… https://t.co/8GM2Ps25mP
英語勉強中 @uptoyou39 - 2018-11-12
I came home from Ojika Island https://t.co/wYlXIsB6NQ
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Yoga is a wonderful thing to try in a new country even if the language barrier makes it a bit of an adventure. Sinc… https://t.co/v1WuotPbZ3
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if you want to feel really Japan, you must visit country side of Japan. So where is the best place. Now I am living… https://t.co/k1Wutl0RxO
英語勉強中 @uptoyou39 - 2018-10-26
it would be nice to get a lot of a fish at Ojika Island
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2018-10-23
Would you like to visit beautiful island call Ojika island Nagasaki Japan
Ojika has so much to offer that you will… https://t.co/O3XMfqsLkS
岩永 太陽@離島で稼ぐ、島だからこそプレイヤーに近道 @shimayadogoen - 2018-10-22
The most beautiful beach you never seen before in Japan. The beach call Kakinohama beach in Ojika island. #Japan… https://t.co/C6sgUWQgFu


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