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Omotesando is a major avenue that was originally constructed as the approach to Meiji-jingu Shrine. It runs for almost one kilometer between JR Harajuku Station and Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro lines.
Today the boulevard lined up with trees offers flagship shops of major fashion brands and up and coming select shops displaying the latest fashion trends. Other popular destinations include Kiddy Land, the Oriental Bazaar and the Omotesando Hills complex, which includes a shopping mall and residences. A great way to enjoy the avenue is to stroll its maze of narrow back streets, home to one-of-a-kind shops, beauty salons and upscale cafés that lure throngs of fashion-conscious people. The Omotesando and Harajuku districts have become trend-setting spots for the latest fashions and a hub for people who follow the latest changes in fashion very closely.
In late-August, Harajuku Omotesando Genki Festival (Super Yosakoi) is held here. About 90 teams gather from around the country to perform powerful dances. The "Jiman-ichi" market, where famous local products of various locations throughout Japan can be found, is also held here.

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (C04), Ginza Line (G02) or Hanzomon Line (Z02)

Address / LocationAddress / Location


    Faburiq @faburiq - 2019-12-15
    ‘‘Tis the Season 🎄
    Photo Credit: Monocle

    #omotesando #omotesandohills #japanchrismastdeco… https://t.co/i7qH7lmBld
    Florence @Florenc86484622 - 2019-12-15
    TOKYO【Christmas Lights】OMOTESANDO 2019. Google #Pixel presents.表参道 #4k https://t.co/yfKz5cCrCt via @YouTube
    Intro Japan @IntroJapan - 2019-12-15
    The street illumination at Harajuku, Tokyo. One of the major highlights of the holiday season🎄
    #introjapan… https://t.co/ApPQdJ7Mo0
    Jess ♥ @jessrayearth - 2019-12-15
    Sunday Brunch 🥞
    #TokyoWeekend @ A Happy Pancake Omotesando https://t.co/cx77b4i519
    Jon ior @powersystemlead - 2019-12-15
    CHAVATY, Jakarta – Japanese Café From Omotesando Specialising In Tea Latte And Soft Cream, At Plaza Indonesia… https://t.co/XxoI3DUjfc
    PekoPeko! TV @PekoPekoTV - 2019-12-15
    Alan at the #tintinshop in Omotesando. He was a huge collector of the series as a kid so it was great finding this… https://t.co/Vq8vsC8gOK
    PekoPeko! TV @PekoPekoTV - 2019-12-15
    Alan at the #tintinshop in Omotesando. He was a huge collector of the series as a kid so it was great finding this… https://t.co/jvpUHJjStS
    PekoPeko! TV @PekoPekoTV - 2019-12-15
    Checking out the #unufarmersmarket in #Omotesando 👩‍🌾
    #japan #tokyo #unu #unitednationsuniversity… https://t.co/RZ2XbLNB6F
    PekoPeko! TV @PekoPekoTV - 2019-12-15
    Enjoying some hot #yakiimo at the #unufarmersmarket in #Omotesando 🍠✨
    #japan #tokyo #unu #sweet potato… https://t.co/Y3vVJnAp4X
    PekoPeko! TV @PekoPekoTV - 2019-12-15
    I caved and bought it! Best ¥300 purchase of the day at the #unufarmersmarket in #Omotesando 🍠
    #japan #tokyo… https://t.co/BhRHOA81dQ
    PekoPeko! TV @PekoPekoTV - 2019-12-15
    Selfie at the #unufarmersmarket in #Omotesando 👩‍🌾
    #japan #tokyo #unu #selfie #unitednationsuniversity… https://t.co/wxF61IVChI
    PekoPeko! TV @PekoPekoTV - 2019-12-15
    Spotted a cute #pink cafe in Omotesando ‘TEA’ 💖 .
    #japan #tokyo #cafe #cute #pastels https://t.co/UoArwKcsMm https://t.co/wKrGc1J34W
    Zewu JM 🌊 東京 @jmwritesthings - 2019-12-15
    Got a little lost on the way to my next destination: Omotesando!

    Usually people come here for the cafes, food and… https://t.co/eGMStySyZ0
    kt! @browneyedqirls - 2019-12-15
    women that play big string instruments ❤️_______❤️

    Kelsey Lu's live performance at Omotesando store opening https://t.co/WGwf3fsXXb
    Akemi @enigmaticalcat - 2019-12-14
    I'm at Omotesando Koffee in Fitzrovia, Greater London https://t.co/QIJY5P7yUV
    Amore vintage Tokyo @AmoreTokyo - 2019-12-14
    Chanel sport cotton top.
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    Amore vintage Tokyo @AmoreTokyo - 2019-12-14
    Chanel sport top ▶︎Free Shipping Worldwide✈️ ≫≫≫ DM for more information 📩 info@amorevintagetokyo.com
    #AMOREvintage… https://t.co/aEd5sEFB7Q
    Emma @emmaloves_blog - 2019-12-14
    Today is a day of chores - is it possible to feel exhausted after an election? 🥴 Tomorrow I’m finishing my Christma… https://t.co/JTyEasuBTS
    HALO応援垢 @FanProduce101 - 2019-12-14
    from 12.13 to 12.31
    At Omotesando, Tokyo

    #ヒチョン #キムヒチョン #김희천 #Heecheon https://t.co/6heIaXBw21
    KEISのお買い得ブログ @kobanbanbanban - 2019-12-14
    @schuetler777 I go to Omotesando near Harajuku to see the illuminations every year https://t.co/gJPNoK3N37
    L E @dionysianhag - 2019-12-14
    Just walked past someone wearing a D&G overcoat and a tiara. Omotesando is a different world
    Love Gaga ‏@裏垢 @fallfalljjjj - 2019-12-14
    Best Spot Japan! From Roppongi to Omotesando by Bus
    #roppongi #六本木 #表参道 #omotesando

    NIPPON WANDERING TV @Nwandering_tv - 2019-12-14
    Omotesando Christmas Lights And Google Pixel Presents Magic Illumination https://t.co/NwaU0ktols
    Nicole Poi @pinkypiggu - 2019-12-14
    Tea with Apeach🍑🍑🍑! #pinkypiggunicole #pinkypigguinjapan @ Apeach Omotesando https://t.co/0QHCNHEmpd
    PINK ︎🍑🦄 @Amethyst_voicez - 2019-12-14
    @yggdrasilpie So lovelyyyyy~~💕💕

    I wanna go to APEACH OMOTESANDO but I still haven't gone to there yet...
    RALF WILLI SCHMIDT @schmidt_willi - 2019-12-14
    【4K】Omotesando Christmas lights https://t.co/Y8x01b4Z65 via @YouTube
    cokoguri @cokoguri - 2019-12-14
    Omotesando shines - Omotesando in Tokyo is lit up for the Christmas season via @JapanToday #Japan #Tokyo… https://t.co/zaRS2d9ajQ
    re-how.net @rehownet2 - 2019-12-14
    SFT Popped out from the museum and displayed a pop-up shop in Omotesando from December 20 https://t.co/3GnZ8XTaIl https://t.co/JoLMnteBbP
    supjackjack @supjackjack - 2019-12-14
    @MarinYangGang Yes I love that idea!

    omotesando Hills Mall in Tokyo is like that

    The only issues is it's super expensive lol
    supjackjack🐬 @supjackjack - 2019-12-14
    @MarinYangGang Yes I love that idea!

    omotesando Hills Mall in Tokyo is like that

    The only issues is it's super expensive lol


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