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Omotesando is a major avenue that was originally constructed as the approach to Meiji-jingu Shrine. It runs for almost one kilometer between JR Harajuku Station and Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro lines.
Today the boulevard lined up with trees offers flagship shops of major fashion brands and up and coming select shops displaying the latest fashion trends. Other popular destinations include Kiddy Land, the Oriental Bazaar and the Omotesando Hills complex, which includes a shopping mall and residences. A great way to enjoy the avenue is to stroll its maze of narrow back streets, home to one-of-a-kind shops, beauty salons and upscale cafés that lure throngs of fashion-conscious people. The Omotesando and Harajuku districts have become trend-setting spots for the latest fashions and a hub for people who follow the latest changes in fashion very closely.
In late-August, Harajuku Omotesando Genki Festival (Super Yosakoi) is held here. About 90 teams gather from around the country to perform powerful dances. The "Jiman-ichi" market, where famous local products of various locations throughout Japan can be found, is also held here.

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • Short walk from Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (C04), Ginza Line (G02) or Hanzomon Line (Z02)

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    BlueRena @BlueRena777 - 2020-08-04
    Visiting Meiji Shrine (Harajuku/Omotesando area) in Tokyo is very holy experience. You can feel you are entering a different world.
    Bob Cromwell @ToiletGuru - 2020-08-04
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    Magical Animal @magicalanimaljp - 2020-08-04
    @Absurdum14 @miocoxon Akihabara is a shadow of its former self, that was gone long before the otaku/maid cafe boom.… https://t.co/GJ5Qz2KLid
    Magical Animal @magicalanimaljp - 2020-08-04
    @Absurdum14 @miocoxon Shibuya, before? Nothing. Now, a lot less. The same thing that happened to Omotesando and Aki… https://t.co/U6c9put6dZ
    Michael caldwell @Absurdum14 - 2020-08-04
    @magicalanimaljp @miocoxon Oh, you’re nostalgic for ELECTRIC town back in the 90s. Huh.

    Umm... because Omotesando… https://t.co/W2O7LcI9dk
    UTESTATE @UTESTATE - 2020-08-04
    Apartments in Omotesando https://t.co/JZz7iFLkTt
    re-how.net @rehownet2 - 2020-08-04
    The Strings Omotesando Appeared in a special color to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of opening “Autumn Afternoon… https://t.co/dBrzNr3Bcl
    @kinokoyani - 2020-08-04
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    Cross Radio One @CrossRadio1 - 2020-08-03
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    'Omotesando' by Nicolay - City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya!
    Froward Jason @JasnTru - 2020-08-03
    @wonderosa @Mulboyne If nothing else, this photo tells me that the Omotesando Ladies Who Lunch are no longer giving… https://t.co/8qO5mIUbmw
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    For Omotesando box, I’ll choose my all time favorite Korean Dish. Beef Miso Stew or Chadol doenjang jji… https://t.co/r0oxuJVHkp
    JEONGHAN @SVTJEONGH - 2020-08-03

    The menu for this café will have 3 different menus that differ between the Shibuya Box( Shinsaibashi locations )… https://t.co/H7sC5lcxj5
    Mulboyne @Mulboyne - 2020-08-03
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    Parker J. Allen @alleninc - 2020-08-03
    Omotesando: we’re at the cutting edge! (of spreading The Rona) https://t.co/DEoare53nk
    Soah i @Soah_i - 2020-08-03
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    Before and after the photo abo… https://t.co/RvKCRwo86W
    Sp00py 🕷 Chuck @mallshoggoth - 2020-08-03
    from here: https://t.co/xWr8ndloJT
    trieat.jp @TrieatJP - 2020-08-03
    There is no doubt that the wonderful chocolate shop 'Unjour Chocolat' in the back alley of Omotesando will be a gre… https://t.co/n8ONqCG4hE
    겸이 @doulkyeomdi - 2020-08-03
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    ️️ ️️️️ @mo0nwalker - 2020-08-03
    @JAPANFESS omotesando koukou gasshoubu/high school chorus!!!
    🦍 @KuraraEng - 2020-08-03
    fuckkk Franze&Evans closed down???????? one of my favorite places in omotesando ..... 😭😭😭
    Christopher Hobson @Hobson_C - 2020-08-02
    In Omotesando, one of the main shopping areas of Tokyo, and it’s incredibly quiet. Presumably it’s just a matter of attrition with retail.
    Cross Radio One @CrossRadio1 - 2020-08-02
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    'Omotesando' by Nicolay - City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya!
    Julian Lloyd @JulianHLloyd - 2020-08-02
    @Apple you are truly a class act. We are queuing outside your Tokyo Omotesando store in a socially distanced fashio… https://t.co/AuJHmmg6pr
    よねんち@ペンタ民 @yonenchi - 2020-08-02
    表参道 Omotesando
    FUJIFILM X-E3+XF23mmF2
    #fujifilm https://t.co/TL8ZFsXR9C
    ムカジ @jm1020641 - 2020-08-02
    Dinner at Bills in Omotesando having their signature dish, ricotta pancakes. Yummy! https://t.co/hYAre6kvs0
    Cristina Cordova @cjc - 2020-08-01
    @stevehopkins @dashamaggio Not quite the same as what it once was, but at least it’s something! https://t.co/AUyvZk8WXe


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