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Osaka Castle was originally built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi after he achieved his goal of unifying Japan. The largest, impregnable castle at that time was completed in 1583 and became a symbol of Hideyoshi's power. After Hideyoshi's death, however, it was destroyed by the armies of Tokugawa Ieyasu during the Summer War of Osaka in 1615. Even though the castle had been rebuilt by the Tokugawa shogunate within 10 years, the castle burned down later by lightning. The present castle is the third generation built in 1931 and is Osaka's foremost attraction today. The castle's Yagura (turret) and gigantic stone walls remain as they were in the Edo Period (1603 - 1868).
The present castle's Tenshukaku (castle tower) is a concrete reproduction of the original. The interior of the building houses a museum that displays a number of historically significant artifacts including the folding screen of the Summer War of Osaka and Toyotomi Hideyoshi memorabilia. The 8th floor provides superb views over the city of Osaka.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00–17:00 *admission until 30 minutes before closing


  • December 28 - January 1

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • 600 yen (General, Adult)
  • Admission Free (Child)

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 15 minutes walk from JR Osakajo-koen Station
  • 15 minutes walk from Morinomiya Station on the JR lines, Osaka Municipal Subway Chuo Line (C19) or Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line (N20)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • -1, Osakajo, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 540-0002


Darkkai3 @darkkai3 - 2019-05-22
@0sbos Osaka was a great place to see too. Osaka castle, Dotonburi and Himeji castle/gardens.
David Turri @DayYagura - 2019-05-22
Views of Osaka Castle. My Movie 5
Matthew Moyle-Croft @moylecroft - 2019-05-22
@evcricket Osaka is the food capital of Japan. It’s not far from Kyoto. It does have a castle.
Pako Buelna @PakoBuelna - 2019-05-22
(Nice Dream)

#NiceDream #thebends #Radiohead #daehoidar #MusicInspired #Osaka #Castle #Horizon #Sunsets #boats… https://t.co/kPWwX7zZ0w
Travel Japan @TravelJPN - 2019-05-22
Osaka Castle(大阪城) is in fact a modern replica of the original one that was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.… https://t.co/nzl8pfxMBt
Wafuku @Wafuku_me - 2019-05-22
Wedding photo plan at Osaka Castle Park [Standard] (sat,sun,holiday)
https://t.co/36kFpHtIdD #photowedding #autumn #japan #traveljapan
✨👑✨ Queen B ✨👑✨ @BrandyShemal2 - 2019-05-22
@alterego70 The one in Chicago at Lincoln Park & the one at the Osaka Castle are both amazing.
✨👑✨ Queen B ✨👑✨ @BrandyShemal2 - 2019-05-22
Come join the lure party at the Osaka Castle Seel Nest thanks to the very sweet @RnDial! 34.686350,135.524998 https://t.co/R18CDT6tz6
김희철 의 꽃잎 @MinnieS2 - 2019-05-22
Today's look : The Nun
Sponsored by @xtimpp @ Osaka Castle https://t.co/NAWbPQcdUD
A Despair @JAJADESPAIR - 2019-05-21
@Maz_rs Yeah, for me personally 2 days was good there, I went to universal studios which was amazing and Osaka cast… https://t.co/xy5f4gnGco
AndOREAH Fabellini @haerone - 2019-05-21
Popular on 500px : Early morning sun at the moat and fortifications of Osaka Castle by danielacon15 yellow,Architec… https://t.co/4faYFPgFJ4
Courtney Bae @duncanandrobyn - 2019-05-21
🇯🇵大阪城🇯🇵 Exploring Osaka Castle! Next stop: Japanese beauty stores! Trying to find as much beauty inspiration as pos… https://t.co/qs9hzMN2xh
DanielaPhotography @Daniela_Photos - 2019-05-21
Panoramic view of Osaka business district from the rooftop of Osaka Castle https://t.co/LGgXvcL0iP
Daphy ♥ @mitsueki - 2019-05-21
First time trying a cherry blossom ice cream from the Miraiza Osaka-Jo at Osaka Castle Park! 🍦🌸

Meanwhile, swipe R… https://t.co/z9qLTNzH06
Dave @randomlyoutput - 2019-05-21
If you visit Osaka, definitely see the castle grounds.

But, save the entry free, grab your rail pass, and take a… https://t.co/keV7AZsfnc
Dave @Japan🇯🇵 @ohheyitsbae - 2019-05-21
Day 11, Osaka
Final day in Osaka, woke up early to head to Osaka-jo Castle before it got super busy. Going to be se… https://t.co/k35ujHoi4n
James Taylor @jtaylor527 - 2019-05-21
Cell phone wallpaper from a couple years back at Osaka Castle with family. https://t.co/iHqYcrP9zD
Kim Younghoon Brazil @KimYounghoonBR - 2019-05-21
|#FANCAM| 12.05.2019 - The Castle Fancon em Osaka

full : https://t.co/nDhFZzqmdy

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Lonely Geekess 👾 @LonelyGeekess - 2019-05-21
Memories: 2013 Japan Trip/Day 8:
1: a zoom in of Osaka Castle from my hotel room
2: We then took a train to the sle… https://t.co/Jzh1I3BVQU
Travel Japan @TravelJPN - 2019-05-21
Osaka Castle(大阪城) is in fact a modern replica of the original one that was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.… https://t.co/yhFfOUB9gz
des (◕‿◕✿) @yoon_child - 2019-05-21
He smiles back at her and continues conversation.

“Did you ever go to the Castle?”

He’s always wanted to visit… https://t.co/S4wpmk74Ye
keshi7yige @keshi7yige - 2019-05-21
Amazing View of Osaka Castle https://t.co/A02rcEFFFV
太陽と月と夜 @nightmusicgood - 2019-05-21
Amazing experience. Best cherry blossoms in Osaka castle park https://t.co/0YbhF4ZYjV
頴娃ガールズ応援団長あり吉ԅ( ˘ω˘ԅ) @nanairomiso - 2019-05-21
From practice last night! We'll be in Osaka Castle Park sunday afternoon, disurbing the 和 😂😂
come on by! 🤟🏾🤟🏾 https://t.co/XBHdvWMh9u
🇯🇵✈️ → 75 DAYS @GACKTboobies - 2019-05-21
@noldorin_sith I feel you! I sat in Osaka Castle park for 2 hours doing nothing & felt so at home. It’s a good feeling!
🇯🇵✈️ → 76 DAYS @GACKTboobies - 2019-05-21
@noldorin_sith I feel you! I sat in Osaka Castle park for 2 hours doing nothing & felt so at home. It’s a good feeling!
🌱 @yogurtyards - 2019-05-21
osaka team was onto something putting data roxas in castle oblivion
🤬 @anderson_boyd - 2019-05-21
@JennaTiff @lil_tiffs You could spend that whole time in Kyoto lol but definitely go to Osaka! 45min away on the lo… https://t.co/RcdTrHtVfA
(emi)na @ JAPAN @qhroms - 2019-05-20
oops i was supposed to go to osaka castle today but i checked into the. Ew hotel and passed out ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
AMIR_Muslim_JAPAN_tourism @AmirTourism - 2019-05-20
The event was active in Osaka Castle in winter, expressing a fantastic world with illumination and projection mappi… https://t.co/pPI8ctTycp
Kanpai! Japan @KanpaiJapan - 2019-05-20
[Today's Kanpai picture]
Osaka Castle - One of the most famous in Japan
https://t.co/BCyNzfboeV https://t.co/2tuKbeuNhW
Mahn in Japan 🇯🇵 @mahnTV - 2019-05-20
Japan Trip Day 7.1:

Day trip to Osaka. We checked out Osaka Castle and walked around. Well, more like waddled, s… https://t.co/wRL4fKGlPW
Nadz Ruiz @nadz_ruiz - 2019-05-20
First time in a looong while to spend a birthday outside of Manila. ✈️✈️✈️ @ Osaka Castle https://t.co/EMi1OOJkq8
Raziinator @BlastDynamite - 2019-05-20
@Piggs24 I always wanted a castle that looks similar to the one from Osaka
SkyBlueFox @SkyBlueFox1 - 2019-05-20
after breakfast and a short relaxing morning we went to Osaka Castle

the way up was kind of nice but once you get… https://t.co/94nOxHyYDS
Travel Japan @TravelJPN - 2019-05-20
Osaka Castle(大阪城) is in fact a modern replica of the original one that was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.… https://t.co/KuxFEfO9qG
Worst SOC Member @KuromeTowaxx - 2019-05-20
Osaka castle, I had more fun than my dead inside face would tell ya xD https://t.co/cNhJqocPlO
YΔnΔ in Osaka 🇬🇩🇧🇧 ᓚᘏᗢ @Yana_Yz - 2019-05-20
The lovely @kristinangrace blessing Osaka Castle with her beauty and....grace. (Hehe get it)

Thanks for modeling f… https://t.co/bRXzBHezXP
Zam Garme-Mabutas @zamgarme - 2019-05-20
Sweet Disposition
139/365 #zamventure2019
#travel #travelphotography #travelblogger #traveling #travelling… https://t.co/EQDbwWTmWG
bee-yo @aprdebbie - 2019-05-20
Osaka Castle
I used to run here from our high school for training. In those days there were not many tourist on we… https://t.co/nFCrNUDBdi
debiyo @de_biyo - 2019-05-20
Fukui Castle is said to be the oldest Japanese Castle to be still standing in its original form. While not as impre… https://t.co/0pvwh3nV8a
주연 - JUYEON PH 🏁 @LeeJuyeonPH - 2019-05-20
[HQ] 190512 'THE CASTLE' Fancon In Osaka, Japan

#JUYEON #주연 #이주연 #THEBOYZ #더보이즈

ⓒ Found u

🌹 https://t.co/JhBotdXZS4
𝘨𝘳𝘦𝘮𝘭𝘪𝘯 🌌 @chakogremlin - 2019-05-20
had such a full day trying to get the most out of our #osakaamazingpass
been able to see and do more than i had ev… https://t.co/Xa2kNqGTNa


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