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Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

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Osaka Tenmangu Shrine was founded in 949 in honor of Michizane Sugawara, a noted scholar of Chinese literature. Since Michizane came to be worshipped as the god of learning after his death, a lot of test-takers visit here to pray for their success in the examination.
Tenjin festival, which is the largest festival in Osaka, is held on Jul. 24 and 25.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • 9:00 - 17:00


  • No closing days

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Admission Free

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from JR Osaka-Tenmangu Station
  • 5 minutes walk from Minami-morimachi Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Tanimachi Line (T21) or Sakaisuji Line (K13)

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 2-1-8, Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0041


B to the E @umamiaf - 2020-10-23
@Papigiulio There's a cute one near Osaka Tenmangu shrine, but that's a little far from Umeda.
令和ひろゆき @p58axde - 2020-10-07
Originally this shrine was founded in 949. However Osaka Tenmangu shrine have ever been on fire at least 7 times. T… https://t.co/C2ixxl6y0w
ゆういち @yuuichi626 - 2020-08-16
@NesiaSpice As for the sword viewing event, Tenka manage to hold 3 as for now.

Tenkoumaru sword viewing at osaka t… https://t.co/ejFLKUiOJW
Matsui Resto @RestoMatsui - 2020-07-31
The Tenjin Festival of Osaka is ranked as one of #Japan's top three festivals. Tenjin Matsuri is the festival of th… https://t.co/xb9IWrNNAw
OBKG 大阪文化国際学校《日本語学校》 @OBKG - 2020-07-25
In this year, Tenjin Matsuri is canceled because of Covid-19. Tenjin Matsuri is a festival held by Osaka Tenmangu s… https://t.co/PCFBhfxnfG
OMG Wikipedia! @OMG_wikipedia - 2020-07-16
The Slovenia men's national under-18 ice hockey team is a Shinto shrine and one of Tenmangū founded in AD 949 in Osaka.
Liz @readytocoffee - 2020-02-25
200223 - 大阪天満宮 went to Osaka Tenmangū Shrine for the first time to see the plum blossoms! Took many pictures @ Osak… https://t.co/4yAaj3X7Jg
令和ひろゆき @p58axde - 2020-02-24
The exhibition is held at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine. Do you know 'Bonsai' The tree in the flower pot. Bonsai and Japane… https://t.co/dVG1zScbHm
令和ひろゆき @p58axde - 2020-02-24
The wedding ceremony is there at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine today.
The wether is super fine.
Thats good.
Congratulations to both of you!
Kansai Photos @KansaiPhotos - 2020-01-29
Plum blossoms coming out nicely at Osaka Tenmangu shrine. https://t.co/RxPCDCXh6i
KEITRO TSUDA : 津田敬太郎 @keitaro_tsuda - 2020-01-11
'EBISU Festival' to the usual Osaka Tenma Shrine.I'm glad I could greet chief priest and those who always take care… https://t.co/oLWVw2vpgt
LimitedTimeGamer @LimitTimeGamer - 2020-01-11
@BlessRNG The Kitano Tenmangu Shrine/Flea Market is a must see in Kyoto. 6AM-9PM

As for Osaka, the Nanko Bird San… https://t.co/YC8jsD1XIr
J @joji47610929 - 2020-01-03
I walked from Namba to Umeda with my friends yesterday. There were many people in Osaka Tenmangu Shrine. Apparently… https://t.co/HgANbQquGk
Kansai Photos @KansaiPhotos - 2019-12-28
2/22, 3/7. The Tenjinbashisuji shopping arcade will have a “world mikoshi” procession from the Temma station area t… https://t.co/ecWvLKvXiG
ヒロ@旅行記🍋 @p58axde - 2019-11-23
Im also doing a free guide at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine today. Pleaes feel free to say hello to me.

Shichigosan season… https://t.co/rOe3zWt7AJ
Dave in Osaka @DaveInOsaka - 2019-11-09
A hidden gem of a restaurant near #Osaka’s Tenmangu Shrine is Southern Peas, specializing in Cajun cuisine. It’s a… https://t.co/jp3MdnN39u
ヒロ@旅行記🍋 @p58axde - 2019-11-09
I'm a man who I explain how to worship in japanese traditional style to foreign tourists at Osaka Tenmangu shrine.
#trip #travel
Kansai Photos @KansaiPhotos - 2019-10-25
10/25. 15:00. Yabusame is on for today at Osaka Tenmangu.
Because o rainy weather the ceremony will not be held o t… https://t.co/Ph7DPRCZ5g
Being Kansai @BeingKansai - 2019-09-11
Japan Umeshu (“plum wine”) Festa in Kyoto from tomorrow 9/13 to Monday 9/16 at Kitano Tenmangu shrine!… https://t.co/Egl9DP8xt1
ヌり @nurcan_nury - 2019-08-28
While in Kobe I was in #osaka on the 27th Feb. as well. I visited #nambayasakashrine, a very small and nice #shrine… https://t.co/czpPDMpQKF
ヌり @nurcan_nury - 2019-08-28
While in Kobe I was in #osaka on the 27th Feb. as well. I visited #nambayasakashrine, a very small and nice #shrine… https://t.co/czpPDMpQKF
Chris Mina @chrmina - 2019-07-29
#tenmangu shrine in #osaka #japan

#bestvacations #mybestcityshots #japan_vacations #asia_vacations #bestcitybreaks… https://t.co/wOO3Ll5Pss
Keizo @kanji_k - 2019-07-25
@KastKe Thank you Mike for watching and sharing my scope from Tenmangu Shrine in Osaka ⛩😊
Pop Japan @PopJapan2015 - 2019-07-25
Tenjin Festival ((天神祭) ) is a festival held in Osaka City. It is held in 24th and 25th of July in Osaka Tenmangu S… https://t.co/jM8QH14WAa
まどか🏳️‍🌈まみねこ @maminekotan - 2019-07-25
today it’s a festival of Osaka Tenmangu Shrine.
fireworks are thanks for Japanese gods.
Osaka Tenmangu Shrine is th… https://t.co/1shDHrwMtl
Keizo @kanji_k - 2019-07-24
@66mitchell @PeriscopeCo Thank you so much for watching my scope from Tenmangu Shrine in Osaka ⛩
Keizo @kanji_k - 2019-07-24
@DjKrippleE @PeriscopeCo Thank you Eric for watching my scope from Tenmangu Shrine in Osaka ⛩ Sorry it was shut dow… https://t.co/007CA7aIZx
OsakaBob_Official @Bob_OGTB - 2019-07-24
Hope everyone is enjoying #TenjinMatsuri 👯💃🕺
The 'shishimai' lion dance is so exciting to watch & they'll be out on… https://t.co/ZkMuhpotMv
OsakaBob_Official @Bob_OGTB - 2019-07-22
The #Tenjinmatsuri pre-event starts with the ohaguruma float at 11am, #Osaka #Tenmangu Shrine⛩️
Jul23!… https://t.co/XpCik2eMP7
Rei Niwa @ephthalite - 2019-07-09
I will photograph Tenjin Festival of Osaka Tenmangu Shrine as an official photographer in July 24-25 2019. I want y… https://t.co/368GvWZUzd


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