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Otaru Sushi Street

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Otaru is famous for its sushi because the city has been developed as a fishing port and fresh seafood can be found at reasonable prices. It is said there are over 100 sushi restaurants in Otaru now. Sushi-dori Street, a collection of some 20 sushi restaurants between Sunmall Ichibangai and Hanazono Ginza shopping area, is reached by walking toward the canal from the National Route 5.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 15 minutes walk from JR Otaru Station

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 1-1, Hanazono, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido, 047-0024


Jeph the giant Ginge @ASG_Jeph - 2021-01-11
@BigDaveTPiR Otaru was some of the best sushi I had the entire time I lived in Japan.

It was also the location of 'The Godzilla Incident'
Matt Booth @MattBooth_1 - 2020-12-29
すし (sushi) in the port city of Otaru. Sea of Japan is famous for having the best fish in the winter. It was amazing. https://t.co/e3Xj5zECS9
Kosuke Uetake @Chanman_ECON - 2020-11-07
I shamelessly post sushi pictures every week, but why not? Want to celebrate the great night! #21otaruct #newhaven… https://t.co/MH0v5nM5Q0
trip_hokkaido.jp @hokkaido_trip - 2020-11-03
Marina sunrise (Otaru city)
photo by @kororon4686

Otaru Port Marina is a base for marine leisure. At Otaru Port Ma… https://t.co/Px3cS20kBC
Mattsu @t2nr_m2ok - 2020-10-25
It's a sushi lunch in Otaru.
The herring sushi was really good!

#Hokkaido #Otaru #TravelJapan #JapanTrip… https://t.co/tt18r1A4gv
Kosuke Uetake @Chanman_ECON - 2020-09-25
2020 is crazy, but great sushi always makes us happy. #21otaruct #yale #newhaven @ Otaru Sushi https://t.co/qPfWmODJEq
MatsuhisaWorldWide @MatsuhisaW - 2020-09-17
#Hokkaido #Otaru try sushi of local fishes. https://t.co/EOW47jMZOa
Mia Kang @miaadrikang - 2020-09-16
@isabella_shey tavern on state. otaru sushi bar. august (technically a wine bar). sandra's next generation.
Kosuke Uetake @Chanman_ECON - 2020-09-12
@yesimorhun Otaru sushi bar! https://t.co/5ZyLeeiCsP So bad that we cannot take you out for a seminar dinner...
The Best Anime @NoMistakesEver - 2020-09-06
@RFRyo_ @xMoonPie @SodaWeeb Also Otaru is worth the stop by if you have time in Sapporo. Had the best quality/value… https://t.co/rwaJBod2la
LIVE JAPAN @LIVEJAPANGuide - 2020-09-01
Otaru is known for its gorgeous canal, fresh sushi, and delicious cheesecake - what's not to love? https://t.co/KlFs0ITTCb
SAKURA chan🌸🍃🈵🌸🍃🇯🇵 @sakurachan0322 - 2020-08-25
@MaySongsBeWithU You lived in Otaru, didn't you? Thank you for living in Japan. Otaru bought some glasses at a gl… https://t.co/hqGb7pZLB3
マイ❄️ @_maiyuu - 2020-08-11
lrt-> Meme's answer made me miss sushi in Hokkaido. Sushi in Otaru one of the best I've had 🤤
マイ❄️ @_maiyuu - 2020-08-11
lrt-> Meme's answer made me miss sushi in Hokkaido. Sushi in Otaru one of the best I've had 🤤
Dan Z @danz740 - 2020-08-09
Another excellent Omakase from Otaru in New Haven.
#sushi #omakase #toro #scallop #truffle #foodie @ Otar… https://t.co/TJ0r231Zav
trip_hokkaido.jp @hokkaido_trip - 2020-07-28
Night View of Otaru Canal(Otaru city,Hokkaido)
Photo by @note2terra(instagram)

The night view of the Otaru Canal i… https://t.co/HAAjiIbHfb
Woke Militia Commandant @AndrewDirks1 - 2020-07-24
@SnottieDrippen Back to back sushi omakase in Otaru, Japan after the one I had planned on going to was too busy. We… https://t.co/FRPkiXhmCr
佐藤はじめ 🌸🍃🈵🌸🍃 @qpdqq9VSrOGyZF4 - 2020-07-20
@KierkelsRuud The sushi was excellent when I ate it in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan🌸🍃🌸🍃💕
Patricia Del Rio @patriciadelrio - 2020-06-18
Today is #internationalsushiday One of my absolute favorite foods! This was taken a few months ago at #otaru in… https://t.co/vYzEKJotom
Irene@kingsman @Irenekingsman - 2020-05-30
@PhilRosenthal I just watched episode of Montreal... and you said, you’ve been to Tokyo, live in LA, had some best… https://t.co/QgXxyvafbv
Japanese Restaurants Guide - SAVOR JAPAN @SavorJapan - 2020-05-18
If you have a chance to visit Hokkaido, you’ve got to visit Otaru Sushi-ya Street in Otaru. You will doubtlessly be… https://t.co/myfcvxCajg
trip_hokkaido.jp @hokkaido_trip - 2020-05-06
Winter on the Otaru Canal(Otaru city,Hokkaido)
Photo by @nanairo_eiko(instagram)

The night view of the Otaru Canal… https://t.co/tCkdWbzGmt
Japanese Restaurants Guide - SAVOR JAPAN @SavorJapan - 2020-04-19
Discover the best sushi restaurant in Otaru, Hokkaido!😍


#Japan https://t.co/jgMcEbOsSs
Patricia Del Rio @patriciadelrio - 2020-03-12
Are you familiar with Omakase? It means “I’ll leave it up to you” in Japanese. It’s a multi course, chef selected m… https://t.co/a0guHay1Bu
Patricia Del Rio @patriciadelrio - 2020-03-12
In my Something’s Cooking segment tonight on @WFSBnews at 5:30, I go in search of incredible sushi. I found it at O… https://t.co/Hsb40udGQ0
WFSB Channel 3 @WFSBnews - 2020-03-12
If you're looking to find great sushi, this week's Something's Cooking may have found the spot for you! https://t.co/SyYT4gfF2X
WFSB Channel 3 @WFSBnews - 2020-03-12
What's your favorite sushi in Connecticut? 🍣 Patricia Del Rio visited Otaru Sushi in New Haven where the food tast… https://t.co/YLAZ73SQ0N
New Haven Visitor Center & Snack Shack @nhsnackshack - 2020-03-01
Posted @withregram • @tasteofnewhaven Omakase sushi at @21otaruct takes a delicious dive into the variety of flavor… https://t.co/61tRX5J0Cx
Taste of New Haven @tasteofnewhaven - 2020-02-25
Omakase sushi at 21otaruct takes a delicious dive into the variety of flavors from the deep blue!
#omakase… https://t.co/ByiW2FLMb9
W. Patrick Wilson 🇯🇵 @DUhockeyFan - 2020-02-18
Happening RN #Otaru #Hokkaido #MasazushiZenan https://t.co/xmIMWoS9re https://t.co/zPwMrIob1g


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