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Rusutsu Resort is one of the largest resort area in Hokkaido. Surrounded by Shikotsu-Toya National Park, there are ski slopes, an amusement park, golf courses, and hotels in this resort area. You can enjoy various activities in each season, such as camping, hiking and rafting in the summer and skiing and dog sleigh riding in the winter. There are also spas in Rusutsu Tower Hotel and South Wing Hotel where you can heal your tiredness.

Opening HoursOpening Hours

  • Amusement Park: 9:00 - 16:30 *9:00 - 17:00 on weekends and naitonal holidays
  • Amusement Park: 9:00 - 20:30 (July 26 - August 25)
  • Amusement Park: 9:00 - 16:00 (October)
  • Spa (Rusutsu Tower): 5:00 - 8:00 and 11:00 - 25:00 (in summer season), 6:00 - 9:00 and 14:00 - 25:00 (in winter season)
  • Spa (South Wing): 6:00 - 9:00 and 14:00 - 25:00


  • Amusement Park: late-October - late-April
  • Ski Area: early-April - late-November

Price / Entrance FeePrice / Entrance Fee

  • Amusement Park (One-day pass): 4,800 yen (General, Adult); 3,800 yen (Child)
  • Ski Area (One-day pass): 5,300 yen (General, Adult); 2,650 yen (Child)
  • Spa (Rusutsu Tower, South Wing): 1,150 (Adult) *free for the hotel guests
  • Spa (Rusutsu Tower, South Wing): *free for the hotel guests

Access / Public TransportAccess / Public Transport

  • 60 minutes from JR Kutchan Station by the bus bound for Rusutsu Resort. Get off at Rusutsu Resort Hotel-mae Bus stop.

Address / LocationAddress / Location

  • 13, Izumikawa, Rusutsu-mura Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, 048-1711


OvRride @OvRride - 2019-02-21
Yotei has spoken! 🗻🗣 We have earned favor... Last night the snow hit ☃️and today the sun hit! ☀️Killer day for… https://t.co/LW5g1IwRke
Lawrence Loh @lawrytrolley - 2019-02-20
Goggles-ception @ Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/YDLaxmENXg
kazuma. @kazuma81935580 - 2019-02-20
The second day is over!!
Tomorrow is the last day free gliding!!!
#Rusutsu Resort 場所: Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/pZAFRwb0n0
Perisher Ski Resort @PerisherResort - 2019-02-18
JAPOW! 🇯🇵Did you know with a 2019 Epic Australia Pass you can ski and board at Hakuba Valley & Rusutsu Resort Japan… https://t.co/a7Q34LjQuq
kazuma. @kazuma81935580 - 2019-02-18
School excursion in Hokkaido 場所: Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/KdpUtNifQA https://t.co/Ftdc77vV8Z
Ben Roache @benroacheau - 2019-02-16
@tsugami2015 Is there any photos of Venus at Rusutsu Resort?
Angel Nurse Eri @angel_nurse_eri - 2019-02-15
If its say don’t enter, don’t do it !!!!
Watch a sign!!

#emsconferences #watchasign #donotentre #nurselife… https://t.co/OYYEmv2iJr
Angel Nurse Eri @angel_nurse_eri - 2019-02-15
Thank you nfpdbrand for my beanie! Keep me warm!
#emsconferences #nfpdbrand #nfpd #iwonaprize #nurselife #japan… https://t.co/yxvQlZu10D
Angel Nurse Eri @angel_nurse_eri - 2019-02-14
Nice sunrise. Nice start for beginning of the day!
#emsconferences #rusutsuresort #loveconference #worklifebalance… https://t.co/co4mIZl8cY
Angel Nurse Eri @angel_nurse_eri - 2019-02-13
Great snow n great view!!
#emsconferences #nurselife #lovemyholiday #rusutsuresort 場所: Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/O9Ign6pE1S
Isabella Kau Leong @Isabellakau - 2019-02-11
Can’t believe this is the last day of our snowboarding trip🏂🏂🏂😚 #snowboarding #rusutsuskiresort #daughters @ Rusut… https://t.co/g7sHlp6ZTT
Isabella Kau Leong @Isabellakau - 2019-02-10
Snowboarding is so much fun🏂😘😘😘 @ Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/9ePF9P5Elv
SnowAction Magazine @snowactionmag - 2019-02-08
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John James @1stduderiding - 2019-02-01
The hotel provided us pajamas in Rusutsu. I don't think they were expecting guests my size. #Japan #TooTall… https://t.co/YrysZvHojm
David John Schaap @david8js - 2019-01-30
The day that was beautiful weather, great ride and great photos.😃🤙🏼
📷 @rikasharsa
#niseko #japan #snowboarding… https://t.co/04jH719wHE
John James @1stduderiding - 2019-01-30
But no #HeavenlyDaze #rusutsu #japow @skisteamboat @ Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/ypxQZDKEVT
SnowAction Magazine @snowactionmag - 2019-01-30
more on snow grunt from our snowboard ed @wunderpeter Rusutsu Resort (Official) #bigboystoys #japow #hokkaido https://t.co/Vsr1cxbITh
John James @1stduderiding - 2019-01-29
Dancing were fountains at our hotel! #rusutsuresorthotel #rusutsu @ Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/anSC79sDGu
John James @1stduderiding - 2019-01-29
Made it back to @skisteamboat...kind of. It's the cafeteria at Rusutsu! #steamboatresort #rusutsu #japow #japanuary… https://t.co/nRu7zkBmJG
Kimmy Fasani @KimmyFasani - 2019-01-28
LOVE 💙 There’s nothing more beautiful than the pure joy of a child’s smile, especially when he sees… https://t.co/WmbYy282yB
RUSUTSU RESORT @rusutsuitter_en - 2019-01-28
A snowy start to the day here at Rusutsu Resort and the current temperature is -8 degree❄️.

Snow flurries are fore… https://t.co/GRrK6GZCiY
SnowAction Magazine @snowactionmag - 2019-01-28
great new option Rusutsu Resort (Official) snowbike trips stay tuned for full report on them from our snowboard edi… https://t.co/TyAHwJD1J1
たくろー @Takuro_1208_ - 2019-01-28
we 場所: Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/Lz7bUxgJmJ
たくろー @Takuro_1208_ - 2019-01-28
we 場所: Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/Lz7bUxgJmJ
Lorraine Huber @LorraineHuber - 2019-01-24
A day of skiing in Rusutsu Resort (Official)! Deep snow, cold temps, silent trees, fun features, a merry go round a… https://t.co/oYJM47nZl7
津軽三味線 忍弥(NIYA) @Niyani8 - 2019-01-24
Rusutsu resort 100days music live〜Sapporo city jazz〜
@M_T_TNOR @KsukeTanaka1… https://t.co/QQGr6YPhgG
Kimmy Fasani @KimmyFasani - 2019-01-21
Installing a few personal onsens in Japan... ♨️😊♨️ 📸 oskar_enander @ Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/j8biR8nEMX
Evan Terry Forbes @evantforbes - 2019-01-18
Perhaps my favorite place to ski in the world, feels like a video game. @ Rusutsu Resort (Official) https://t.co/a5G8E5x06n
Jonathan @vodoxus - 2019-01-18
Help. 😮
#niseko #japan #hokkaido #rusutsu #japow #imissjapow #snowboarding #deep #thatlook @ Rusutsu Resort… https://t.co/lW9zErK5uV


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